Legend is a fantastic new dystopian novel by a great new author.  Day is a boy who lives on the streets.  He is homeless and incredibly smart.  In fact, he is so smart that he is on the top of the Most Wanted list in the Republic.  Many people consider Day a hero since he has taken on the Republic and stopped the soldiers from horrible acts.  Day never passed his schooling and ran away from home at an early age.  June seems to be just the opposite of Day.  She has top scores on her tests, she graduated from college at age 16 and she is a favorite of the government. Day and June are tied together in this book when Day allegedly kills June’s brother.  June must hunt down Day and avenge her brother.  During her mission, June starts doubting Day’s guilt and has to solve the mystery of her brother’s death on her own.

This is a great dystopian book for both girls and guys.  The chapters alternate between characters, so you see both points of view.  This book is filled with action and suspense.  As soon as you finish the book, you will want the next book immediately.

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