The Broken Hearted by Amelia Kahaney


This dystopian book has a dark feel and many, many plot twists. Set in the dystopian city of Bedlam, Anthem Fleet is a girl who has always had the best. As a privileged daughter in an upper class family, she goes to the best schools and studies ballet constantly. One day Anthem falls in love with Gavin, a boy from the other side of town. Gavin is poor and has no social status, but Anthem and Gavin fall in love almost at first sight. In a turn of events, Gavin is kidnapped and held for ransom. Anthem goes crazy with worry and tries to find a way to secure the money. In her rush to find the money, Anthem ends up on the wrong side of town at night fleeing for her life. In her run, she falls in a river, drowns, and is snatched by a mad scientist who replaces her failed heart with a hummingbird heart. Anthem wakes up with super powers, watches Gavin get shot at point blank range and mourns his loss. That’s when the story really begins. Anthem has super powers beyond belief and she starts to avenge Gavin.

The plot twists are crazy and I could not believe who the culprit was.  This is one of my favorite books even though I grew to hate some of the characters.  I liked the dark setting and the end of the book really made me want to read a sequel.  If you like action-packed books that are quirky and dark, come in and check out The Broken Hearted.

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