Immortal City

One of the trends in Young Adult Literature right now is books about angels.  Immortal City is a book about angels, but also about an altered society.  In Immortal City, angels are superstars or celebrities.  Angels can save people and so very wealthy mortal people can buy the protection of guardian angels.  So angels are wealthy, popular, and mobbed by fans.  The angels are modern-day celebrities. Angels are followed by journalists and seen on television all the time.  Maddy is an ordinary mortal girl who is just struggling to survive.  She and her uncle are barely able to make a living at the family restaurant and Maddy just wants to get through high school and somehow go to college.  When Maddy accidentally meets Jackson, the most popular angel in the news, her life changes dramatically.  She has to decide if she wants to get to know Jackson, or remain unknown to the world.  The secret that has been kept from Maddy for years only complicates her life.

This is a great book. I loved the witty writing and the fun plot twists.  If you like books about angels or romance books, you will love Immortal City.

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