September 2009
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Test Taking Skills

With tests being such a large chuck of your class’s grade (as well as other classes you are taking), I though I might put together some ideas…

Math exams

Test preparation Ten tips for terrific test taking Solving linear equations Solving math word problems Evaluating algebraic expressions Math bibliography . . . → Read More: Test Taking Skills

Calculator Booklet

Here’s a booklet I found that summarizes just about everything we do with a calculator in AP Stats. Hope this is useful to you guys…

Calculator Use Booklet

Section 2.2 – almost all of it…

Here’s the notes we looked at today. You should get the notes done, complete problems through 36, and also 43, 44, 45, 48, and 58. This leaves only those problems that assess normality to do. Here are the notes for the day.

Section 2.2, except assessing normaility…

Something we only glanced upon…

When we compare two sets of data (IE two distributions), we use the same set of skills in only describing one. Walk through the SOCS and compare each of them – even if thier is very little to compare, at least state the statistics for each set. Most of all, don’t make any judgements when . . . → Read More: Something we only glanced upon…

Section 3.7

Here’s the notes for the day – just a few. Take a look at the practice test over the weekend to help you prepare.

Section 3.7

Describing Distributions – All in One!

Here’s the notes we did today. Remember, all the work for this unit is due next Wednesday, October 7th!

Describing Distributions

Section A.3, day one

We started A.3 today, but did not finish. We did, however, cover enough material for you to successfully compete problems 1-43 on your homework, so be prepared to discuss that on Monday. Here’s the bit of note we did today, as well as a preview of things to come…

Section A.3

Midterm I

This is your first day without homework, but you did have to take the first midterm. Anyway, those will be corrected and on the grades by Wednesday. See ya’ then!

The Normal Distribution

Normal Distributions are defined according to the parameters of the mean and standard deviation. Play with this applet a bit to see what these two parameters determine:

Normal Distributions

Section 2.1

After today’s brief discussion, you should complete the reading notes for section 2.1, and do the text problems through 21 – here are the notes we did today. We’ll finish up next time.

Section 2.1 – Density Curves