Lockdown the first book in the Escape from Furnace series.  The main character, Alex, has been framed for murder.  Since Alex is a teenager, is sentenced to a life in the prison “Furnace.”  This prison is underground and houses only teenage murderers.  Alex knows that Furnace is a horrible place, but he realizes that it is even worse once he gets there.  Inmates argue, fight, and kill each other.  Unearthly guard dogs chase prisoners.  But the worst part is that in the middle of the night, bizarre  creatures come and take some of the inmates.  Alex knows that he can’t survive here his whole life, so he starts and escape plan.  Read this book to find out if Alex escapes.

This is a great horror book.  If you like adventure or anything written by Darren Shan, you will love this series by Alexander Gordon Smith.

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