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Attached is the Powerpoint that we used in our review game yesterday.  You can use it to study for the quiz on 9/6/18.

2 – AVA Friday game – Questions I should be able to ask

Why Learn a second language?

Using Google docs write an essay (in English) with the title Why Learn a Second Language? In this essay, describe the benefits of learning a second language and how second languages can provide future opportunities.  You may consider doing a little internet research on the topic before you begin.  The essay needs to be a minimum of 300 words.  You will have 2 days of in class work to complete this assignment.  25 points

Open the attached document and follow the instructions to complete the in-class Webquest for Monday 8/27 and 8/28. You will use the Chromebooks and the green paper given to you by the substitute to complete this assignment.

Spanish High School Webquest

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Disclosure Spanish Snowcrest – syllabus

Please review the attached disclosure statement then sign and return.  A copy will also be available in class the first day of school.

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Spanish Language Learning Websites


-Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, etc…


-word/phrase of the day

-Spanish flashcards

-vocabulary flash cards (family, food, etc…)


-created for younger learners

-basic vocabulary with audio and video


  • Start with the basics or take placement test
  • Many other languages in addition to Spanish


Spanish II (1st, 2nd, 4th periods) Conversation Hearts Mini -Quiz

Memorize the following love messages from the Valentines Day lesson.  We will have a mini-quiz on Friday 2/23/2018.

de nada – you’re welcome

¿Que tal? – how are you?

adios – bye

todo mío –  all mine

¿Qué pasa? – What’s up

mi novia – my girlfriend

bella – beauty, pretty

solo tú – only you

te amo – I love you

dulce – sweet

vamos – let’s go

mi joya – my jewel

llámame – call me

amigo – friend

amor – love

linda – pretty

beso – kiss

mi vida – my life

para ti – for you

espero – I hope so

paz – peace

buen día – good day

guapo – handsome



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Spanish III class (6th Period) – Please share your Utah travel brochure slide show with me at aawolthuis@wsd.net

Due date is Jan 4, 2018

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1st quarter deadline is October 25th at 2:30 PM.

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1a – AVA 30 Classroom Items

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Welcome to Spanish class.  Attached is our course syllabus.Disclosure Spanish Snowcrest – syllabus