January 18

Will and Elizabeth (her nickname is Bet) grew up in the same household in the 1800s.  Will is the son of a rich, reputable couple, while Bet is the daughter of a maid.  Both of their parents died when they were very, very young and both Will and Bet were raised by Will’s uncle.  Since will is a boy, he gets to move away and go to school, but Bet has to stay home and take care of the housework.  Will hates school and gets kicked out of every school he attends.  Will and Bet come up with a plan to disguise Bet as Will and let Bet get the education she wants.  Bet finds that there is a lot more to being a boy than she originally thought.

This was a fun book.  I really liked the main characters and hated the characters who tried to hurt Bet.  There is a secret at the end of the book that made the book all fit together.  If you like romantic books, this is a book you should try.

Education of Bet

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