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1050 Accuplacer Review

OK Guys – the Accuplacer is here. You would do well to take a couple of review tests (practice tests) online. You can use some of the links we covered in the blog earlier, or google search out some – just use “accuplacer math practice tests” and a few come up. Here are the notes . . . → Read More: 1050 Accuplacer Review

GEOMETRY Sections 1-1 and 1-4

Here’s the notes for those sections. Be careful that when you write your “2 other” statements and thr converse statements, that they make sense. If they don’t, you can write them a little differently to make them work. For example…

Conditional: If you do well in school, then your grades will be better.

. . . → Read More: GEOMETRY Sections 1-1 and 1-4

Pre-Calculus 8/27

Here’s the notes from the Opening Day and Appendix 1

Opening Day

Appendix 1

AP STATS Wednesday 8/27

Here’s a copy of the opening powerpoint we went through.

Day 1 and 5.2 terms to know – also survey info here

More Accuplacer Help

List of question banks and answers for specific topics – intended as a self-assessment

Self-Assessment Modules

Computer program intended as help with word problems (pretty good, but a little tedious)


Online, self correcting, Accuplacer Practice Test from Huntington University

Accuplacer Practice Tests


. . . → Read More: More Accuplacer Help

USU Math Refresher Page

Here’s a link to a webpage hosted by the USU Math department. It has links to practice problem sets with solutions for you to look at – fairly helpful with specific materials.

USU Math Refresher Homepage

1050 Accuplacer Review Day 1

Here’s the stuff from today…

Accuplacer Review Day 1

Short Project 1

Here’s the link to the Survey Page.


Gallup Poll

Here is a link to the Gallup poll site you will need to answer the questions on the worksheet.


Good Luck!