Epitaph Road

What would the world be like if men didn’t exist?  The book Epitaph Road looks at this idea.  This dystopian book takes place in 2097.  A plague has hit the earth and 97% of all men have died.   There is hardly a man to be found.  The main character Kellen is one of the very few males left on earth.  Kellen is 14 years old and struggling through school as he faces a lot of discrimination and judgment.  Kellen has to risk everything when he realizes that his father (who lives in a very remote community) is in danger.  Kellen must choose between doing what’s safe and doing what’s right.

This is a fantastic, quick book.  I loved the organization of this book.  Much of the information in this book is given through Internet news reports.  It was fun to piece this society together through news reports.  There is a huge conspiracy in the book and it is interesting to find out about this conspiracy along with Kellen.  If you like dystopian books, you will love Epitaph Road.

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