The Scourge

This is another great dystopian book.  The world has been changed and infected by a great disease.  Fenn is the main character of this book and she is blind.  The group of people she lives with fears the sickness that plagues the earth.  People who have been infected with this disease act like zombies and  try to harm the people of Fenn’s group.  Fenn is blind and is protected from the disease.  When the zombie-like people come to attack Fenn’s people, they hide in a cave.  Fenn is the only person who can go gather clean water.  Fenn realizes that this is no way to live.  Even though she is blind, she explores and voyages to find another source of water.  On her journey, she finds information that will change her way of life and changes the community she lives in.

This is a great dystopian book with mysteries and plot twists.  If you like adventure and dystopian settings, you will love this book.

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