I’ll Be There

Emily Bell believes that she is an average girl and probably an average singer.  When she sings a solo in her church choir, she knows that she has sounded average and maybe even awful.  When she goes outside of the church to throw up, she meets a boy, Sam Border.  Sam is sweet, mysterious, and unlike anyone Emily has ever met before.  Emily doesn’t get any of Sam’s contact information, but she knows that she has met him for a reason and he will change her life.  She becomes obsessed with finding him and getting to know him.  Emily has a hard time tracking Sam down because Sam and his little brother Riddle live with their monstrously abusive father.  The three move from town to town because Sam’s father is a thief and he treats his sons horribly.  When Emily does connect with Sam, he does change her life and the life of her family, but not before a wild, scary, life-threatening journey with Sam’s father.

 This is simply an amazing book.  I loved everything about it and I found myself laughing out loud and gasping at different parts of the book.  The thing I love most about this book is that it’s not a girl book and it’s not a boy book.  It’s a book that anyone and everyone should enjoy.  If you like great literature and suspense, you will love this book.

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