The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Cassie is 17 and she has a natural talent for figuring people out.  As a waitress, she can tell almost automatically which people will tip well, which people were in an argument earlier, which people are happy.  Before Cassie’s mom was murdered, she taught Cassie about reading people and their emotions.  When the FBI contacts Cassie and asks her to be involved in a profiling program to catch criminals, she is more than willing.  Cassie believes that someday she will help catch the person who murdered her mother.  When Cassie enters the FBI program, she quickly realizes that a serial killer is after her and she will have to save her own life by figuring out the people around her.


This book was chilling.  Cassie’s story is told throughout the book, but between Cassie’s chapters, you get to see the thoughts of the serial killer.  I was totally and completely surprised by the ending and I loved how the author wrapped up the book.  If you like creepy books, this is a book you will want to take a look at.  If you like Lois Duncan or Darren Shan, come in and take a look at The Naturals. 


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