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Math 3 – Unit 4 Review

Here’s the review, with answers, for the review.

Unit 4 REVIEW (Logarithms, Exponential Functions) with Answers

Math 2 – Unit 6 Homework

I apologize – I’ve been slacking off this week in terms of homework since I gave it out to students.

Here are assignments for the unit 6 that we have just finished (It’s short!). I’ll try later today to post help sites for each one.

6.1 Assignment

6.2 Assignment

6.3 Assignment

Math 3 – 4.6: Solving Exponential Equations

4.6 Solving Exponential Equations

Math 3 – 4.5: Solving Logarithmic Equations

4.5 Solving Logarithmic Equations

Math 3 – 4.4 Properties of Logarithms

4.4 Properties of Logarithms