If you like fast-paced, novels with lots of fighting and strategy, you will love the new book Enclave.  This book is set in a time when the world is in utter chaos.  Cannibalistic monsters, called Freaks, run around eating people.  In order to get away from the danger, many people decide to live underground.  The two main characters, Freak and Deuce, live in a group of people or an enclave.  These people live in underground tunnels and have never seen the sun or felt rain.  The elders in the group tell them that the dangers of living above ground are too great.  When Freak and Deuce get kicked out of the enclave, they are forced to live above ground.  They find some horrors above ground and also some peace. 

This book was unlike any book I have ever read.  I liked the characters in the book and the action made me keep reading.  If you like The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Uglies, you will like this book.

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