Benny is a kid who goes through a lot of problems normal teenagers go through. His parents don’t get along with each other, he gets nervous around girls, he doesn’t like homework.  Benny is different from a lot of kids though because he lives in a town that is small.  Really small.  The town has 20 people living in it.  Well, 19 people when his mom leaves the family because the dad won’t throw things away and starts hording trash.  Benny’s life becomes focused on how to get his mom to come back and live with the family.  People in the town try to help him and involve him in their funny lives.  Benny has to learn which challenges in life he can fix and which challenges he needs to learn to live with.

This is a funny, heartwarming, fun book that all comes together in the end.  I found myself cheering for the members of this little town.  If you like fun reads with vivid characters, try out Homesick.  You will love it.

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