Wow!!! I loved Defiance, the first book by author CJ Redwine.  Defiance is full of courage, action, and fighting.  Rachel has lost everything in her life.  Her father is missing from the kingdom and has been declared dead by the horribly awful Commander of the village.  Rachel is put into the care of Logan, a boy she has loved and was rejected by.  Together Logan and Rachel disobey the Commander of the village, to look for Rachel’s father and uncover what is really happening with the Commander.  This book is full of fiery beasts, sword-fighting, and plot twists.

This is one of the best adventure books I’ve read in a long time.  The story is told through the eyes of Rachel and Logan, so it is a perfect book for guys or girls.  If you like Hunger Games, Graceling, or Pathfinder, you will love Defiance.

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