June 2009
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Test tomorrow, but first, let’s finish things up…

Here are some links to read through. I’m not going to require you to hand things in, BUT THE MATERIAL WILL BE ON THE TEST! So you probably want to take some basic notes of important items to refer to on the test tomorrow. When you’re done with this, please see me about what you’re . . . → Read More: Test tomorrow, but first, let’s finish things up…

William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton: The events and the Legacy

1. In what year was he elected president?

2. Who were his Supremem Court appointees?

. . . → Read More: William Jefferson Clinton

Desert Storm

Reading 17A.


What did the press and media do during Desert Storm?

What were the mechanisms of censorship employed by the military?

In what other ways did the military control news about the Gulf War?

Reading 17B.


Did the role of the media change during operation Desert Storm? In . . . → Read More: Desert Storm

The Cold War

The Cold War is made up of the years between World War II and 1991. During these years, The United States and the Soviet Union both participated in an arms race that included massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons that threatened the world peace that was so fragile in that time. Watch some clips from the . . . → Read More: The Cold War

The Berlin Wall: The greatest example of the Iron Curtain

The Berlin Wall came to be known as one of the greatest injustices ever built by man. This wall seperated families, friends, and countrymen for decades. To complete the assignment, use the links below ( and whatever links you may find) to answer the short answer questions AND the following “Thoughtful Response” questions. You do . . . → Read More: The Berlin Wall: The greatest example of the Iron Curtain

Ronald Reagan


Introduction In the 1980 presidential election, it seemed that the United States was ready for Ronald Reagan. The two previous decades had seen turmoil, war, economic . . . → Read More: Ronald Reagan


Watergate Summary

Webpage Assignment

Who’s Who

Watergate Timeline

For the assignment, visit the links, complete the table in section one and answer the questions presented in the following sections. Turn in your answers to the questions (in complete sentences) as the assignment, and also write . . . → Read More: Watergate


What is a Recession

Here are some links to Wikipedia articles – a good place to start, but a BAD place to reference!


List of Recession in the United States

Compare and Contrast Powerpoint

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paper