Find Me by Romily Bernard

One of my favorite recent trends in young adult literature is characters who can hack computers. It’s fascinating and makes for great plot lines. Wicket is a teenager girl who has witnessed horrible things in her life. Recently, her mother committed suicide to get away from her meth-selling father. Wicket and her sister Lily are in foster care and have landed in a house in the suburbs where they both feel out of place. When a girl at Wicket’s school commits suicide, Wicket is shaken. Wicket falls apart when she realizes that the dead girl’s journal has been left on her doorstep with note that says “Find Me”. Wicket uses her hacking skills to bait the person who drove the girl to suicide. Wicket gets personally involved and she knows that her sister Lily is in danger.

This is a fast-paced book that will keep you reading.  I loved the characters and how they reacted to the events in the book. This book has some mature content and language, so you will want to be aware of that before you start reading.  If you like creepy books and books with a lot of suspense, come on in and check this out!


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