October 2010
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Today we had out regression test – I apologize for the short time, but I’ll keep that in mind when it comes to grading. Also, the test will be the first thing on the 2nd quarter’s grade, but the homework is on this quarter’s grade! IF YOU MISSED SOMETHING, I’LL BE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL . . . → Read More: AP Stats – REGRESSION TEST TODAY!

Credit Recovery – what it is & how to get it…

Some of you have fallen short of the passing mark for your particular class. You may be eligible for credit recovery; if that is the case, this is the easiest way to earn back the credit you have missed.

You are eligible for credit recovery if you are within 15% of passing (this is 50% . . . → Read More: Credit Recovery – what it is & how to get it…

Grades are Posted!

Grades are posted! Be sure to take a look at the portal to see where you have ended up. To those of you who have fallen short of passing, realize that you need to make that credit somehow. I’ll be posting a message about credit recovery in a bit – have a good weekend!

SRiS, Does a designated hitter make a difference?

Today we started chapter four. It opens discussing the difference between categorical variables (type of shot, hit vs. miss, win vs. loss, etc.) and numerical variables (number of tackles, number of hits, average points per game, etc.). We then talked about dotplots, which we have al;ready been using, and then went into histograms. Your text . . . → Read More: SRiS, Does a designated hitter make a difference?

Pre-Cal, 1.4 Combinations of Functions

Here’s the notes for the day. Remember, your tests are the last thing on this quarter’s grades, so this assignment then is the first thing on 2nd quarter grades!

Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of . . . → Read More: Pre-Cal, 1.4 Combinations of Functions

Statistics Videos

This is a collection of videos, done by topic, that cover the entire statistics Curriculum. Right now, programs eight and nine would be helpful in preparation for the test next time. See you then, and be prepared for the test!

Credit Recovery School Statement

Credit Recovery

In order to help students failing classes make up credit in a timely manner, Roy High School has instituted the Credit Recovery Program. Here’’s how it works. If a student fails a class, the teacher will give the student the opportunity to make up the class during the NEXT QUARTER. The student . . . → Read More: Credit Recovery School Statement

Basic Skills, Cartersian Coordinate Plane

MOst of you just call this a “graph”, and we just plotted points today and reviewed the quadrants. Here’s the assignment – due next time…

Unit 4, Day 1 Ordered Pairs on Coordinate Plane

Assignment 1

To focus on technique is like cramming your way through school. You sometimes . . . → Read More: Basic Skills, Cartersian Coordinate Plane


This will be the one and only BIG extra credit opportunity this quarter. For chapter two, when we investigated the difference in two proportions, most of you did the home field advantage problem. If you want some extra credit, you may do the #3 investigation on page 54.

You may earn up to 10 extra . . . → Read More: SRiS, EXTRA CREDIT!


We took the test today for chapter three – this will be (along with the investigation) the last thing on 1st quarter’s grade. If you were not here, come in ASAP and take it! You will receive the graded test next time, as well as the investigations, and they will be on the portal.

Who . . . → Read More: SRiS, TEST TODAY!