Glow is one of the newest dystopian books in our library.  In this book, Earth has come to an end.  The temperatures get hotter and hotter each year and it is impossible for life to continue to exist with these conditions.  Leaders gather together and build two gigantic spaceships.  Hundreds of people are placed on each spaceship.  Each spaceship is bound for New Earth, or a planet that will take at least 50 years to reach.  Waverly and Kieran are two teenagers on one of the ships.  The spaceship is the only world that they have ever known.  They are teenagers who are in love and plan on getting married.  When the other spaceship attacks their spaceship and they are separated, their lives start to fall apart and they struggle for survival.  Can the kids on this ship survive when many of the adults are taken captive on the other ship?

This was a great book with a lot of mature themes.  I really liked this book because of the plot and the very different setting.  The characters were very easy to love and easy to hate.  One of the main problems on both spaceships is that some of the women cannot have children.  There are many themes and conversations about having children.  If you like different, mature books, this could be a book for you.


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