August 2011
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Geometry 1.6 – Area of rectangles

The area of any rectangle is the product (multiplication) of its length and its width. Look at the example below and try some of the practice questions…



Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question . . . → Read More: Geometry 1.6 – Area of rectangles

PreCal A.2: Polynomials & Factoring NOTES

Here are the notes for the day – I did a few extra problems here (as I noted on the video) that I did not cover. Make sure you inderstand factoring – there is not a bigger concept that we have covered!


PreCal A.2 Polynomials & Factoring VIDEO

Many of you have procrastinated getting your work submitted – make sure that gets done so you don’t fall behind! Here’s the video for the day…

AP Stats – Prelim Chapter Reading Guide (if you’re interested!)

Here’s the reading guide for the prelim chapter – this chapter it will not be required (although it is advisable!), but would give you a good idea of the general areas you ought to be reviewing and preparing for. Here it is….


AP Stats – Probability & Inference

Remember, next time we’ll finish up and have a short quiz! Don’t be too worried about it – these are the objsectives of that first preliminary unit. If you are familiar with these concepts, you should do fine.

Chapter Objectives

Give a definition of “statistics” anddescribe what statistics helps you do. Explain why anectodal . . . → Read More: AP Stats – Probability & Inference

PreCal Link to quiz A.1

Here’s a direct link to the quiz for section A.1 – be sure to follow closely the guidlines for entering answers! If you missed something and believe that it was right, please email or visit! Thanks for your patience as we do this!


. . . → Read More: PreCal Link to quiz A.1

PreCal A.1 Notes

Here’s the notes – there are several pages, so if you’re one of several that print them out, please be mindful of that! ALSO, I just realized that I didn’t save the notes after my presentation, so these are blank examples (examples without being worked out). If you want to have them printed out and . . . → Read More: PreCal A.1 Notes

PreCal A.1: Rational Exponents VIDEO

Here’s the video for today’s lesson – this is the first challenging topic (I think) we really have this year – be sure to give yourself extra time to get the homework completed! Also, when you’re entering info into the online quiz, be mindful of the guidlines!

. . . → Read More: PreCal A.1: Rational Exponents VIDEO

Algebra II 1.2 – Simplifing & Evaluating Expressions

The notes for the day are pretty basic, but we had a good discussion of some questions today. Remember, besides the work, I really want you to pay close attention to what the words mean in the question prompts. Evaluate vs. Simplify vs. Solve, etc.

Here’s the notes from today…

Algebra II Quiz for 1.2

Here’s a direct link to the quiz for 1.2 –like I said in class,even though these aren’t quite due yet,the best thing you can do is to KEEP UP! I’ll see you next time

Quiz for section 1.2