Five Flavors of Dumb

Piper goes to school in Seattle.  A band at her high school just won a competition and everyone in school is excited about the future of the band.  One day Piper gets into a conversation with the lead singer of the band and suddenly she is the manager of the band.  She feels that this is crazy because she is deaf.  Piper has never heard of a deaf person managing and leading a band.  She’s desperate though.  Her parents just used all of her college savings to buy a hearing implant for her little sister.  Piper feels like no one understands, so she starts managing the band.  Along the way, she realizes who her friends are and who is just pretending to be her friend.

This was a fun book.  I loved Piper and her outlook.  She always stays positive even when things look really dark.  If you like realistic stories and stories about teenagers who fight the odds, you will love this book.

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