Charile Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit

Have you ever tried to outsmart your parents?  Charlie Joe thinks that he can change his report card and hide his bad grades from his parents.  When his plan to change his report card doesn’t work, Charlie Joe’s parents decide to send him to a summer reading camp.  Charlie Joe DOES NOT want to read during the summer, so he makes a bargain with his parents.  He will get all As and Bs for the rest of the year.  Charlie Joe knows that to get grades like this, he must get extra credit.  His teachers have lots of ideas about extra credit, but will Charlie Joe have the time?

This is a great, funny, witty book.  I couldn’t help laughing at Charlie Joe and the bargains he makes. If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries, you will love this book.  Come into the library and take a look!!


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