Wake Unto Me

If you like romance mixed with history, you will love this book.  Caitlyn is a girl who lives in Oregon and knows that she doesn’t fit in.  Caitlyn’s mother died when she was very young and her father remarried.  Caitlyn loves her family and they are very kind to her, but she knows that living in Oregon is not the life for her.  Caitlyn applies for a scholarship at an art school in France and she is immediately accepted.  She travels to France to find a place of belonging and focus on her art.  As soon as Caitlyn lands in France, she starts having dreams about a boy named Raphael.  She sees him in her dreams most nights and she knows she has been sent to help him.  Together, the uncover a mystery and the history of Caitlyn’s school. 

This was a fun read that kept me guessing.  I really liked Caitlyn’s character and the mysteries she had to solve.  If you like romance and if you are interested in art, this is a great book for you.  I really enjoyed learning about the time period in France and the art of the time.

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