Some ideas are just creepy.  Starters is a fantastic dystopian book with an incredibly creepy plot.  Starters is set in a society where teenagers and very old people live.  All people from the ages of about 25-50 have died.  The elderly people “rent” the bodies of the teenagers.  Teenagers store their minds on a microchip and let the elderly people take over their bodies; this allows the elderly people to do fun things that they would never be able to do in their own bodies—skydive, run, party.  Callie is a teenager who needs money to help feed her younger brother.  She doesn’t want to rent out her body, but she is desperate.  She stores her mind and allows an elderly lady to take over her body.  Soon Callie finds out that her mind hasn’t entirely left her body and she can still see glimpses of what this elderly lady is doing while in her body.  Callie realizes that the lady who has rented her body is going to murder someone and frame Callie.


This is a fantastic book that will keep you guessing the entire time.  If you like dystopian books like Matched or Divergent, you should give this book a try.

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