Monument 14

Wow!!!!  I thought that I had read so many dystopian books–maybe I thought I had seen all of the plots. Monument 14 is dystopian/survival/ adventures/realistic/scary.   The story is told from Dean’s point of view.  Dean is a nice kid, but not the most popular kid in school.  One day while riding the bus to school, a HUGE storm hits.  Hail stones the size of baseballs, huge winds, crashing cars, drivers who are killed while driving, make a crazy, deathly scene.  Dean’s bus driver dies instantly and another bus driver takes her kids (who go to an elementary school) and the kids on Dean’s bus (who go to junior high and high school)_and gets them safely into a huge store (think Walmart) before the store opens.  So there you have it, a bunch of kids trapped in a superstore with no adult supervision–the bus driver goes for help.  The kids of all ages try to survive and get along and figure out who is in charge.  They do this for weeks and weeks. When a chance comes to leave the store and head out into a world full of craziness, they have tough decisions to make about taking chances and staying safe.

This book really made me think.  What kind of person would I be like if I was in this situation?  Would I try to help or just slack off and eat ice cream for months?  If you like action, adventure, and strong characters, take a look at this book.

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