Book Lists

There are so many great resources to find great books.  Take a look at some of these sites.  If you’d like to request a book, click on the “Request a Book” link on the right side of this blog.

  • Brand New Books Click on this website to find brand new books that look like fun to read.  This site is from the Salt Lake County Library website, but they review all of the latest teen books.  If you find one you like, make a request in the “Request a Book” category of this blog.

  • Book Reviews and Videos This site has reviews for the latest teen books as well as video clips from authors.

  • Books For Guys Take a look at this site to find many, many books for guys in particular.  This site includes lists and lists of books that boys would be interested in.

  • Latest and Greatest Books To find the hottest books, check out this site.  You can also find contests and discussion groups based on books you are interested in reading.

  • Kiss the Book Books on this site are reviewed by a Utah Librarian.  See reviews about the latest books and appropriateness ratings.

  • National Book List Have you ever wondered what people across the nation are reading?  Take a look at this site to see which books are ranked the best for teenagers nationally.