This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Sometimes you just need a good love story to read.  This is What Happy Looks Like is a love story that will make you smile and say “Awe. . . . “  Ellie is a normal teenage girl who is hiding is big secret, but she lives her life normally in a small Maine town.  One day, Ellie accidentally gets an email from someone asking her to walk his pet pig.  This person has obviously typed in the email address incorrectly, but even after they clear up the misunderstanding, Ellie and this mystery person keep communicating.  If this happened to you in real life, you would probably be communicating with a 50-year-old creepy dude who stalks people online, but this is a book and Ellie is communicating with Graham Larkin, the biggest movie star in Hollywood.  She doesn’t realize this.  She keeps emailing him and getting to know him through witty emails, but through her emails, he finds clues about her and where she lives.  Graham is sweet and arranges for his next movie to be filmed in Ellie’s hometown in Maine.  He finds Ellie, but the secret from her past threatens to keep them from being together. 


This is a fun, wonderful, sweet book.  Again, I cannot emphasize enough that you should not communicate with strangers online.  If you like books by Nicholas Sparks, Sarah Dessen, or Janette Rallison, come in and take a look at This is What Happy Looks Like.


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