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Math 1050 – Basic Policy Description

I’ve had a couple of emails regarding the course, so this is the first of a few basic policy pages I’ll put up…

This document is intended to aid high school administrators, counselors, math teachers, students, and parents make well informed decisions about enrolling their students in concurrent enrollment mathematics through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Utah State University (USU). This document provides guidelines for high school administrators and counselors, concurrent enrollment instructors, and students and parents that will be supported by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USU. Our goal is to provide a common framework for all instructors and teachers in high schools that will best prepare high school students for college level mathematics at USU. The content and policies outlined in this document are based on the official policies on concurrent enrollment adopted by the Board of Regents as documented in R165, Concurrent Enrollment. It is difficult at best to ensure that all high school students will experience the same course based on the policies of various school districts and the various durations of terms in different school districts. However, school districts offering concurrent enrollment in Math 1050 and Math 1060 are expected to provide high school students with the same experience as matriculated students enrolled at USU (R165-2.1 through R165-2.4). After reading this document, you should have a better understanding of expectations for all students (concurrent enrollment or post secondary and admitted to USU) who take Math 1050 and Math 1060 at USU. You are also encouraged to read the entire policy outlined by the Board of Regents. For the most recent version of the Board of Regents policies associated with concurrent enrollment you are encouraged to visit the Board of Regents web site http://www.rules.utah.gov/. In making decisions about enrollment in concurrent mathematics courses, high school students and their parents must realize that courses such as Math 1050 and Math 1060 are the foundation of mathematics in virtually all degree programs at USU. There are exceptions to this rule. However, most students will be required to take at least one course beyond Math 1050 and Math 1060 and possibly one or more courses in statistics at a college level. Whether a high school student is enrolled in Math 1050 and/or Math 1060 to satisfy the Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement at USU or these courses are being used to satisfy a prerequisite for other courses at USU, it is important for any concurrent mathematics course to be taught at a college level.

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