Forgotten is the first novel by author Cat Patrick.  I loved this book and think that you will love it too.  London Lane is your average girl, except for the fact that at 4:33 each morning, her memory is erased.  This has happened for years and every night she leaves herself notes about what happened in the days and weeks before.  Each morning when she wakes up, she has to read pages and pages about the things going on in her life.   No one understands why this happens.  London does have one advantage though, she can clearly see into the future.  She knows what will happen to everyone who is in her life.  Only London, her mother, and her best friend know about her condition.  One day, London meets Luke Henry.  She likes him, he likes her, but she can’t see him in her future and so she has to be reintroduced to him each morning.  London realizes that Luke may hold the key to figuring out why her brain works the way it does and the secrets her family keeps hidden.

This is a great book.  The plot kept me guessing and there was a lot of suspense.  If you like quick, fun books, you will love Forgotten.

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