If you like the Percy Jackson series or mythology, Wildefire is a book you should try.  Ashline Wilde is a girl who does not fit into her school or town.  She is constantly being teased for her differences and she is not afraid to fight back.  When a girl in her town is killed and Ashline is found to be a part of the crime, Ashline transfers to another school–a school very far away. Ash attends a school in the middle of the California Redwoods.  At this school, she learns more about herself.  She starts to understand why she has always felt different; she starts to realize why others around her seem different too.

I really enjoyed this fast-paced book.  This book focuses on Polynesian mythology and that was really fun to learn about.  The characters in the book were witty and funny.  If you like mythology and fantasy, take a look at this book.

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