Tiger’s Quest

If you read Tiger’s Curse, you’ll absolutely want to read Tiger’s Quest.  The second book in the series puts Kelsey back home in Oregon going to college.  Kelsey tries to forget about Ren and live a normal life.  Well, you may remember in the first book, Kelsey moves into a duplex.  Guess who moves in on the other side of her apartment.  Yep, Ren.  Kelsey and Ren start dating and their lives are great, but a little complicated when Kishan shows up.  Things start getting a lot more complicated when Ren is kidnapped and Kelsey and Kishan try to save him.

This book is packed with adventure and fun.  If you liked the first book, you will drink up the second book.  The ending made me mad, but that’s what a good book should do.  You’ll read this and then want the 3rd book immediately.

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