September 2009
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Language & Conversations

Recently, (in the last few class days) a few classes have become comfortable with me and my classroom atmosphere. While I am grateful for this, it has led to some problems. Some individuals in some classes have felt it appropriate to use coarse or vulgar language, or spend some free moments talking about school-inaprpriate topics. . . . → Read More: Language & Conversations

Syllabus Change

We’ll be on schedule, as far as the syllabus is concerened, through this week. However, next week we will only cover section 3.7 and wait until after the fall break to review and test on chapter three. Please plan accordingly.

Section 3.1 & 3.2

Here’s today’s work, as well as a pdf of the angles worksheet.

Section 3.1, 3.2 notes

Protractor (Angles) Worksheet

You’ll need a protractor for the worksheet. Come in before/afterschool/EO if you need to borrow one…

What do students drive?

Here’s today’s work. Also, we changed the due dates so everything for the current unitis due the same day of the test – the 29th. For the assignment below, we ran short of time, so you only need the data for one group – either the faculty or students.

What do Students Drive?

. . . → Read More: What do students drive?

Here’s today’s stuff – section P.6

Here’s the notes for the day:

Section P.6