Secrets of a First Daughter

Secrets of a First Daughter is the second book in this series.  I haven’t read the first book and I thought that the second book was easy to catch on to and quite delightful.  Morgan’s mom is the President of the United States.  Morgan lives in the spotlight and is constantly being criticized by journalists.  Morgan is just a regular high school kid trying to deal with the drama of friends, homework and parent pressures.  She’s in love with a teenage Secret Service agent who works in the White House, Max.  Morgan and Max have to keep their relationship secret and that only adds to the pressure on Morgan. 

This is a fun, quick read.  Morgan’s character is fun and full of hope.  Her enemies are so fun to hate in this book.  If you like Princess Diaries or The Gallagher Girls series, this would be a great book for you.


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