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UBSCT – Order of Operations

Here’s the practice problems for the day…

Order of Operations Practice

Review Today!

The review assignment on the syllabus is exatra credit if you want to do it! Also, be sure to look at the practice test!


Chapter Nine Test

Review Today!

Here’s the few problems we did in review today – be sure to look at the multiple choice problems available, and be prepared for the test next time!


Chapter Three Test

Also, the EXTRA CREDIT assignment is not listed, so here it is:

pg 344: 13, . . . → Read More: Review Today!


Here’s the UBSCT assignment for today; you will be accountable for this and for your packet problems. Be prepared for the UBSCT quiz next time…


AP Questions

Here’s the AP Questions and notes we did today…

AP Questions

Protected: 9.7 – 9.4 SOLUTIONS

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Section 9.7 Supplementary

Hi Guys! I know I said we’d be doing something with geometers sketchpad today, but my program failed and I wasn’t able to construct something in time. What I want you to do is this – print out the worksheets below and complete them before the end of class. The second one has you construct . . . → Read More: Section 9.7 Supplementary

Section 9.7

Section 3.5 Presentation

Free-Throw Lab Today!

Here’s the Lab that we did today…

Binomial Free Throw Lab