The Lightning Thief

Review by Jared Vielstich

Percy Jackson is a teenager who is always having trouble with school and has ADHD or so he thinks. He is always reading things but it turns out that it lookslike  Greek writing when he reads it. One day while on a field trip his teacher turns into an evil Greek beast and attempts to kill Percy. He fends off the beast and goes home. After telling his mother what happened, his mother drives him to Camp Half-Blood where they are attacked by Minotaur. Percy and Grover make it into Camp Half-Blood but his mom is taken hostage by Hades god of the underworld.

Percy goes on a quest to save his mother and stop the gods from going to war. Someone has also stolen the Zeus’s lightning bolt. Percy is accused of stealing the bolt and has to stop the gods, Zeus and Poseidon from going to war with each other and destroying earth.

Percy and his friends go on a quest to save his Mom. They battle Medusa, a Minotaur and many other foes that seem tough. The battles with these creatures are always action packed and full of fun and excitement.

So in conclusion if you enjoy fantasy, but enjoy modern books then this is definitly the fantasy book for you. I have read this countless time and it always wows me on how good it is. This book is really intriguing and sucks you into the storyline.

Conspiracy 365

Review by Andrew Holker

 Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord is a fast-paced action-packed thriller about a boy named Callum Ormond, whose father falls ill on a business trip in Ireland, shortly after discovering something that could make the Ormond family both rich and famous. Unfortunately, by the time Cal’s father returns home, he is unable to speak and dies in a hospice a few weeks later.

Cal had kind of just brushed his father’s death off, until New Year’s Eve when an insane man stumbled up to him on the street, screaming a warning: “The Ormond Singularity killed your father, and now they’re killing me! You must stay hidden for 365 days and find the secret of the Ormond Singularity!”

Then, the next day, Cal’s life is turned upside-down when he comes home to find his sister shot and in a coma, and his uncle lying on the floor with bullet-holes in his head. Cal calls the police. Just after hanging up, a group of masked men come out from hiding, forcing Cal out of a 2nd story window. The cops see him fleeing, and think he is the gunman. Cal is forced into hiding and with help from his friend Boges, must clear his name and find the truth behind the Ormond Singularity.

This is a wonderful series, especially for anyone who loves a combination of a thriller, mystery, action, and, believe it or not, a hint of comedy. With an engaging plot, a juicy mystery, and beautifully described characters, debut Australian author Gabrielle Lord is off to a great start in the writing world.


Review by Julion Lopez 

Unstoppable is by Tim Green. It’s a thrilling sports novel. It’s about this kid named Harrison; he lives in a foster home. He doesn’t like his foster home,which is on a farm.

They make him do a lot of farm work. He has to carry a lot of heavy things; he has to milk the cows. The book describes him as a big and tall and strong. He does more work on the farm then anybody else.

Harrison goes to a different foster family, and he likes it there. His foster dad is a coach at a junior high. Harrison really likes football, so he goes and plays for the team. He is a really good football player.

Harrison ends up becoming their star running back. Their team wins almost all their games. During practice ,Harrison hurts his knee. They go to the doctor to get it looked at.

The doctor says its nothing, but just to be safe, the doctor told them he had to go get an x-ray.  They figure out there is something wrong with his knee ,and he has to have surgery. To find out what happens next, read this great book.

The House of Hades

Review by Max Love

The House of Hades is the 4th book in the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. This book would have to be an adventure because the characters in this book travel from the U. S. to Rome in a huge airship. The setting of this book would be in Rome and Greece.

This book is about 8 demigods that have to close the House of Hades, and 2 of them are in Tartarus which is a place where all monsters go when they die, and they have to close the House of Hades from inside Tartarus. The other 5, including one other demigod have to close the House of Hades in the real world to prevent monsters from getting out of Tartarus into the real world. They also have to stop a goddess called Gaea from waking because if she does, she will destroy the world.

The 8 Demigods are Greek and Roman. Five of the demigods are Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Nico, and Piper. The other Three are Jason, Frank, and Hazel. Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, and the other people are on the over world.

This book was a great book, and I really liked it. This book is a great book and I think that people that love magic and adventure should read this book. There is still another book, but people should read the first three before, because it would make more sense.

Catching Fire

Review by Ailine Fisher 

Catching fire is the second book in the Hunger Games series, written by Susan Collins. Katniss Everdeen, one of District 12’s victors, is forced to marry Peeta, the bread boy which she had won the games with. They had won the 74th Hunger Games together, defying the capitol in every way. But to cover up their defiance, they had preformed a love story while in the games. Now President Snow has forced upon her a marriage to someone she barely knows. The capitol people find it as a love-struck story between two very unlikely people.

Now there is the Quarter Quell or the 75th Hunger Games where something either awful or wonderful happens in the games. The male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors. This Quarter Quell meant that Katniss and Peeta would have to enter the games again.

Cinna, Katniss’s designer, had to present Katniss with various different wedding dresses and the capitol people got to choose which one was the best. At another interview before the wedding, Cinna had done something… something that kills him. As Katniss enters the stage, her dress is engulfed with fake flames to reveal an astonishing piece of fabric—a mocking jay dress. This defies the capitol and makes things even worse between Katniss and President Snow.

When they enter the games, just before Katniss is lifted in the tube, something horrible happens. Katniss is lifted into the arena with her cries. As she is revealed to the arena, she knows that this will be an interesting games because around her, is the sea.

This book, I have to say, is the best out of the three books. It is action packed, drama filled, and a little “mahogany”. Catching Fire is an amazing book and a must-read. Never again will you find a book anything like this! I recommend this for everyone!

A Gift of Magic

Review by Alyssa Owens

Lois Duncan’s A Gift of Magic is a mystery novel full of suspense. Nancy is a young girl at the age of 13. Nancy’s father is a reporter who travels around the world. When Nancy’s mother decides that she is done traveling around the world, she files for a divorce. When the divorce is finalized, Elizabeth, Nancy’s mother, moves her 3 kids into the house where she grew up. When her mother died, Elizabeth inherited the house. Elizabeth’s mother also gives her 3 grandchildren gifts. To Brendon, the youngest brother, she gives the gift of music. To Kirby, the oldest sister, she gives the gift of dance. But Elizabeth didn’t hear what the gift to Nancy was. 

Elizabeth didn’t tell them about the gifts. She just assumed that they weren’t going to get the gifts. Now the children have never gone to a real school. Their mom had always homeschooled them. When Brendon goes to school, he meets this kid named Greg. They get in a fight and have to have a talk with the principal. Meanwhile, Nancy and Kirby are at the middle school talking with the counselor, they get their classes, and say bye. 

When Nancy went to her Social Studies class, her teacher, Ms. Green, immediately did not like her. After a couple days of school, they have a pop quiz in Social Studies. Kirby has Social Studies the period before her. They were told strictly not to tell others the questions. When it came time for Nancy to take the quiz, Ms. Green read the questions. Before she knew it, she was on the 5th question. Ms. Green had happened to walk by and startled Nancy. She was furious to see that Nancy was already on the 5th question when she had only read 3 of the questions. Ms. Green accused her of cheating and sent her to the counselor. Kirby also has to go to see the counselor. When Nancy accidently says that she is able to tell what is going to happen, the counselor has her go see a psychiatrist. She doesn’t want to see him, so she lies.

 The next day at school, Nancy uses her mind to make Ms. Green have a fainting spell. Nancy has to tell someone, and the one person she trusts is Kirby. When Kirby doesn’t come when she gets called, Nancy uses her mind to bring Kirby to her. Kirby then falls down the stairs and breaks her leg. This makes it so she can’t dance. She turns really grouchy and won’t talk to anyone and gets mad very easily.

I really enjoyed this book and how it was full of suspense. A Gift of Magic pulled me in, and I never wanted to put it down. If you like suspense and magical books, you will love A Gift of Magic. To find out what happens to Kirby and Nancy, pick up Lois Duncan’s book A Gift of Magic at the Orion Jr. High library today.


Review by Aziah Andrews

Taggerung is a book in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. I cannot say how much I love this book. I have read it about 6 to 7 times because I love it so much. It might take a bit to get the action up and going, but it is not short of my favorite book written by Brian Jacques. I could continue on saying how great and how much I love this book, or I could tell to you what it’s about.

It is not about normal animals, like the run of the mill cat, dog, or even mouse. They walk, they talk, they cook, and they fight. All of them act like humans, but they’er all animals. This book starts with Sawney Rath, the chief of a Juska tribe, fending his title as the chieftain. After the ferret chief wins the challenge his seer foretells that the Taggerung has been born at last, but in a place that no vermin has been able to take from the peaceful creatures of the great Abby Redwall. The Tagerung is a creature born with great power, but only one Taggerung can be alive at a time.

In the forest of Mossflower, a father otter has brought his newborn son to the river ford to perform a ceremony that all riverdog(otter) do for their newborns. The vermin of the Juska clan are waiting for him, hiding ready to kill. The young baby, Deyna, is whisked away from his father, after he is shot down by one of the vermin.           

Fifteen seasons have passed since Deyna, or now Tagg was taken from his home. He has been raised by Sawney Rath as his own, but Tagg has no heart to kill and murder as his foster father dose along with the tribe. After disobeying Sawney, as he refuses to kill a fox, Tagg is sent on the run for his life. Along the way he finds a friend in a self titled mouse named Nimbalo the Slayer, and many others as he runs with vermin close on his tail.           

At the Abby of Redwall, the young otter maid Martha is working out clues ,along with her friends, about the abbey that have been left by the last Abbyness that had led it, getting her mind off her missing father and brother hoping their alive out there somewhere, though it has been fifteen seasons since they where last seen. Though young she has been named the new Abbyness though she denies it and hopes that the clues will bring light on her droughts. 

To find out how this wonderful book ends, go and read it yourself to see if Deyna finds his was home and is reunited with his family, and escapes from the clutches of the vermin after him.

Eighth Grade Bites

Review by Austyn C. Besaw

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites is by Heather Brewer. It is a thriller book. It is part of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series. It is the first out of five books. There also is a series called The Slayer Chronicles. It takes place with a lot of the same characters and setting as The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

Eighth Grade Bites takes place in a small city called Bathory. The book begins around Halloween of present day. They also go to a town Stokerton. Vlad and his friends go to Bathory Jr. High School. 

There are a few main characters in the book. Vladimir Tod is a half- vampire/ half- human that deals with normal teenage guy problems. plus that of a vampire. Henry is Vlad’s best friend and also his drudge. Nelly is Vlad’s legal guardian. Even though Nelly is called Aunt Nelly, she and Vlad aren’t blood. Nelly was Vlad’s mom’s best friend. Meredith is the girl Vlad has had a crush on since about second grade. Bill and Tom are bullies that like torturing Vlad. Principal Snelgrove is the principal for Bathory Jr. High that has a little rat nose and has it out for Vlad.

Life isn’t easy for a 13 year old vampire. Mix that with human life, and it’s chaos. Vladimir has to keep his vampire ability a secret and to try and hide his growing hunger. Nelly sneaks blood from the hospital for Vlad to snack on. Nelly puts capsules in Vlad’s lunch that have blood in them.

To find else what else happens you got to read the book. The book is really good. I can’t put the series down when I’m reading it. If you like a little fantasy and thriller this will be a really good series for you to read.

Tiger’s Curse

Review by Mekenna Braegger

The book Tiger’s Curse is by Colleen Houck. Tiger’s Curse is about a girl who gets a job to take care of a tiger for two weeks for a circus. When the circus agrees to let a man buy the tiger to take him to a wildlife reserve, Kelsey is asked to accompany Dhiren to the reserve. She agrees and they leave the next week.  When they get to Mumbai, Kelsey goes inside a little shop to eat something.  After she eats, she pays the lady and goes outside. When she gets outside, she sees that the truck has left, and Dhiren is just sitting there like he is waiting for her to follow him. When she follows him, he guides her to a little hut, and she tells him that he needs to wait for her to talk to the people so she tied him. When she starts towards the door, she hears a man say, “Is this really necessary?” She turns around, and there is a man where Dhiren was.

 The setting in this book is mainly in India. At first it is in Oregon where Kelsey is from.  Then she is in India when she starts to help Dhiren.  It takes place in Mumbai at first, then it kind of goes all over the world.  The book is called Tiger’s Curse because a man had a curse put on him around 300 years ago that made him a tiger, and he can only transform into a man for 24 minutes out of 24 hours.  To break the curse, they have to go and do four different tasks. When they get the first task done, Dhiren can be in man form for 6 hours out of a 24 hour period.  When they get all of them done you can guess what happens. 

I really love this book because it is really fast-paced. It keeps you interested. It only takes a couple of pages for you to really start liking it. Its one of those books that you like almost instantly.  It keeps you guessing what is going to happen.  I would give this book an 11 out of 10, it’s just that amazing.

This book is really awesome.You will have to read it to find out what happens. This book is a fantasy-romance that you will never want to put down.  I really love this book. It is one of my favorite books.



The Shadow Club

Review by Aidan M. H. Dean

Do you know what it’s like to be 2nd best at everything?  For every single thing you do to never be enough?  No matter how hard you try, there will always be a better singer, a better runner, and someone who is more intelligent than you.  They always seem to find a way to make you feel like the world is collapsing, without even trying, don’t they? 

What if you could make them pay?  You’d do it in small ways of course, such as stealing diaries, replacing deodorant with green slime.  It’s nothing serious, until it is.  What if you can’t stop?  The initial guilt you felt is now a thrill?  You don’t want to make them pay so much as suffer.  

That is the position a group of second best kids find themselves in, in The Shadow Club by Neal Shusterman.  At first it’s all fun and games, at first no one is sent to the hospital.  But once you have that kind of power, the power of someone’s life, in your hands, it’s hard to stop. 

The Shadow Club is a short read, but is a total thrill from beginning to end, and will leave you breathless the entire way.  In a sense, we can all relate to this book, and that is what makes it so good.  A normal, cute boy, a middle school socialite, a nerd, and an athlete, together they make The Shadow Club.  Which one are you?  How far would you go to become the elite?  Read this fantastic book to find out!

Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere

Review by Connor Wade

Michael Vey: Battle of Ampereisby Richard Paul Evans. Michael Vey narrowly escaped the Elgen compound, where he saved his mom. He got separated from his friends, and the Amacarra find him. He meets a girl named Tessa, she used to be with the Elgen but she escaped. Tessa is electric too, and she can amplify other people’s powers. Michael and Tessa go off with Jaime to his camp, so the can contact the voice.

The rest of the electro clan gets captured by the Peruvian military. They think that the electro clan is a terrorist group, because they destroyed the Elgen power plant. They don’t know that what they did was a favor to the world. The punishment of terrorism is death!

Michael and Tessa contact the voice and figure out they have his mom and she is finally safe.  The rest of the electro clan is getting transported to a different facility. Michael plans to free them. When the trucks are driving down the road, He pushes a boulder on the front truck, so they all have to stop.  With Tessa’s ability to amplify his power, he frees his friends. He sets off the automated gunfire from the opposite side, and they escape.

Where are Taylor and Jack? Ian sees footprints heading into the forest. They follow the footprints, and figure out that a guard took them. They caught up to them and got Taylor and Jack back. Then everything is all fine and it is all great. Or is it? To find out, read this exciting book!


The 5th Wave

Review by Katie Alexander

“Alone, alone, alone, Cassie, you’re alone,” says Cassie Sullivan. But not for long; Cassie Sullivan finds out that she is not the last human on earth. Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave is described as “Breathtakingly Fast-Paced and Original, a reading tsunami that grabs hold and won’t let go,” by Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author.

The 5th Wave is a science fiction/ thriller story. The main theme is survival. “Run= Die. Stay= Die. Sort of the theme of this party,” said Cassie Sullivan. She was thinking that, as she was stranded under a Buick, in a parking lot, on the run. She was running away from a silencer, who shot her in the leg.

Cassie Sullivan is on the run from a camp, to save her brother, Sammy. She lets him get on a bus to “safety” without realizing that they are going to train him to be a soldier or kill him. They wouldn’t let Cassie get on the bus with Sammy because, “The children are the future.” She is in high school, so she is not considered a child anymore. She promises Sammy she will come back and get him soon. Sammy gives Cassie his teddy bear for good luck, and climbs on the bus. From then on, Cassie plans how she is going to get Sammy back.

Soon after she leaves Sammy, she gets shot in the leg and is stranded under the Buick to die. She passes out, and Evan Walker, the beautiful Silencer that tried to kill her, saves her, and nurses her back to health. He takes her back to his house and bathes her and lets her stay in his dead sister’s room. Cassie wakes up wondering why she smells good. Soon after, Evan becomes her boyfriend.

The main characters are Cassie, Evan, Sammy and Ben. They all have some sort of connection by the end of the book. I personally loved this book: 5 stars out of 5! This book has an emotional connection with the reader. You will feel this book’s emotion when you read it!

The Giver

Review by Amanda Eatchel

In the book The Giver, by Lois Lowery, a boy named Jonas lives in a community where everyone is the same. He does not notice it, but the whole community is black and white. Then comes the ceremony of the twelve in which every twelve year old in the community is given a job. Jonas thinks the lady saying their names skipped him, because he was next then she said someone else’s name instead.

Then they came back to him and the lady called out “The Receiver of Memory.” From then on, everyone treated him with more respect because the Receiver of Memory gets all memory sent to him. So Jonas goes to see the Giver for his job. The Giver gave him happy memories first, then he gave him sadder and more painful memories, like war.

The Giver gave him like all of the memories, and then told him to get out of the community. Jonas’s parents have a little kid named Gabriel, and they want him gone.

 How Gabriel is saved and what Jonas decides to do with all that he learns from the Giver is something you’ll have to read the book to find out!     

Tiger’s Curse

Review by Hannah S. Smith

             In the book The Tiger’s Curse, by Colleen Houck, the main character is named Kelsey. Kelsey is an orphan. Her parents died in a car accident and she now lives with a foster family.  She gets a job at the circus selling tickets, feeding the dogs, and even taking care of a tiger!

            Kelsey immediately falls in love with the tiger whose name is Dhiren or Ren for short.  Ren is a rare and beautiful species of white tiger, but what Kelsey loves most about him is his cobalt blue eyes.  She can’t imagine anything more gorgeous than Ren.

            After every circus performance, Kelsey goes and talks or reads to Ren. She can tell that he loves her, and she loves him. Kelsey wishes that Ren could be free to roam in the jungles of India.  Strangely enough, the very next day, a man by the name of Mr. Kadam comes to the circus and offers to purchase Ren and take him to a tiger reserve in India!  Also, because Kelsey knew how to take care of the tiger, she was invited to come with them.  Of course she agreed and couldn’t be happier.

            A few days later, when they arrive in India, Mr. Kadam has to leave to take care of some business, so Kelsey and Ren are left to finish the trip on their own.  After a coupe hours of driving, Kelsey stops to get some lunch at a gas station.  She goes inside to eat while her chaperone watches Ren outside.  When Kelsey comes back out, her chaperone is gone! Then, not knowing what to do, she follows Ren into a forest where something unbelievable happens. (I can’t tell you what happens or else it would ruin the whole book.) Kelsey and Ren eventually make it out of the forest and they run into all sorts of adventures together.  These adventures include a mansion, a prophecy, getting chased by bloodthirsty monkeys, the Golden Fruit of India, and even another dimension!

            I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, fantasy, and is okay with quite a bit of romance. This is probably the best book that I have ever read, and I don’t know how it isn’t more popular than it already is. This is a series of five books that I think everyone should read.


Hard Luck

Review by Samantha Strebel

Kid: Hard Luck. I am recommending this book to you because, it is absolutely hilarious! This book is told in Greg`s point of view. This is like his “diary” kind of thing. I love this book because you can relate to it. It’s about a kid named Greg Heffley. He is in middle school. He is about our age and goes through everyday things. In this particular book, he gets chased by neighborhood kids that live in the woods.

The genre of this book is probably humor. It is so funny! Well, Greg finds this Magic 8 Ball. He asks it stuff, and it answers correctly. So he kind of takes advantage of that. He takes it to school and asks it math problems, but he finds out it only answers yes or no questions. So he just asks it stuff like should I take a shower, or things like that around the house. Well his friend Rowley has a girl friend now, and it`s kind of bothering him. Her name is Abigail, and Greg had taken her to the dance with him and Rowley. Well, let’s just say, things didn’t turn out very well.

At school, there`s a whole line to wait for a seat at lunch. Greg has a seat with some guys at a table, but they always do gross, weird stuff. And he`s starting to get why the girls don’t like them… well since he and Rowley aren’t really friends anymore, he tries to find another one. He gets Fregley. Well, it was all going good, because he had Fregley carry his stuff up the steep street home from school. That might have been a bad idea, because when Greg forgot about the kids in the woods, they chased them. Well Fregley had the idea, that if he threw all the text books at them, they would slow down. They still got chased, and Greg didn’t have his stuff. His mom made him go outside when he got home, because he was playing too many videogames lately. So he took his game and snuck up to his mom’s closet. There`s a whole stash of things up there! He decided he would take his snuggie that he found in there, to school. He had a test that he didn’t get. He brought the magic 8 ball, to see if it would help him out just this once.

To find out what happens, read this hilarious book! You`ll be glad you did! In fact, read the whole series, Kinney has written eight books in this series, and I love them all! Im sure you will too!


Review by Caybree Corbin

“You’re a dream. Like everything else.” Isobel, the main character in Kelly Creagh’s book Nevermore, is a typical high school cheerleader. She loves pink, is blonde, and her boyfriend is on the football team. That is, until she is assigned to partner up with a strange emo guy named Varen Nethers. No one really knows much about him, and she is filled with annoyance when she hears their names called together. That’s when it all began…

“Her fingertips reached to trace the damage, but he grasped her hand with his own. He leaned down, far enough that the dark ends of his hair brushed feather-light against her face, caught in her lashes.”

As Isobel starts to see Varen more and more often, strange things begin to happen. She notices a lot of ravens that seem to be following her wherever she goes. She always feels like she’s being watched…is she being watched? She can’t trust anyone, anyone…that is, except Varen. She starts to understand what she’s never understood before. The danger, the danger of dreams, are haunting them. Varen is in danger. Lilith wants him…Lilith owns him.  

Isobel has always felt like there was something…different about Varen, besides his pierced lip and black fringed hair. Something no one else knows. Something…that’s not necessarily good. Varen is a direct descendent of Edgar Allen Poe. Like Poe, Varen seems sad, lonely. He always does his best to cover the misery and pain, but she sees it all.

One night, she disobeyed. She disobeyed Varen and her parents. She was sneaking out to the Grimm Façade. She had to see Varen. There was something coming, something bad. She could feel it in the air.

Once in the Grimm Façade, she doesn’t exactly fit in. Everyone else, dressed in mostly black, with black hair, black nails, and black hearts. When she finds Varen he, is frantic. He insists that she leave immediately! They go into a small office room where everything begins to change. The noise of the crowd just outside the door starts to fade and is replaced by a slight moaning and a woman’s voice, quietly singing. It sounds like a radio, for there is static, cracking through the silence.

“Hide,” Varen commands. “Hide! She’ll see you!”

“Who-” whispered Isobel.

Just then a dark hole widened, bigger and bigger.  Just then, she could see a face, pale white, flawless skin. Eyes, coated with eyeliner, like a leopard’s, but they looked like a leopard who was about to kill.

“Lilith,” Varen whispered.

Her hair flowed down to her hip. Long, straight, and jet black. Her eyes were also jet black. Just then two creatures called Nocs grabbed Varen, and he was paralyzed. His faced looked full of terror, of a silent scream. The Nocs dragged him into what looked like a portal, and then, he was gone, and the sound of the party returned…but all Isobel could hear was the silence.

This book is full of adventure. Isobel is trying to save her one and only true love from the demon called Lilith. Share her adventure of mazes, love, and torn shards in the amazing book Nevermore, by Kelly Creagh.

The Hobbitt

Review by Arlis Fields

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit.” These words started the single greatest story that humanity has beheld. The Hobbit was written by J. R. R. Tolkien, a professor at Oxford University. He began his writing career late in his life; he had already reached his 40’s. This story single-handedly reimagined the high fantasy genre that had previously died out. This masterpiece is often hailed as one of the single greatest stories of our modern time. The wonder of this book has spread across oceans, and has been translated into many languages.

Now, into the titular characters we delve. In order to understand this book, you first need to understand the peculiar denizens who call themselves, Hobbits. Hobbits are small, only standing 2 to 3 feet tall. They cannot grow beards, like the Dwarves, and, strangely, don’t wear shoes, for their feet grow naturally leathery soles. Their feet are covered in hair which is like that of their head, being brown and curly. They are more likely to have good-natured faces, rather than be beautiful. They love food, and will eat six meals a day, if they can get them! They do not like machines more complex than a fire bellows or a wheat mill, though they have deft and clever fingers. They never fight, and shun any form of unexpectedness. They are remarkably stealthy on their feet. And lastly, they love peace and quiet, and good tilled earth.

The story concerns one particular Hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins Esquire. Mr. Baggins is a respectable and well-to-do Hobbit, who never went on any adventures or did anything unexpected. All in all, a Baggins, through and through; his mother, on the other hand, is a Took, a not-so respectable, though very much richer Hobbit than the Bagginses. Our story begins, with Bilbo, sitting on his front porch, smoking from his pipe. When all of a sudden, Gandalf comes along! And here is Prof. Tolkien’s description of this event:

“Good morning,” said Bilbo, and it was; the sun was shining and the grass was very green.

But Gandalf said, with eyebrows sticking out farther than the brim of his hat, “What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning; or to say that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or perhaps that you feel good this particular morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

“All of them at once,’ said Bilbo.”

 Gandalf asks Bilbo to go on an adventure, and to tell any more would spoil the enjoyment.

This book is by far the greatest book I have ever read. The description of the world that he created is breathtaking. The characters are so real, despite being fantastical creatures. The adventure is wonderful. The theme of breaking your routine and having an adventure is so inspiring. And though this may have been a children’s book, anyone can read this book. I love this book more than I do many people. Thank you for reading my review, and please, PLEASE, read this book, and feel its magic.


Summer Ball

Review by Ashlee Baird

Summer Ball is by Mike Lupica. This is the second book in the Travel Team’s series. This book has all kinds of genres. It has action, adventure, drama, comedy, and most of all it’s a sports book. Summer Ball is about a thirteen- year- old boy named Danny Walker. He has been playing basketball for years and now is going off to Right Way Basketball Camp for the summer. His best friends Will Stoddard and Ty Ross are going with him.

This camp is not just a normal basketball camp; it’s bringing all the best ballers from around the world. The camp is for all ages but for boys who really know how to play the game. Danny is really good. It’s just he has one problem. He is the smallest guy in his age division. It’s been like this ever since he has been born. Everyone including adults asks Danny if he is in the right age group.

Danny finally arrives at Right Way Camp, and things are already going the wrong way. Danny’s nervous enough now his sleeping arrangements have been screwed up. Now he is staying with the eleven and twelve- year- olds. Danny finally feels like one of the big guys. That is until the next day he finds out who is on his team and who his coach is. Rasheed Hill is one of Danny’s biggest rival. They played each other in last year’s travel team tournament. It didn’t really go that well because now Rasheed seeks revenge.

Then there is Danny’s coach. His name is Coach Powers, and he is really strict. He works the boys really hard. Coach Powers has won the Right Way Camp Championship game for three years in a row and is hoping to make it four. Coach Powers used to coach Danny’s dad, Richie Walker. Coach Powers thought everything was going great until Richie quit his team. Now Coach Powers is always after Danny, telling him he should just quit like his father. Is this really what Danny wants? Is Danny’s team going to win? Is Danny going to quit just because his coach keeps telling him to?

I really like this book. This book is very inspiring for basketball players but also for people who don’t really believe in themselves. This book teaches you to never give up no matter what the situation is. My favorite quote in this book says, “Even if you do play for a couple of minutes, make them the best you’ve ever played in your life.” So this quote means that even if you do play for a couple of minutes, show everyone why you play in just those few minutes. So you really should read this book.



Review by Hunter Butterfield

Eragon is the first installation of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. It was the first book he ever had published, and he did amazingly well. It is a fairly fast-paced fantasy book going from one action-filled moment to the next. The book is one of those books where the peasant rises up from the ashes and becomes a very important person. This book all starts out in

Eragon’s hometown Carvahall.

Carvahall is a small town that is surrounded by mountains called The Spine. In this town lives Eragon who lives with his uncle. His life gets flipped upside down when he finds a sapphire-colored rock. It comes out of no where when he is trying to hunt deer. It scares away the deer so; he decides to take and try to go sell it. Something happens with the rock, which sends the emperor’s assassins after Eragon….

This book has some of the most amazing characters ever. You have Eragon, the brave but foolish protagonist. Then there is Brom, the mysterious storyteller with more secrets than not. There is Roran, Eragon’s cousin who just wants to settle down and have a family. Lastly, you have Arya, the elf who Eragon gets the sudden urge to save.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read. This book has some very interesting plot elements. Another great thing about this book is it is part of a series, so you have hours of reading ahead of you. You must check this book out right now and read the whole series!

Anne of Green Gables

Review by Gretchen Dye

            Imagine the cherry trees swaying in the summer sky. The long stretched out fields. The small house out in the open. This is where Anne Shirley lives in Avonlea, in Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.  The book is a realistic fiction. The theme is try your hardest and never give up.

            Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert go and adopt an elven-year-old boy. When they go and pick up the boy, they see a girl instead. Marilla is not happy at all. After a while they decided to keep Anne. In that summer, she meets Diana Berry, her life- long friend. School comes around the corner, and things don’t go well. A boy name Gilbert Bylthe is in love with Anne. He calls her a name and makes Anne really mad.

            Anne has seven more years of her life at Green Gables before she is sixteen and can move. At one point, Diana had to stop being friends for a while. They become friends again. She makes some more friends; they are Ruby Gilles and Jane Andrews.  Anne loves to use her imagination on her stories at school. I love the part where Anne says, “Ruby, I wish I had long blonde hair, but I’m stuck with red.” Gilbert and Anne start to talk to each other again.

            Anne has grown into a strong woman. She has had many troubles, but yet she still hasn’t repeated them. She has many choices to make. Will Anne and Gilbert ever become friends? This is a strong emotional book so go and read it!


Review by Marshall Casey

Divergent is a book that takes place in a dystopian society. This book is by Veronica Roth. It takes place in a city in the ruins of a waste land; this book is told by Beatrice Prior, a young Abengation teenager in a society called factions. Factions are a way of splitting up society by their skill sets, such as a military faction, a peaceful faction, etc…. Beatrice is part of the Abengation faction, or the peaceful faction. At the age of 16, all teenagers of the factions take a test called “The Apitude Test” to determine what faction they qualify for.

Beatrice has a slightly older brother named Caleb; they both take the apitude test, they are not supposed to tell anyone their results. During Beatrice’s test, she qualifies for 3 factions, after she gets out her test instructor Tori tells her that she is “Divergent”, which means that you are qualified for multiple factions. She tells her that it is a very dangerous thing to be Divergent.

When they get home they eat dinner and talk about their days. Their parents ask them how the apitude test went. Caleb and Beatrice both just stare into emptiness. They are not allowed to tell each other except for one the parents ask them to. Since both of the kids are in the room they don’t say anything. Then they leave for bed.

Caleb wishes Beatrice good luck with the choosing ceremony. For the next day is the choosing ceremony, where you choose your new faction or decide to stay in your faction. Every 16 year old has to do this test. If you do not choose you become “Factionless” Where you are forced to do the city’s jobs. If you want to find out what happens in the rest of the book you will have to read it yourself, the movie comes out in April 2014, I would still recommend reading the book before it comes out, though…. Your choice though!

The Eye of the Minds

Review by Sean Lagerquist


Travel with Michael in the book The Eye of Minds by James Dashner. With this sci-fi adventure, go into the future where technology reigns supreme. Gaming has taken on a whole new level into the virtual world. It’s called the VirtNet. In the “Sleep,” you can look like anything you want, do what you want. When you eat in the Sleep, it gives you the nutrients in the “Wake.”

In the VirtNet, you can play any game, so that means the setting is always different every time. A cyber terrorist, Kaine, starts kidnapping kids and making them go crazy. Michael and his two friends (Sarah, a smart and brave girl, and Bryson, a strong and witty kid,) are recruited by the V.N.S., the Virt Net Security. They are asked to stop this madness, only to reveal a secret beyond the known VirtNet.

I really liked this book. It had so, so much suspense, I was on the edge of my seat! The characters are hilarious and full of personality. I especially like this quote: “Everyone put on your I’m-not-suspicious face,” Michael said, “and follow me.”

“Dude, why’d you say that?” Bryson complained “Now I’m gonna look guiltier than ever.”

 That was just one of the many pieces of dialogue of the kids bickering. Within the chapters, it is always divided into sections, and there are literally cliffhangers at the end of each section.

There is always action around every corner. It makes me feel like I was sucked into the book and placed right into the middle of the intense action. I love books that are not very popular. It lets me find something new and experience something before other people do. But since I loved this books so much, I thought I would Share it with the Titans! Also the ending really surprised me! But to find out you have to read it.

            Happy Reading!

Rearview Mirror

Review by Cari Stoddard

            Have you ever pulled a prank on someone before? If you have then you should know that there is a line that you do not cross. Well in this book Rearview Mirror by Stephanie Black, Fiona has a student that does not know where that line is. She will pull prank after prank on her to get back at her teacher who caught her plagiarizing on a writing assignment. This action-packed book will teach you to that it is important to be trust worthy and to be loyal.

            As the main character, Fiona fights with her student Kimberly about who is right and who is wrong. Fiona gets the love of the beloved James Hampton. He comforts her through the terrible nightmares, all of the horrible pranks, and all the threatening notes. Fiona is remodeling her New England home where the book takes place, and trying to find the love of her life. Could James be the one she is looking for? Is James just a friend?

            The more Fiona tries to figure out her feelings for James the more she gets trapped in the past. Is it okay for her to date her late best friend’s boyfriend? James will try to comfort her, but Fiona is trying to distance herself. She feels that it is not fair to her to date the man her best friend was planning on marrying. James, however, feels the total opposite, and thinks that they should be together.

            As more things get brought up, Fiona wonders if her best friend’s car crash was even an accident like the investigators say it is. If it was done on purpose, is the same person trying to kill Fiona? Why would anyone want to kill her? To end this review I just want to tell anyone who is thinking about reading this that I love this book with a deep passion, and that you need to read this book. I can tell you right now that ninety-nine percent of the people that read this book will love it. One of my favorite parts is when James is talking to Fiona, and he says, “You don’t always have to be alone. Go out and have some fun for once. Life is too short to pass opportunities like this up.” So now I want you to go and read this book!


Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere

Review by Camryn Karras

Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere is the third book of the Michael Vey series.  All of the Michael Vey books are adventure and fantasy.  The author of this amazing series is Richard Paul Evans.  Michael Vey is about a kid about fifteen and his friends, or in other words, the Electroclan.

 Most of the members in the Electroclan (including Michael) have electric powers.  Ostin, Jack and Wade are the only un-electric people in the electroclan.  The way they got their power is when they were born.  The Elgen tried to make special children with electrical powers.  Out of thousands, only seventeen children survived the experiment.

 One of the main people of the Elgen is Dr. Hatch, or just Hatch.  Let’s just say Hatch is evil.  He has some of the electric children with him, but luckily not all.  Hatch has practically brainwashed the children that are with him.  Hatch wants to take over the world.

Michael and the Electroclan are scattered around Peru, after saving Michael’s mom from the Elgen base. Michael is separated from the Electroclan and is with a new Electric child named Tessa.  They have to track down the Electroclan who had been caught by the Peruvian Army.  The Peruvian Army thought they were terrorists.  Michael has to track them down, while being hunted by the Army and the Elgen.  While he tries to save the Electroclan, Hatch keeps on getting more and more powerful.  

I love all of the Michael Vey books.  They are always making me not want to put the book down.  I’d say the Michael Vey series is my favorite series I have ever read, and that’s saying a LOT!      Richard Paul Evans has done an amazing job with this series.


Kingdom Keepers

Review by Taylor Laing

 This book was written by Ridely Pearson. It is mainly out of DisneyWorld, in Florida. It is based off of teenagers that wake up in DisneyWorld, and fight the villains, nearly losing their lives fighting them. In this particular book, they race to solve the riddle of the ‘Stonecutter’s Quill’, a puzzle Walt Disney had written to help stop the villains.

Finn and five other kids, tried out for the new Disney DHI program, and were chosen to do the job. They modeled different poses for days in order to make the Holograms interact with the guests, such as showing them to the destination the guest would ask them to take them to, or to ask simple question, such as “Where is the bathroom?”

When it was all said and done, they returned to their houses and went to bed. Finn woke up during the night, only, he wasn’t home. He found himself at the statue of Disney and Mickey in the middle of the park. He figured it was simply a dream, though everything was extremely vivid. He looked down at himself, and noticed he was glowing. He looked just like the hologram he had modeled for.

 Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a man, who looked in his late 60’s, walking toward him. The man spoke to Finn, saying that he was to be the leader of the group, later called the Kingdom Keepers. He also said that the villains have been coming to life, and the characters have been holding them back from gaining full power over Disney for years. But recently, their leader Mickey Mouse, had disappeared, making the challenge of holding them back difficult.

He and the other four kids would be “crossed over” into this holographic state every night to defend Disney from the Villains. He pulled out a black fob, roughly the size of a garage opener, and pressed it. The next second, Finn found himself lying awake in his bed.

The next day at school, he asked the few kids that were part of the program if they also had crossed over like himself. They were, and they had been told nearly the same thing Finn had heard. They agreed to meet after school to talk about it with the others as well.

When the final bell rang, they hurried over to a shop, where they met the rest. There was Charlene, Willa, Maybeck, Philby, and Finn. They wondered if it was a side affect from the testing they did when modeling for their hologram.

That night, they all found themselves at the same spot Finn had been he night before. Most were still in their pajamas, because you crossed over in whatever you were sleeping in. The old man Finn met arrived. He then knew him as Wayne. He explained what their goal was, to decider the ‘Stonecutter’s Quill’ riddle.

 He then disappeared to the fire station in the park, leaving them to figure things out. When there was no sight of him, animatronic pirates, from the ride Pirates and the Caribbean, appeared. They drew their swords and battled them. One was cut by the quick blade of a pirate. They soon withdrew, by pressing the button on the fob, given to them by Wayne. They soon found themselves back home, safe in their beds. Except for one, whom was cut by the knife, the wound affecting her at her house and during the cross over.

Night after night, they are inclined to go through the rides, nearly getting killed every time. All to decipher the riddle. When Maybeck and Finn ride Splash Mountain, they find themselves knocked out of the log, with the water power on high. They race past all of the singing characters toward the big drop-off.

At that time, Finn realized that if he was made of light, he shouldn’t be affected by the water. He closed his eyes, concentrating on becoming his true hologram, opened them, and found himself standing in he river, not feeling any pressure from the water. He then ran to Maybeck’s aid, grabbing him as he was falling off.

When they discover the secret of the riddle, they then know that the Overtakers, the villains, were also holograms. Their new task is to destroy the Overtakers’ server, which runs their holograms. You’ll have to read the book to discover the Stonecutters Quill riddle! There are currently 6 books out, with the last book coming out this spring. The first four books are based in DisneyWorld, the fifth and sixth are on the Disney Cruise, and the seventh will be in DisneyLand! Pick up one of these books if you like action, thriller, fantasy, and being able to picture exactly what the scene looks like! Very descriptive writing!



The Enemy

      Review by Brennan Coleman         

Imagine a world where adults are crazy flesh-eaters. And the kids are forced to kill or be killed. That is what the book The Enemy by Charlie Higson is about. The Enemy is a Thriller, giving you a sense of doom and death throughout the book. Many people died of a sickness, over 2 billion. The rest the adults became zombies that are always hungry for the flesh of children.

                The book is mainly about characters  Maxie, Aaron, Blue, and Little Sam. Aaron is Waitrose’s leader. He isn’t the fastest or the strongest, but can hold his own in a fight. Maxie is Aaron’s second in command, a tough girl who won’t put up with attitude. Blue is the leader of the Morrison kids. He is tough, but is reasonable. If he knows you. Little Sam is a nine year old boy who loves his friends at Waitrose. Until something happens to him.

                The story takes place at Waitrose, a super market that has been fortified by the kids inside of it. But they are in dire straights. They are running out of food, and the area around them has been picked clean. But then a hero (in their eyes) shows up to lead them to what they think is Utopia. It has food, clean water, it is even more fortified then their store, and best of all, the kids there look healthy and strong. But is this paradise too good to be true?

                I really liked this book. It had its moments when I just sat there thinking, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! But overall I liked it. The author did a good job of making the characters feel real. There aren’t many books that I’VE read that can do that. This is a book for people not afraid of zombies, though. (It’s full of them.) So if you are looking for a good thriller, that will keep you up at night reading, then The Enemy is for you!


Review by Shelby Murray

            C. J. Redwine writes a wonderful action packed futuristic book called Deception. Her main characters are Logan a cautious inventor and Rachel a daring rebel. They love each other madly. Logan is proclaimed leader over a group of survivor, who survived an attack from the great beast called the cursed one. The attack was caused when Logan and Rachel tried to kill their former leader because he was drunk with his own power.  They used a device that can control the cursed one. But it mall functioned and was over powered by a more powerful device. They must escape with the people before their leader comes back.

            Logan comes up with a plan to tunnel to Lankanshire, a nearby city-state. But someone is tampering with his equipment. Before his tunnel is ready the commander attacks with the help from Carrington’s army, another nearby city-state. They make a dash for the tunnel and hold off the army by blowing up the gate to the city, making the army delayed by having to tunnel through to reach them. They hurry through to the wilderness called the wasteland.

            They suffer much tribulation in the wasteland and find out them someone is killing them and leaving anonymous notes. They are even attacked by the cursed one and Logan saves them using the device.  They finally reach Lankanshire. Logan realizes he will have to convince them to let them in. If they don’t what will happen with the army so close on their tails? He fears the worst if they don’t. He decides he might us the device as leverage if worst does come to worst.

            I really like this book it’s the second book in the series. The first book is called defiance. I think she gave the books perfect names that describe them perfectly. If you want to find out what happens you will have to read the book for your selves. You will love this book that has lots of action and a little bit of romance. You will be surprised by the adventure and mystery.

City of Bones

Reviewed by Kaitlyn Archuleta 

 City of Bones is about your average teenage girl named Clary Fray. She lives a happy, safe, protected life with her mother, Jocelyn Fray, her mom’s closest friend and practically Clary’s dad/uncle, Luke Garroway, and her best friend, Simon Lewis. Clary is just your regular teenager. She enjoys going out to nightclubs with Simon and she loves drawing. It is by Cassandra Clare and would be classified as a young adult fantasy.

 One night, while at the Pandemonium club with Simon, Clary sees a cute blue-haired boy whom she watches for the majority of the time at the club. When she sees him disappear into a storeroom with a lovely girl in a white dress, followed by two other heavily armed boys, though the blue-haired guy didn’t know about the other two.

At first, Clary saw nothing; out of thin air, they materialized and the ‘boy’ Clary liked so much was chained to a pillar, surrounded by the girl and the two other guys. She hides, opting to listen and watch for a bit over interfering. She hears the three tattooed teenagers call the blue-haired boy a demon. Right as they’re about to kill the demon, he keeps insisting that he can give them information about a man named Valentine. Ignoring him, the blonde-haired boy named Jace was just about to stab him in the chest when Clary surprised them.

Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Alec argue for a little while, allowing the demon to escape and attack Jace. Isabelle and Alec help him kill it and the boy dissolves into the ground. Isabelle threatens Clary but Jace insists they let her go. Simon arrived with the guards but she realized that she was the only one who could see them and apologized for the mistake. The two best friends head home.     

Clary’s mom scolds her and the next day, Jocelyn reveals to her daughter that they will be going up to the farmhouse in upstate New York for the rest of summer with Luke. Clary gets really upset, already having made summer plans with Simon and she insists on staying home and working, but Jocelyn’s mind is made up. Simon arrives and Clary runs out with him.

Simon takes Clary out to eat at a neighborhood Mexican joint, and then they go to Java Jones as they had planned earlier. While there, Clary sees Jace standing behind Simon and her and she follows him outside. When she confronts him, he begins telling her things she doesn’t understand, saying she might not be as normal as she thinks. He looks for things called ‘Marks’ on her hands, explaining that they are things called runes carved into their skin. He tells her that he is a Shadowhunter and most Shadowhunter children get Marked with a rune for weapon skills that stays forever.

Jace then tells Clary to come to the Institute, as Hodge, his tutor, has asked him to bring her. Jocelyn interrupts them with a phone call and when Clary answers, she is horrified to hear that her mother sounds frantic and tells her not to come home. Jocelyn tells her to go to Simon’s and to tell Luke, “he found me” and “I love you”.  Clary drops her phone and it breaks; she grabs Jace’s, which turns out to be a Sensor, and runs home in a panic. She finds that her apartment is trashed and something called a Ravener demon attacks her. Clary lodges the Sensor into the Ravener demon’s teeth and kills it, but not before getting demon poison in her veins.

She wakes up in the Institute three days later and finds out that her mother was a Shadowhunter and has been taken by the man named Valentine. Clary and the other Shadowhunters must face many challenges in order to get Jocelyn back, but the secrets they uncover are shocking and could end everything you love about the book! But don’t stop reading – you’ll find out more stuff to clear up the confusion. City of Bones ruins your life in a good way – I promise!

Running Barefoot

Review by Emma Titus

Running Barefoot is written by Amy Harmon, a Utah local! Running Barefoot is about a young girl named Josie Jo Jensen, who lives in Levan, Utah. When she is nine years old, her mother dies, and she takes on the responsibility of the head of the household, caring for her three older brothers and dad. One day while she is out riding her bike, she meets a new couple who move into her town. It is a doctor who moved here to write a book and his wife Sonja.

Sonja introduces Josie to the piano. Soon she is ensnared. She convinces her dad to buy a piano for her to practice on. In her seventh grade year, Josie gets on the bus to discover she is seated next to a boy named Samuel who is half Navajo.

 As the year goes on Samuel and Josie become good friends, listening to classic composers together and reading Shakespeare. Before she knows it, Josie is soon best friends with Samuel. But as a senior in high school, Samuel will be going away at the end of the year. At the end of the year, Josie learns that Samuel has enrolled to be in the Marines. Before she knows it, she helps Samuel get enrolled in swimming lessons (even though he stubbornly refused). And she waits for ten long years after Samuel leaves. During these ten years, her brothers go off and get married, and she still lives at home with her father, waiting for the day that Samuel will come home. Despite the hardships she faces, Josie manages to stay in one place.

My personal opinion of this book is that it is a wonderful book and very well written. I love all the twists in this book. It is more of a romance book. It would be great for those of you who have a hard time getting into romance novels. Although I usually don’t read this genre, I definitely would place this in my top ten. Of all the romance novels I‘ve read, this is by far the best. It is a little devastatingly tragic in some parts of the book, but if you can get past that, you will love this book. Read it so you can find out how it ends!

Just One Wish

Review by Alexis Merrill

In the book Just One Wish by Janette Rallison, Annika Truman’s six year old brother Jeremy has cancer. He loves the show Teen Robin Hood, so Annika buys him a Teen Robin Hood action figure that he has always wanted. Jeremy is going to have surgery to remove a tumor on Friday, so Annika decides to use the “power of positive thinking” to help him get through it. She tells Jeremy that she has a genie, and that she has two wishes left. If he uses one of the wishes to ask for his surgery to go well, then he can have the other wish all to himself. To her surprise, he wishes for Teen Robin Hood to come and teach him how to shoot a bow and arrow.

In order to not let her brother down, Annika and her best friend Madison travel to Hollywood to find Steve Raleigh, the actor who plays Teen Robin Hood. Not only do they have to find him, they also have to convince him to come to Nevada with them so that Jeremy can meet him before the surgery on Friday. She ends up going on a crazy adventure just to make her little brother happy. If you want to know if she is able to find the actor and bring him back, then you’ll have to read the book.

 The genre of this book was realistic fiction. The theme of this book was that family is really important and people are willing to do almost anything to help them. The fact that her brother had cancer and that he might not make it was sad. Annika was willing to anything for her brother. She even tries to break into a Hollywood studio. The bonds between family members are really strong, and they become stronger when one of them is going through a hard time.

 I liked this book because it was different. It showed the point-of-view of a family member of a cancer patient, and showed that she was willing to do anything for her sick brother. The characters were really strong and easy to relate to. There were a lot of twists in the plot that you wouldn’t expect. There is even a bit it of romance in it. I would recommend this book to people that like cute stories about family sticking together.



Review by a Very Resentful Rhiannon Weaver


So the first thing I have to say about this book is it doesn’t get enough publicity.  

This angers me.  This book deserves all the fame in the world.  This book is the beacon of light that shot up into the sky and illuminated the bombers over Berlin.  This compilation of paper made me look up into the sky and finally realize that there is still hope for the writer’s block that has plagued us since the 1980’s.  It restored my faith in humanity, made me frolic in a field, yodeling and dancing with tears of happiness flying in the soft spring breeze.  This book could heal the sick.  This book could raise the dead.  If you ground this book up and put it in some blue Gatorade, you would turn into a shark and shoot lasers out of your eyes.  If you were a leper, you’d still be a leper, but at least you would read this awesome book before we hauled you off to an island where your limbs would fall off and you’d rot with the others of your cursed kind.  If this book was a beautiful man…

            I would marry him.

            Yes.  I just said that.  I just said all of that.  That is how good this book is.  This is how much I love this book.  If this book was cereal, I would eat it, then fill up a tub with it and bath in it. 

            I would bathe in this book.

            I so would.

            So.  The book.  Let’s stop ranting and talk about the book.  That would probably be best for my grade.  Indeed.

            The book is about a monster.  Not a werewolf or a sparkling vampire or some Tolkien ripoff.  To be honest, I don’t really know what it is.  The best bet I’ve got is a Wendigo, but something about it is just not… not right.  Doesn’t fit.

            This monster isn’t like anything I’ve ever read about, or seen, or heard.  It is its own sort of horror, its own sort of species.  And the thing is, it’s not even described in great detail.  It doesn’t even appear in most of the book.  It’s just there, an empty screen, left up to your imagination, every single terrifying thing you have ever witnessed in your entire life just… projecting itself onto its body as it growls and waits and it is absolutely terrifying.  I seriously spent most of the book waiting for it, dreading it but wanting it to appear all the same.  It was a deadly tango, a poisonous waltz, and you’re there the whole time, hand in hand with the plot, moving with it, allowing it to control you, your mind blocking out every sight and sound except those through the eyes of the witty protagonist.  For the duration of the book, the chapters, the pages you turn, you are in a trance.  You are the book.  The book is you.

            And that is terrifying.

            It is unpredictable and dangerously genre savvy.  It is everything that goes bump in the night.  People disappear.  People die.

            And when it’s all finished, when it’s all done over, you sit there asking the same questions, begging for a sequel or something of equal awesomeness to sate your appetite.  Once you finish this book, you will close it and go look at pictures on Caturday because you know, deep down, you will never read anything like this ever again.  Ever.  EVAR.

            Of course, this is just my opinion.  I am not one of those people who really… appeals to the teen age group.  It’s a dark yet humorous book with a male protagonist who narrates it rather tongue-in-cheek, sparse action, and there is no case of children slaughtering each other on live TV, or sparkling vampires.  So I suppose liking this book is a preference, like everything.  As I said before, no sappy romance, and the action is mostly at the end.  It’s just a sort of slice-of-life story with a monster thrown in.  So I better not find any threatening messages on my doorstep.  Have fun.

Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold

Review by Jared Hogan

In the book Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold, by M. L. Forman, Alex Taylor always thought of himself as an average Joe, maybe even lower. He could not be further from the truth.

 Alex was an orphan when his mother passed away when he was a kid, but his uncle took him in. His uncle let him live with him and his only son, Alex’s cousin, in their tavern. In the first part of the book, Alex has just taken the blame for something his cousin did, and is storming down Sildon Lane to cool off. That is when he notices the sign that will change his life forever.

 I loved Alex and his incredible twists throughout the series. Alex always kept me guessing and holding my breath. He even uses spells for a different use than they were made! I love how he is always wondering if it is even real.

Alex’s friends are also awesome! Silvan Bregnest leads the company of five humans (Alex, Silvan, Tayo, Skeld, and Andy), two dwarves (Thrang, the cook, and his cousin Halfdan) and an elf (Arcon). Skeld is always joking, and Tayo is always sullen. Arcon is wise, and the dwarves are always friendly. Silvan is always doing what is best for the company.

All in all, this book. blew. my. mind.


Review by Alex Reyes

This review is on a book called Eragon by Christopher Paolini. It’s about a farm boy named Eragon who lives with his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran, in a place called Carvahall on a continent called Alagasia, ruled by the evil king Galbatorix. This Fantasy begins with Eragon out hunting in a mountain range called the spine. On his hunt, he finds a smooth blue stone. He takes it home and tries to trade it for meat with the butcher Sloan. Sloan hates the spine, so when he finds out the stone is from there, he refuses to trade. So Eragon takes it home and keeps it a secret. Later it cracks open, and out comes a blue baby dragon. Eragon is surprised, and when he tries to touch it, it leaves a mark on his hand that signifies he is a Dragon Rider.

When he got the mark, it created a mental connection letting him read the female dragon’s mind and allowing the dragon to do the same. He raises it and goes to the town’s story teller, whose name is Brom. He begins asking all these questions about dragons, like what kind of names they had, and Brom begins to get suspicious. After getting suggestions, he returns home and decides to name his dragon Saphira. He teaches the Dragon how to fly. Then two creatures named the Ra’zac come and threaten Sloan, asking him questions. They are looking for Saphira’s egg. Saphira, now big enough to ride, picks up Eragon and flies away. She takes him to a forest and they sleep there.


The next day when they return, they find the farm burned down by the Ra’zac, and Garrow dead. Eragon gets angry and promises to find and kill the Ra’zac. So he gets supplies and decides to leave. Brom finds out and asks to join him because of the knowledge he has on the Ra’zac and Dragon Riders. He gives Eragon a red sword named Zar’roc. The sword had belonged to a member of an evil group of riders called The Forsworn, who served the king and his dragon Shruikan. The rider who owned the sword was named Morzan. He was also the last of The Forsworn to die. After Eragon refuses, Brom convinces him to keep it, just in case he needs it.

On their travels Eragon learns a lot, like how to use magic and swordsmanship. He also sees a lot of cool places in Alagasia. I really enjoyed this book and the rest of the series. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you like action and adventure as much as I do, you will love this book.

The Luxe

Review by Catie Young 

The Luxe, by Anna Godberson, is a realistic fiction novel set in New York in the late eighteen-hundreds. It tells the story of multiple girls, but mainly Elizabeth Holland. The book starts out at Elizabeth’s funeral, and after those first few pages, it goes back to the beginning and tells the story of Elizabeth, her younger sister, Diana, the Holland’s maid, Lina Broud, and Elizabeth’s “friend”, Penelope Hayes.

Elizabeth’s father has been dead for over a year, and they are rapidly losing money, The Hollands are a very well-known and respected family, and no one can know how badly off they are. Luckily, Henry Schoonmaker is a very wealthy, very eligible, young bachelor.

Henry’s father wants him to settle down and get married to a quiet, suitable young lady, and he believes that Elizabeth would make a wonderful match for Henry. Elizabeth, however, doesn’t like Henry, for he has a reputation of being a cad. Will she decide to marry him and help her family, or will she choose her family’s coachman without a cent, whom she so loves?

Penelope Hayes, Elizabeth’s catty bestfriend doesn’t like the idea of Henry and Elizabeth exchanging vows. She wants Henry to herself, as she is in love with him. Penny tries to plot against Liz and win Henry.

You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens! I thought this book was really good. It is the first in a series and very well written. The plot is great with twists and turns that keep you turning the pages for hours, and the details are perfectly defined. Read this book! :)




Review by Cache Jones

Airborn is written by Kenneth Oppel, and it is a really good book. It may seem boring, but it is not. It is about a boy named Matt Cruse. He works on an airship named the Aurora. He works in the crows nest and he is a lookout to see if he can see anything. While Matt is in the crows nest one night he sees a balloon in the distance. They find an old guy in the ship passed out. He is a little crazy, but before he dies he asks, “Did you see them?”

One year later, Matt is working on the ship, and he meets a girl named Kate. He finds out that the old guy was Kate’s grandfather. He also finds out that Kate is on the ship because she wants to find out what it was that her grandfather was talking about. One day, pirates board the ship, loot it, and then they leave. When they leave, their props hit the Aurora, and they crash land on an island.

While they are on the island, they go on adventures to see if they can find the creatures that Kate’s grandfather saw. While they are on some adventures they run into some trouble, and they find odd-looking bones that look like some weird creatures.

This book is really good. At first I thought I would really hate this book, but I really liked it. If you like adventure and mysterious books, then you will just love this book. I thought that Kenneth Oppel did a very good job writing this book. I really recommend that you read this book.



Review by Damion Winkle

This book review is on a book that I read recently. It’s called Legend. The author of this amazing book is Marry Lue. The genre is dystopian. In this book, when a kid turns ten, they have to take what they call the trial. The trial has interviews, physical, and IQ tests. If a kid fails, he is sent to a labor camp. The kids that don’t fail are able to live a normal life. The scores are from 0 to 1500. It starts with a fifteen year old girl named June; she got a perfect 1500. 

Because of her high score, she started to train for the government. Meanwhile there is a very famous criminal named Day. He is also fifteen. He has been causing all sorts of trouble. No one knows who he is or what he looks like because of how good he is at what he does. June’s first mission is to track him down after he broke into a hospital to fine a cure for the pleague. When he tries to get away from the hospital, he kills June’s older brother who tried to stop him. Later when June finds him, she doesn’t know it’s him. a convinces her that he isn’t a bad person.

This book has a lot of unexpected turns and twists, along with amazing characters and adventure. There is a bit of romance but not to much. Its a really well written book. And it also has a lot of secrets that are hard to catch on to at first, so it’s a good book for people who also like mysteries. The book doesn’t really follow traditional dystopian books.

I really liked this book. I would definitely put it on my top ten books list. I couldn’t put it down, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I recommend this book to any different type of readers on any skill level. Anyone and everyone should read this book.


Review by Madilyn Aardema                                       

The book Variant is by Robison Wells. This book is an adventure book. Variant was a book I just could not put down! Though this book is mostly adventure, it also has romance.

 The book starts with a boy named Benson, who is a foster child. Benson feels there is nothing in the world for him. He wants out of his dead-end life. Then he finds out about Maxfield Academy. He thinks this is the way out. He is wrong.

Benson applies for the school and gets a scholarship. But instead of freedom, he got prison. This school is surrounded by a large brick wall, a barbed wire fence, and lots of video cameras watching his every move. He then joins the V’s (AKA- Variant). Benson meets many people who help him out, but the two main people are Becky and Jane.

This book is by far one of my favorite books. Robison Wells pulled me in this book and would not let go. I highly recommend this book to people who like mystery, suspense, and adventure! Variant is an amazing book!


The Beyonders

Review by Amber Healey

If you’re looking for a great fantasy read, then I suggest the Beyonders series. The author of this series is Brandon Mull, who has also written the highly acclaimed Fablehaven and The Candy Shop War series. Beyonders is a great series with a really fun plot. It has great characters that you can relate to who are really funny, but also a ton more different than you’re typical heroes.

The main character in this series is Jason. In the first book Jason’s a completely normal guy with a normal life. One day he’s volunteering at the zoo, when he hears music coming from the hippo tank. He’s attracted to the music and accidentally falls into the hippo tank. The hippo swallows him whole and he finds himself transported to at world called Lyrian.

 Shortly after entering Lyrian, he finds himself entering a huge library hidden in the forest. Jason secretly reads a book in the library that has been forbidden to ever be read. The book gives instructions to overthrow Maldor, the evil wizard who rules over Lyrian. The book tells of a secret magic word that has the ability to destroy the wizard. Jason meets Rachel, who is also from earth, and they find themselves thrown into a quest to travel to Lyrian’s most dangerous locations to find a syllable of the word at each location. Jason, Rachel, and the few other resistors of the wizard must find the word in order to save Lyrian from the perilous rule of Maldor.

 I really loved this book. It’s fun to read about all the thrilling adventures Rachel and Jason have to go on to find the syllables of the word. I really liked the magical world Lyrian and all the unusual creatures in this book. This book has an amazing surprise right at the end, which makes you feel like you’ll do anything to read the second book.

The Last Song

Review by Brittany Slater

 The Last Song is a romance/tragedy type of novel, with in-depth description and nail-biting moments. This book is for many readers enjoyment. It may have you confused the first couple pages in, but not to worry. The puzzle pieces will start connecting. The Last Song is not mainly about romance; it has so much more to it other than that of a love-sick teen romance. It has way more.

Seventeen year old rebel child Veronica Miller is also known as Ronnie, and only Ronnie is being sent (as well as her ten year old brother Jonah) to live with their father for an entire summer. Ronnie hasn’t seen her father in over three years, ignoring all types of communication with him, convinced he’s the reason for her parents divorce and the ruining of her life.

Ronnie has her mind set on never forgiving her father and is convinced he’s an annoying over bearing man trying to act as a father figure. His first main act of showing he really cares for her is by boarding up the one thing she hates most in the world, his piano, just because Ronnie couldn’t stand the sight of it. That piano is the only true thing to ease a certain pain inside him.

Ronnie believes she’s had enough after going to a carnival on her first night living with him, and meeting other teens just like herself (rebellious), and getting dragged away by a police officer that is friends with her father. Ronnie begins of thinking up ways to get back to her REAL home in New York.

Enter in Will, a male volleyball player, who has many little jobs all throughout the small town in North Carolina. Will is the key of Ronnie staying. Not all love has difficulties, speed bumps, and secrets. After the two have a blow out and their summer romance comes to an end, things begin to go down hill real fast. Tragedy strikes shortly after Ronnie and her father start to mend their father-daughter relationship. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, and tears are shed, it’s ending involving the last song.

This book can’t possibly be put into a summary that describes it all. You have to read it to feel emotion coming through every page. This book is truly heart-breaking but impossible to put down in writing. It’s not bad, but you may possibly cry. In my opinion, this is one of the best books I’ve read to date that is written by Nicholas Sparks. It is really an incredible book to read. Through every turn in this book, it is so hard to not give anything away of what’s to come. This is why you must read it!


The Forsaken

Review by Wilson Roundy

I am doing my book review on Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse. I would recommend this book to whoever was willing to spend two or three days to read it. It was such a good book that it only took me two days to finish it, and if you know me… reading a book that quickly must mean something! 

This book was filled with a ton of action and made for an excellent read. I personally love action packed books, but can never seem to find one that captures my attention. Forsaken was a completely different story. This book grabbed my attention from the start and kept a hold on me until the very end of the book.

 As an obedient orphan of the U.N.A., Alenna learned at an early age to blend in and be quiet. Having your parents taken by the police will do that to a girl. But Alenna can’t help but stand out when she fails a test that all sixteen year old teens have to take. The test says she has a high capacity for being violent, and so she is sent to The Wheel. The Wheel is an island where all future criminals end up.

The life expectancy of prisoners on The Wheel is just two years, but with violent and chaotic conditions, the time seems a lot longer, as Alenna is forced to deal with civil wars for land ownership and machines that snatch kids out of their makeshift homes. Desperate, she and the other prisoners make a potentially fatal plan to flee the island. Survival may seem impossible, but Alenna tries her hardest to stay alive. Forsaken was a great book and you haven’t lived until you have read it!


The Clique

Review by Madeline Harris

The Clique by: Lisi Harrison is a about a clique of four girls who practically rule the whole seventh grade at OCD (Octavian Country Day School). Masse, the alpha leader of the group, has a life filled with glitz and glamour, until the Lyons family moves into her family’s guesthouse, including their daughter Claire Lyons, the total opposite of Masse. Masse and the Pretty Committee vow to get rid of her and will do all that it takes to practically ruin her life. Though Claire may not seem like them she has some tricks up her sleeve too.

 Here are some of the characters in this book. Masse Block is a 12 year old girl who is always determined to stay on top, no matter what she has to do. As the leader of the Pretty Committee, she is a girl who may appear a super sweet Prada-wearing seventh grader, but really is as devious and determined to be the best as Ann Winter. Alicia Rivera is the beta of the pretty Committee. She is the spitting image of a Ralph Lauren model. As beta she does everything Masse Block says (she kind of has to, unless she wants her life miserable). Dylan Marvil is a more bulky redhead constantly going on diets. Her mother is the host of the Daily Grind. Just as rich as the other girls, she fits in perfectly. Kristen Gregory is the star of OCD’s soccer team. She has a sporty and smart fashion sense, yet has to change in Masse’s Range Rover on the way to school due to her mother’s choice of frumpy clothes. She may wear Juicy Couture, but she has a secret that no one knows, except is could fall into the wrong hands.

 And then there is Claire Lyons. She looks like she just walked out of Barney and Friends, but maybe she is more like Masse Block than she seems. With help of her new LBR (loser beyond repair) friend Layne, she may be a member of Masse’s clique. But will she get busted for the tricks that she pulled?

 The genre of The Clique is realistic fiction, because it is about normal seventh grade girls. I really liked this book. It was really good. This book is an easy read and actually is better than you would think. If you like twists and turns that seem real you should read this book. I also recommend it to mainly girls of 12 and older.


Review by Zachary Beysson

In my opinion I thought that this was an excellent book. It had tons of interesting stuff.

This book is about a boy that is just another delinquent, and he and his friend’s just started off stealing lunch money. Now when his life starts to go bad is when his friends friend told him about this house. It had money and tons of electronics that they could take and make a ton of money on. Now this isn’t the first house they have broken into, but when they are in there, they get caught by the men in black and then his friend Toby is lying on the floor, and they shoot him in the head to make it look like Alex had done it, just in cold blood.

When they take him to the prison, it tells about the friends who he meets there Even though his cell mate told him not to get too attached to people, he doesn’t listen. It tells about his time there and the monsters that appear, such as the dogs. They have a dog that is ten times bigger and stronger than a normal dog, and they don’t have skin. Another monster is actually a prisoner who got mutated. I will let you learn about that one. And or there are the wheezers who have gas masks sewn on to their face and will come and take you during the night.

When Alex is there, he meets this kid named Monty, and when he is there, the skulls (one of the gangs in the prison) make Monty do a bunch of ridiculous stuff, such as eating the food they drop off the floor. When Alex gets sick of it he steps in and starts a fight. After the fight, the cell doors are closing and when the cell doors close, they let the dogs out so that anyone out of their cell is as good as dead. He gets caught out of the cell, but Donavin (his cellmate) some how holds it open and he gets in.

Now this book is very gory, so for anyone who doesn’t like that kind of thing I wouldn’t recommend this, to but I would to anyone else.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Review by Amanda Grover

Maximum Ride is an action-packed adventure series written by James Patterson. With nine total books, the series portrays lot of enjoyable features. It’s got humor, adventure, tons of action, and even a little bit of romance, with a theme of outstanding leadership and group participation. But I’m only here to discuss one of the books; the beginning of the whole saga.  Where it all begins. And it goes by the name of The Angel Experiment.

 Introducing Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. And each one of them are half-human, half-avian hybrids, giving them wings and the ability to fly, along with a couple other miscellaneous powers that are starting to develop. That’s super cool, right? Well, what isn’t cool is the angry scientists that have been trying to get them back to School, a place where terrible experiments are run on the… well, experiments.  It’s one run for life after the next for the runaway bird-kids, who are traveling all throughout America to get away from the School forever and find a way to survive. “The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything into perspective.” – Max.

 The story sets off when Angel – six years old – is the first of the flock to get captured and taken back to the evil scientist’s laboratory. It is up to Max and the others to try and get her back to safety before something terrible happens to her. Which means that they have to return to where they have been trying to desperately to stay away from ever since their escape.  In their path stands several obstacles, including Erasers – half-human, half-canine hybrids created specifically for hunting bird-kids. And maybe even an old ally, who the flock once believed to be gone forever, will join the parade. How will it end? Well, you have to read the book to find out.

 I personally loved this book, and I am currently reading the sixth book in the series. For someone like me to have stuck to a book saga for so long, you know it’s good. It’s written in a sarcastic and funny way that makes it a really enticing read. Plus, the little mysteries and unanswered questions that linger from book to book keep you coming back for more.  The characters are all lovable, with great character development, and the setting and plot is so balanced. You could actually believe one day flying kids might one day be a thing.  Overall, it is a fun, action-packed experience that children of all ages will thoroughly enjoy. Happy reading!

Escape From Furnace: Lockdown


 Review by Kadin Bensemon


The book Escape From Furnace 1: Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith is pretty much a horror/thriller about, basically, a teenager named Alex Sawyer who is a burglar. But before I can tell you about this, I have to tell you about THIS:

One summer in London, England, there was a huge gang war, and a ton of people were killed. This summer became known as the Summer of Slaughter. So the government built a penitentry called Furnace, where there is NO chance of parole and unspeakable things happen inside. Though nothing is for curtain in Furnace, one thing is for sure: you will die in there.

 So one night, Alex and his best friend/partner in crime, Toby, were robbing a house. The job was too easy, which is suspicious. While they were at work, they suddenly come across a “Black Suit” which is a worker for Furnace. There were, like, 20 of them. One of them shoots Toby, Alex’s friend, in the head and then tells Alex to run. Alex was framed that night, and the police found him. He is then sentenced to Furnace, for life.

The rest of the book is about Alex and his new friend and cellmate, Donovan, and his other friend, Zee, trying to find a way to escape. This book is a real page-turner that has twists and turns everywhere. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everybody who likes this sort of book.


Review by Makinsey Wilcock

 Imagine that you live in North America 100 years from now. The United States has split up into two groups. They are the Colonies and the Republic. Think that you live in the Republic and that there are rulers over you. Just think if you were ten years old; then you would have to take the trail. The trail is a test you take to decide if you will become successful or endure a horrible fate. This all happens in the book Legend by Marie Lu.

 The main thing to learn from this book is that you shouldn’t believe in everything you hear. One of the main characters believes everything she hears, but she discovers that they are keeping a giant secret. She figures it out by what her brother has researched.    

June is a sixteen year old who got a perfect score on her trail. She is a detective for the Republic who has one mission: to find the person who killed her brother. Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. He is being followed by the Republic for killing a soldier.

Day has just been framed for murder. He is hiding from the Republic in a town where poor people live. June is given a mission to bring Day in alive, so they could execute him. She goes out to the same town Day is in. She gets involved in a fight and gets saved by Day. She travels with Day and a friend through the alleys. June figures out secrets that would change her world forever.

 I really like this book because there is a lot of action in it. Another thing that is awesome about this book is that it is a dystopian book. It has a little bit in romance in it that is love at first sight. You should read it because it has action and you just want to read more.    



Claim to Fame

Review by Syvanna Simmons 

“This is my secret. I would call it a hidden talent, but talents are possession, something to rejoice over…… My secret skill has brought me nothing but pain.” These intense sentences are from a great book called Claim to Fame by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is a very unique and exciting fantasy about a girl named Lindsey who had to stressfully learn how life is much more miserable when we focus on ourselves instead of others.

Lindsey was an actress when she was little, but then she started worrying about herself too much.  As a result, Lindsey started to hear everything everyone said about her all around the world. So as she grew up, it became SO bad that she quit acting and hid in her house for most of her teenage life with her dad, a university professor.  Her house is the only place that she can hang out without hearing all the voices, or so she thought.

One day she is curious about what is going on in the world and she hears a voice that she hadn’t heard since she was three years old.  It was her mom. When Lindsey was little, her mom left her, and now she is finally hearing her for the first time since she had left.  Throughout the book, Lindsey met new friends, Roz and Toby, as she tried to find why her mom left, where she went, and what she has been doing.

I thought this book was fantastic, and once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I got caught up immediately by its unique plot and interesting characters. I was pulled in and engaged quickly. I was able to imagine Lindsey’s frustration and her desire to find answers to her long lost questions. It was exciting to watch the mysteries unravel.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Review byMarcos Ortiz

I read the first Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. To say the least this was one of the greatest books I have ever read. I was up all night reading to see what happened next. The ending was very satisfying; a lot of books sacrifice good endings to have a cliffhanger. This book used a cliffhanger, while still keeping the good ending.

This book is about a boy named Harry Potter. His parents died when he was little, so he is living with his aunt and uncle. They are the most horrible people Harry has ever met. One day he was told he is a wizard, and he goes to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. While there, he learns about his past and follows his adventures with the friends he meets at the school.

Harry Potter and the other characters in this book are very strong. I could feel myself connecting with Harry when he has his mistakes and journeys. There is also a female character named Hermione; she is very smart and kind. Ron is Harry’s best friend; he is kind of awkward, but he can be funny. Ron’s family are all wizards and very poor. Draco Malfoy is Harry’s archenemy. Malfoy is like the stereotypical bully with a wizard twist.

This book is one of my favorites. I could find no plot holes in the story, so I didn’t have to wonder what happened. J.K. Rowling did an amazing job in writing this book. It was so successful that it has movies for every book in the series. In my opinion this is a very strong book overall.



Review by Blake Bolingbroke

Bonechiller is a horror story by Graham McNamee. It is about Danny and his dad, who moved to Harvest Cove in the middle of nowhere. Literally. It’s the worst winter that the tiny town has had in a long time. Danny is walking home from after a very interesting activity with his friends. He is alone, which is not a good idea.

 As he is walking, a huge beast pounces on him and tries to kill him. Miraculously, Danny comes out with only a miniature blue dot on the center of his hand. It seems harmless at first, but then weird symptoms begin to show up. Danny’s body temperature is dropping, he begins to feel scorching hot in cold rooms, and he is having strange dreams. Dreams that he is sharing with his friend, who also was bitten.

 Still, he passes it off as a minor disease, but then rumors start going around. Rumors about local Ray Dawson, who went into a coma at the hospital, escaped, and was walking, in a trance, saying, “It’s calling me, I must go to it.” Ray had the same mark on his hand that Danny now has.  Now, Ray has disappeared, and Danny is sure he is next. So he and his friends must find a way to defeat the Bonechiller.

This book is great for many reasons. First, it has plenty of excitement. For example, Danny’s friend is a huge pyromaniac. Second, it is very creepy. In his phantom dreams, Danny sees many of the ghosts of past victims of the monster. CREEPY!

Lightning Thief

Review by McKenna Lee

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is by Rick Riordan. The setting of the book takes place in New York City.  The main character is Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson is 12 years old and is totally unaware that he is the son of Poseidon; the God of the sea.  He lives in New York City.  He has moved many places and nobody but a few people know his true identity. He has always been strange and different; the only person that is his friend is Grover.  Grover is a satyr, but nobody knows because he always wears pants and always has crutches, so people don’t know he is actually a satyr, when he walks different. All the teachers dislike Percy, except for one, who is a centaur in disguise.

Percy doesn’t know his father or who he is, until he gets into fights with magical creatures.  People believe that he has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt, and even Zeus believes it. There will be a major war between the Zeus and Poseidon, if he does not find the Lightning bolt or convince Zeus that he didn’t steal it in time.

Grover takes Percy to Camp Half blood to protect him, but soon after he gets a quest, which is very rare. He faces many dangerous things and has many difficulties. He must find the lightning bolt and return it, before the gods fight and destroy all of human kind.

 I really liked the book.  It was very adventurous and had a lot of action.  It was not hard to get into, and it was a book I couldn’t put down.  I would recommend it to anybody!  Boys and girls both really like it.  It was a great adventure book.

Hazardous Duty

Review by Kennedy Barker

If you like adventure, mystery, a little romance all mixed into one, you will surely love this book, Hazardous Duty by Betsy Brannon Green. Hazardous Duty begins with Savannah in DC, a single mother of Caroline, her daughter who attends Epic School. Savannah is an actress whose commercial shoot is going just a bit too long. Those extra couple minutes may prevent her from ever seeing her daughter again.

 When Savannah finally gets away from the commercial and is heading to Epic School to pick up Caroline, she discovers all sorts of problems. She is stuck in a traffic jam, where two cars collided. She then calls Lacie, her trusted assistant. Lacie agrees to go get Caroline, when she finds out that she has a flat tire. When Savannah finally gets to the school, she is several minutes late, and Caroline is no where to be found. She asks the office who checked Caroline out, and the secretary says that Savannah did.

 Savannah didn’t check Caroline out, and now she needs to find her. She goes to General Steele, a trusted friend, sixty-three days after Caroline’s kidnapping. She blackmails the General into helping her, a favor that requires Savannah’s help from a man who hates her, Major Dane. Dane has hated her ever since she married his best friend, Wes. Wes was killed in an automobile accident, and Dane is in military prison. After the General gets Dane out of prison and he agrees to help her, Savannah meets Dane’s group of misfits, all military. She meets Doc, a quiet, meek fellow who likes to stay quiet, Hack, a big, tall, broad shouldered man who is Dane’s body guard, and Cam, a loud, gruff guy who always wears camouflage. Savannah, along with trusted friend, Lacie, travel to Dane’s cabin in the middle of the woods.

They start the investigation, and things start heating up. Every time the group starts to get a lead, the lead turns up dead some place. Something seriously wrong is going on; could one of the kidnappers be someone they trust? Read this series to find out.

I loved this book because it was a page turner. I literally could not put it down. It was very suspenseful and had all sorts of twists and turns. I hope if you read this book, you will love it as much as I do.

Eighth Grade Rules

Review by Jo Sullivan

Eighth Grade Rules, by Heather Brewer. She has written a Series, and it’s the first book of the series. The second book is Ninth Grade Slays, Then Tenth Grade Bleeds, Then Eleventh Grade Burns, and last but not least Twelfth Grade Kills. My favorite book out of all of them is the last. This is such a great series; it has fun adventure and killer action.

            The Genre for Eighth Grade Rules is fantasy. It’s the genre because vampires aren’t real (I wish they were). The main idea for this book would probably be finding out what happened to Mr. Craig and who the new teacher really is, and learning about a book Vlad and Henry found in the attic for homework.  The fantasy genre is evident in the book because it talks about how the last vampire was staked and we don’t have them anymore.

            The setting is in the present in a United States city. The main characters in the book are Vlad, Henry, Otis, Nelly, and D’ablo. These wonderful characters are what bring the book together and make one big AWESOME BOOK!!! When Vlad and Henry go up to the attic for a family tree assignment, Vlad discovers a book and a lucis.

            My favorite quote from the book was when Vlad was at the school dance. Tom said, “Hey, Goth boy, how much did you have to pay Carrie to dance with you?” and Vlad said, “Not a dime. I just offered her tickets to your next ballet recital.” I started cracking up laughing, then rolling around my floor; it was the funniest thing I’ve read. The way I feel about the book is special because it has a lot that I can relate to, like loving someone but you’re too shy to tell them, and having mystery to their lives. Everyone need

s to read this book. I really loved it, and you will to. Stay FANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep it BLOODY.

The Hobbit

Review by Reed Stewart

The Hobbit is a wonderful book written by J.R.R. Tolkien.  This book contains an  adventure full of different adventures, each one full of action and new friendships.  I would say this book is a definite adventure book.  Not only because the whole tale is about an adventure, but also because Bilbo changes his attitude towards life.  He becomes less proper and drained and gains more energy and life in his character.

 This book has many other characters besides Bilbo the Hobbit.  There are Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Goblins, Orcs, a Gollum, and many other creatures.  Gandalf is a wizard, and, as wizards usually do, holds many secrets and mysterious powers.  Gandalf is the co-leader and guide of the adventurers.  Then, there are the dwarves.  There is Fili, Kili, Ori, Nori, Dori, Gloin, Oin, Bofur, Bifur, Bombur, Balin, Dwalin, and last but not least, Thorin Oakenshield.  Thorin is the leader of this company and also the heir of the King Under the Mountain.

In this book, the company of adventurers are journeying to a mountain.  The Lonely Mountain, to be exact.  They are going to the mountain to kill a dragon.  A powerful and dangerous dragon named Smaug.  Thorin and the dwarves want revenge and gold.  Bilbo wants a little of the treasure also.  The journey of these friends is filled with hardships and trials, including fighting trolls, being captured by Goblins, and finding friends and treasure in unexpected places.  Do they actually complete their journey?  Do all of them survive?  Read this book to gain these answers and learn the wonderful tale of Mr. Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, the hero, and the storyteller.

 This book is in my top ten book list.  It is a great book and I love it.  The writing of J.R.R. Tolkien is amazing.  I love this book because it is about a hobbit going on an adventure.  A hobbit is a small comical figure, but he is able to defeat foes ten times his strength by cunning and luck.  The proper goodbye of the hobbits is, “May the hair on your toes never fall out!”.  I found that very hilarious and do believe that Bilbo’s never did fall out, and that he never ran out of luck and energy.  I would really recommend this book to anyone who loves tales of adventure.

Just One Wish

Review by Lauren Pack

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison is about a girl named Annika. Annika lives in Nevada with her parents and her brother, Jeremy. Jeremy has cancer, and Annika will do anything to help her brother. So when he asks her for the real Teen Robin Hood to come and teach him how to shoot arrows, she can’t say no. This book is an adventure/romantic comedy.

Annika is a very compassionate character. She would do anything for her brother, who has surgery very soon. The way she defines her brother and her relationship with him is very touching. Despite being compassionate, Annika is a very funny character as well. She is able to stand up for what she believes is right, and I really like that about her.

 Some other main characters are Steve Raleigh and Jeremy. Jeremy is six years old and diagnosed with cancer. He is obsessed with the new hit T.V. show, Teen Robin Hood. When Annika tells him he has two wishes to use for his surgery and for one other wish of his choice, Jeremy wishes for Teen Robin Hood to come and teach him how to shoot arrows. Steve Raleigh is the actor for Robin Hood. Annika tries to convince to come to Nevada from Hollywood to meet Jeremy. Steve is very nice and sweet, if a little overconfident.

 I would recommend this book first to girls. You boys can read it too, but it really didn’t strike me as the boyish type of book. I also recommend this to anyone who likes a funny book with a bit of a sad undertone to it. The writer, Janette Rallison, is absolutely hilarious. Her book dedication and biography are just as funny as her book. If you want to know more about this book, well, you’ll just have to read it!



Review by Arielle Anderson

            Jayhawk by Dorothy M. Keddington is full of mystery and romance.  During the summer, Angela goes to stay with her friend Janet and her family in Wyoming. She decides to surprise them and go a day early. But she gets horribly lost because she has no clue where to go, and she has to walk to try to find the ranch house.

            Angela almost gets hit by a car, but ends up in a river instead. The guy in the car is Janet’s cousin, Jay, and he offers to give her a ride to the ranch.  On their way there, someone shoots bullets at the car, and they get a flat tire and have to walk the rest of the way. To explain why someone would shoot at the car, Jay has to explain his whole life story.  He told her about how his dad went missing 26 years ago, and they never found a body or anything. So he was at the ranch to try to find out what happened.

            When they get to the ranch, Angela can tell Janet’s family doesn’t care for Jay too much. Some how Angela gets caught up in the family drama that she should know nothing about. At the same time she is trying to help Jay find out what happened to Jay’s father, but still have a fun and enjoyable summer vacation. During all of this, Angela falls in love with Jay, even though Janet and her whole family disapprove.

            This book is super good. You have no clue what is going to happen on the next page, so you have to keep reading. It has a lot of romance, so I would recommend this mostly for girls, but because of the mystery and the western feel, boys would enjoy it, too. Overall, it is a great book that kept my attention the whole time.  


Jimmer Fredette: The Contract

Review by Austin Bartholomew

I love basketball, and I especially love BYU basketball.  So the book Jimmer Fredette:  The Contract was a wonderful read for me.  In this book, Pat Forde thoroughly explains the story of a small town basketball legend and his journey from the playground to the pros.  All of the information is true in the book; thus, it would be considered a biography book.  I really like these types of books because they teach me about interesting people in interesting ways.  The underlying message of this book is that even a small town kid can make it with hard work and determination.    

                At the beginning of this book, Pat Forde puts us in the home of the Fredette family.  He explains this place as “…the house on Ogden Street where the action was for all the neighborhood youth.” The Fredette’s home was in Glen Falls, New York.  Kay Fredette, Jimmer’s mom, always allowed the boys to do whatever they wanted to inside their house, as long as it was active.  They could dribble basketballs, play tag, and be genuine kids.  The book says that the Fredette’s had a rope swing in their house.  Al Fredette, Jimmer’s dad, had a basketball hoop put in the backyard of their house almost as soon as they got the house.  This hoop was the home to many backyard basketball tournaments.  It is also where the legend of Jimmer Fredette’s lights-out shooting was born. 

                Although this story is mostly about Jimmer and his journey to the pros, there is also a good bit of information about Jimmer’s older brother, T.J.  At age 11, T.J began to have panic attacks.  They started out not too bad, but soon they were so intense that T.J would refuse to go to school.  When he did go to school, he often hid in the bathrooms or faked sickness in hopes of being sent home.  These anxiety attacks are a big part of Jimmer’s determination in excelling in basketball.  T.J was always great at basketball, but he couldn’t play after his attacks.  Instead, he began to strengthen and help Jimmer to excel at basketball. 

                I loved this book because I am a huge fan of Jimmer and of BYU basketball.  I also want to excel at sports, and this book is somewhat of a guide to what it takes to be great.  I think that anybody would enjoy reading this book because it isn’t just about some basketball jock and his journey to the pros.  It is about commitment, loyalty, and plain determination to succeed in not just basketball, but in life.  It is about how people overcome difficulties and trials in life, and that is why I loved this book and why I think you should read it, too. 


Born at Midnight

Review by Kambria Smith

Born at Midnight is an amazing, fantasy, romance book. It is by C.C Hunter. Born at MIdnight is about a girl named Kylie Galen and her summer at Shadow Falls Camp. At the beginning, a lot of crappy things happen to Kylie. Her parents are getting a divorce, and she doesn’t know why. Her boyfriend broke up with her, and then her grandma that she was very close to, dies. On top of that, Kylie has acquired a stalker, and she doesn’t have a clue what he wants or how to get rid of him. (According to everyone else, she’s the only one who can see him) Thinking that she may be losing it, her parents send her to see a pychologist who gets Kylie sent to Shadow Falls Camp. Kylie and her parents think that it’s a camp for troubled teens. They thought wrong.

            Kylie finds herself surrounded by vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and shapeshifters. If she believes what they tell her, she’s one of them. They’re just not exactly sure how she fits in or what she is. Kylie is determined to find out.

            As Kylie struggles to cope with the realization that these creatures even exist and the fact that she might not be normal, she’s got two hot guys (a werewolf named Lucas and a half-fairy named Derek) competing for her attention. Kylie finds out that she has the gift of seeing ghosts and realizes that is what her strange stalker is, and she needs to find out what he wants.

            Throughout the book, Kylie try’s to find out what her ghost wants and who he is. She wants to know what type of supernatural she is. Kylie was born at midnight…and every supernatural is born at midnight.

            I really liked this book. I couldn’t put it down! It kept me guessing, and it wasn’t very predictable. I love how the characters were put together and all of the emotion in it. I especially liked the friendship between Kylie and her two best friends, Miranda, who is a witch, and Della, who is a vampire.

Iron King

Review by Ellie Yarber

The Iron King by Julie kagawa, is a magnificent book. It has fantasy and adventure. When Megan (half fairy, half human) finds out her brother has been taken in to the Nevernever, a fairy realm, she go’s in to Nevernever with her best friend, the trickery Puck a fairy from a midsummer night’s dream to go and save her brother. There she meets two other very different friends, a smart witted cat named Grimalkin who always seems to disappear when there’s danger, and a winter prince with a heart made of ice (ever since his last love died in his arms) named Ash who fought when he needed to.

But when they learn that Nevernever’s worst nightmares had come true, the Iron kingdom lives, there is no escaping there destiny. They have to kill the iron king.

I loved this book. It was a page turner. I was up reading it till dawn. I’ve got to say my favorite line was when Grimalkin said they would meet again and they asked how did he know, he simply said “I am a cat.” I highly recommend everyone read this book.

The Brotherband Chronicles: The Outcast

Review by Cooper Judd

The Brotherband Chronicles is an amazing sequel series to The Ranger’s Apprentice and is written by John Flanagan. It is about a kid named Hal and his journey to becoming a man through a right of passage that the Skandians have come up with. He gets put on a team of people who are outcasts in their society. They are helped along by an old man named Thorn who has a few secrets that he keeps to himself.

The book starts out in a prologue which explains about how Hal’s dad died and how Thorn made a promise to Hal’s dad that he would keep the dying man’s family safe. Thorn eventually breaks this promise, as on the ship ride home, he lost his hand and lost himself in a world of drink. Hal’s mother wakes him up after 6 years of Thorn being lost in the alcohol and gets him working.

Six years after that episode, Thorn is helping Hal with his life and helping him with his ship, The Heron. I won’t go into much depth, about this area so let me continue. Hal is sent to a right of passage known as the Brotherband. This course trains them to be warriors like all Skandians. Hal is put into a brotherband of outcasts like himself, and they elect him as their leader. He takes to the position naturally and then their rivalry with the other brotherbands begins.

            This continues through the story for a while, as Hal’s brotherband, known as the Heron, does okay at the challenges, and their popularity grows with all the Skandians. I won’t give away the ending, but it is amazing. After the conclusion of the right of passage they are all men, and everything seems right with the world. Then something goes wrong. Something is stolen. Read the book for yourself to find out what happened. I guarantee that you will love it.

The Last Thing I Remember

Review by Olivia Jardine

The Last Thing I Remember is a very scary, but exciting book. The author is Andrew Klavan. This book is about a kid named Charlie West. Charlie finds himself in a dark room, and in that dark room there are people trying to kill him. He finds a way out and runs as fast as he can.

 When he is running, he jumps into the woods. All he is trying to do is stay alive. After a few nights in the woods, Charlie finds a woman. The woman takes him to her home, but then calls the cops. He soon finds out he is wanted by the police.

 When he is taken by the police, he finds out more about his past. He soon escapes from prison and runs away to another town where he meets a lady called Crazy Jane. Crazy Jane tells him he needs to save the governor.

 He ends up running again, and the end is really exciting. This book has a lot of scary and confusing parts. If you want to find out why he is running, then I suggest you read the book.


Review by Bryson Hess 

Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith is about a boy who is sent to a jail miles underground. He finds a way out, and it’s in a river, but he gets caught later. So now he is in a place called the hole. It’s a jail that you stay in until they put you back in your normal cell or make you in to a” black suit”. Alex is kept there, but someone brings him out for short times, so they can make a plan to escape again. Alex says he won’t go until his cellmate Donavan can escape with him

Simon, the kid that takes Alex out of his jail, has a place where they might be able to escape. Before that, Alex demands that Simon take him to Donavan. When they get to the infirmary, they see he is already turning into a black suit. So Alex thinks it’s the right thing to do and he suffocates him with a pillow. Then the Weezers wake up, and Alex and Simon have to run. They make it back to the hole and Simon puts Alex in there and says he’ll get him later.

After the next time the black suits feed Alex Simon comes. Alex was surprised to see him. He thought he wasn’t going to come back. It was over five days. They sneak into the infirmary and sneak some rope and spikes. They get back to the place that Simon said that they might be able to escape from Simon calls it the steeple. So they climb it, and they see that there was a spot that had a rat infestation. They called them rats but they were really mutated black suits that went wrong with there genetics, and the nectar messed up somewhere.

If you want to know more, you will have to read the book. I read it, and I think it’s a really good book. I like horror books more than other books, and this book was pretty scary.

The Magnificent Twelve: The Call

Review by  Tommy Quach

 The Magnificent Twelve: The Call is the first book in the series. The author is Michael Grant. The Magnificent Twelve has a lot of genres in it, such as has adventure, action, fantasy, and etc. I really liked it just because the author writes with a lot of detail. I usually read it for every second I could get with it. It begins in just a normal middle school just like the one we go to now.

It started like a normal day for Mack. He gets picked on by these bullies, until he actually hurts one of them. Then they get the main bully, Stefan, to help them get Mack. Stefan tries to beat Mack up but fails. He gets hurt while Mack tries to saves his life. Stefan goes to the hospital and comes back but doesn’t hurt Mack. When Mack and Stefan meet in the halls, all the kids line up in a straight line, thinking they’re going to fight each other, until this old man appears out of nowhere and freezes time. But Mack and Stefan are not affected.

 This old man comes out of nowhere and starts choking Stefan. Then Mack just tells him to stop. Then he does. The old man tells Mack to find the other Magnificent Twelve. While Stefan recovers from the choking, Mack goes home and finds a golem in his room. It looks exactly like him, and told him that he would take his place. The next day Stefan comes up to Mack and pretty much acts like a bodyguard. Stefan said Mack saved his life twice, so he would protect him. Mack remembers what happened yesterday, and he has to find the other twelve before the world ends.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes humor and adventure books. Can Mack and Stefan find the other twelve before the world ends? Or does the world end and all humanity is gone? Read the series to find out if he saves the worlds.


Review by Walker Arbon

Lockdown, by Alexander Gordon Smith, was a great horror story about a boy named Alex who is fourteen years old. He gets framed and sent to a prison called Furnace. Furnace was created during the Summer of the Slaughter. Summer of the Slaughter was a summer when tons and tons of kids started killing each other. When Alex gets down there, he is not the only one framed.

In Furnace there is a gang called the Skulls. Skulls are abusive and cause lots of problems with Alex. Alex will serve them right later. Alex’s cell partner, Donovan, is really buff. He saves Alex’s butt more than once, like when the dogs come out.

While in Furnace, Alex and Donovan and also another boy named Zee talk about escape. While talking about escape, Donovan says, “When I get out of here, I am getting a hamburger.” In my opinion, it kept them motivated. Meanwhile Skulls have been beating on a boy named Monty. When Alex tries to stop them, bad things happen.

So while the skulls are beating on Monty Alex jumps in to save him. There are about three of them, but Alex has surprise on his side. Alex charges in and starts to throw punches. Then the siren sounds. You’ll have to read the book to find out more. It is worth your time, I guarantee it.


Eleventh Plague

Review by Jonah Simmons

 The Eleventh Plague is a dystopian book by Jeff Hirsch, about a boy named Stephen Quinn. A virus named the eleventh plague or P11 was created by the Chinese and launched on the US. This started a huge war; many people all over the world were killed during the war, but not because of war but the plague. The book says, “The plague was a blessing; surviving, that’s the real plague.” After the war many cannot survive because there is no running water, or electricity, and finding a working vehicle would be like finding a giant pile of gold. The people who survived would always avoid the western United States because they feared the Chinese lived there and would kill them.

Stephen, his dad, and his grandpa are salvagers, who are people who make a yearly route salvaging things to trade for clothing, medicine, food, and ammunition. Steve’s grandpa is very strict, and is all about survival and has no love. At the beginning Steve’s grandpa dies, and Steve and his dad are left on their own with a donkey named Paulo. They are traveling one day when they find a bomb bay. Stephen and his dad go to the bomb bay and try to find things to salvage, They find a giant can of pears, and they crack it open and down it in a second. They are about to leave the bay, when a black jeep is driving over.

They realize the jeep belongs to slavers, people who attack whoever they can and take them and use them as slaves. Stephen and his dad hide in the bomb bay waiting for them to pass but then it begins to rain, so the slavers come into the bomb bay with two slaves, so Steve and his dad can’t leave. They decide to leave the bay when the slavers get drunk and fall asleep.

When they are about to leave, they try to free the slaves from the slavers, but the slavers wake up and try to attack Steve and his dad. Steve and his dad barely make it out just because the slavers were drunk. Stephens’s dad falls down a hole and is put in a coma.

A group of people finds them and takes them to a village. Stephen is put into a twisted turn of events in this town that he is taken to. I really liked this book; I read it every time I had a chance to. It has lots of action and suspense, with a little bit of romance too. There are times you will feel sad, and times your heart will be pumping with excitement. If you like action or dystopian books, I would recommend this to you.


I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior

Review by  Spencer Brassell

I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior was a great and true story about an abused child who grows up to join the Navy SEALs. This kid’s name was Howard E. Wasdin, the book’s author. His mother had him when she was 16. After that, his dad abandoned both of them. His mom then remarried someone who was terribly abusive and always reeked of beer. His step-dad “Leon” made him work in a watermelon patch all day. He only got about four hours of sleep every day.

Later in his life, about when he was 25, he tried out to be with BUD/S, a military underwater demolition SEAL training. He passed that test easily. Then Howard heard about the Navy SEALs. This was a lot harder than BUD/S. First he had to complete the training of the SEALs. Then he had to go through one of the hardest things in his life: “Heck Week.” “It really is a week in heck,” Howard says.

 Now he is a SEAL but that is not enough for him. Howard is going to Sniper school. Only around 30% of applicants get in to the sniper program. Now he has his first mission within a week, go to Somalia and capture or preferably kill someone named Aidid. This person is making people take mortars to him, so he can be king of the world.

This is my favorite nonfiction book by far. It was engaging and had very much detail. My favorite part is everything Howard goes through in “Heck Week.” I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure or action books.


Review by Faith Frye

“I am strange; I am also physic,” thought Evermore.  Evermore is the first book of the series, by Immortals. Evermore isn’t your average sixteen year old girl. Ever since the accident that took away the lives of her family, she became physic.  With just one touch from her, she would know everything about you. It’s like that with everyone. So to solve the problem, she just singles herself out from anyone and stays close to her best friend, Honor who is unaware about Evermore’s weird condition.

One day Evermore goes to her first period, English. It starts off normal, people rolling, their eyes, trying to trip her ,and saying mean things to her. She takes a seat down and five minutes later with looking up she can hear classmates thoughts, “Woah. He’s hot. Who is he?” without looking up she knew this “guy” was pretty good-looking. Her teacher tells Evermore to share the book with this mysterious guy, but when she touches him, she can’t read his thoughts.

Throughout the week, she grows to have a small crush on him. Damen has also formed a crush on her. But one tiny problem: Honor called “dibs” on Damen. Evermore tries to control her emotions by not trying to fall for Damen. But he’s so handsome, very sweet, so irresistible who wouldn’t fall for him? The way he looks at Evermore is like true love. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, this book makes you believe in it. .

Damen and Evermore end up being together. Everyone at school is shocked. They’re all thinking, Why would someone like that, fall for someone like that? But Damen and Evermore are in love it seems.  But with Haven hanging out with her new best friend, Dina. Evermore began to wonder what is up with her? Haven’s new friend, Dina is actually out to get Evermore to be with Damen. Will Dina succeed and break up true love? Will Haven and Evermore go back to being best friends? You have to read Evermore to figure that out.



Review by Chris Goddard

I am Chris Goddard, and I am writing a review on Warriors, by Erin Hunter. I just finished reading the 4th and last series of Warriors, and I think it was fantastic! The series were called:


Warriors: Power of Three

Warriors: The New Prophecy

and warriors: Omen of The Stars.

The Warriors series is about four clans of cats that live in a forest. They live in separate territories, and they hunt, train, and patrol on their territories and punish any trespassers. Even if they’re another clan.

The four clans are Thunderclan who live in the forest, Riverclan, who live in the more swampy area and fish in the river, Windclan who live on the moor, and Shadowclan, who live in the dense pine area of the forest.

 I may have finished the original four series, but I am far from done, because Erin Hunter has written many more Warriors books. Such as the bonus editions, like Crookedstar’s Promise, Bluestar’s Prophecy, Firestar’s Quest, and Skyclans Destiny. It’s also a magna book!

The first series, Warriors, is about how your average housecat gets to chose between his life in the lap of luxury, or go and live a hard life in the forest with the legendary Thunderclan cats. His choice is to leave. He moves to the clan and gets his Apprentice name, Firepaw, but when he leaves, strange things begin to happen in the forest. Read the series to find out what happens next!

 As time goes on, Firepaw rises in rank within Thunderclan, he becomes a warrior and receives his new warrior name, Firepelt. Then he even becomes leader! With his leader name, Firestar, he continues to defeat his foes! The forest cats even have their own religion, Starclan where every star in the night sky is a fallen warrior. Firestar goes to the moonstone, a stone deep in a cave where they can communicate with Starclan. There he gets the gift that only leaders receive, nine lives. Now Firestar can die nine times without going fully to Starclan.

The Forsaken

Review by Chase Arnold

Just imagine a world where your fate depends on your government.  Well, in the action book The Forsaken your whole life depends on your government. If they said you were going to die, you would disappear and all traces of you would be gone. That is exactly what it is like to live in this action book written by Lisa M. Stasse.  This book is about a girl named Alenna whose parents are taken by the government. At the age of sixteen she fails the personality test that determines whether she will be a future threat to the country or not, as a result, she is cast out of the U.N.A.  I think the main theme of this book is to never stop fighting for what you believe in. 

This book takes place in the future on an island called Prison Island Alpha, where young children from the average age of sixteen to twenty are sent after they fail the personality test. As a result, they are no longer a U.N.A citizen. The U.N.A. is a country that includes the U.S.A, Canada, and most of Mexico. On this island are two tribes. One tribe follows someone called the Monk, and the other tribe follows its leaders and works together. There are limited supplies on this island animal and the only animal is a wild boar. Alenna is the main character in this book, and she is on a quest to find out what really happened to her parents, and this island may or may not have the answers.

When on this island she must make up her mind fast whose tribe she will join. Who can she trust? Does she escape the island with her life? The main cause of death on this island is the other tribe. The ones who follow the Monk are called the drones. They are out to destroy everyone who does not follow the Monk, like they do. If you liked The Hunger Games, you will love this book. This book is like an epic version of The Hunger Games. In fact, I think it was even better than The Hunger Games.

I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good book to read. I could not put it down; I would stay up past two o’clock in the morning reading. Every chance I got I would read it. I finished it in 3 days. It was just that amazing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with lots of action and adventure. There are plenty surprises and twists and turns in this book. This book was the best book I have ever read. I can’t wait for the second book to come out.


Review by Kenzie Nay

I’d like to tell you about the book Fallen by Lauren Kate.  This book is the first in a series of four.  It is my favorite book ever.  I am big fan of romance and action books.  It has a ton of romance in it and guys fighting for girls.  I almost felt as if I was the main character in it the whole time.  It just pulled me in.  If I was to rate it one to ten, it would be a huge ten.  I think guys or girls could read it.

 This book is about a girl named Luce, and she falls in love with a a really attractive guy.  She wants to talk to him, but for some odd reason, he ignores her.  She then meets a guy named Cam. He is really nice and becomes her friend.  Something seems really mysterious about Cam, and she figures it out later, but you have to read the book to find ou

 My favorite part is when the boys fight over Luce and fly out the window.  I loved the rest of the books, too.  Even though I like the others, Fallen is my favorite, and I recommend you read it.  Then you will want to read the rest, and the whole series just makes you want to know what is going to happen next. 

 Saying it’s a page turner is an understatement.  You will have the whole series read in a week!  Well, at least I did.  So what are you sitting around for?  Go to the library and check it out!  Then tell me how it is. I bet you will love it as much as I did.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Review by Meghan McGinley

 Do you believe in love at first sight? You will after you read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith! This book is about 17 year old, Hadley, whose parents just got a divorce. Her dad  is already getting remarried, and he wants her to come all the way from the east coast to London to see him get married to a girl she’s never met.

            Hadley meets a guy at the airport who is tall and lanky with long hair. Hadley instantly falls for him when he offers to watch her suitcase while she goes and gets something to eat at the airport. They ride on the plane together and watch a movie about ducks. Yes, ducks! They seem to have a great time, but when it is time for them to part, Hadley has an extremely hard time saying goodbye to him, even though she’s only known him for a matter of hours.

            Hadley thinks the girl that her dad is getting married to is going to be this wicked step mother or something. But she really turns out to be nice. And maybe her dad getting remarried might not be so bad after all.

            This book is a really sweet book. In the beginning, it’s kind of hard to understand, but as I read, I got the hang of it! I liked this book because it gives a lot of detail. I would recommend this to anyone who likes romance books!



Review by Kaitlyn Archuleta


Fallen is 2009 young adult fantasy by Lauren Kate. The book revolves around 17 year old Lucinda (Luce) Price. Luce has been seeing “shadows” from a young age. She often complained about them as a child, which fuels her parents’ desire to send her to Sword & Cross Reform School in Savannah, Georgia. After being accused of murdering her boyfriend by lighting a fire, her parents decide it’s time to ship her off. Upon her arrival at Sword & Cross, Luce meets a loquacious girl named Arriane, who often describes herself as “a psychopath.” Luce immediately befriends her.

Luce is soon introduced to Daniel and Cam, both of whom she falls for. However, she feels an inexplicable pull towards Daniel, like she knows him from somewhere else. Though Cam is charming and friendly, she pays him little attention, even though he welcomed her when she first arrived, whereas Daniel smiled at her, and then flipped her off.

At lunch, a bully called Molly dumps meatloaf on Luce’s head. When she goes into the bathroom to wash up, she meets a Pennyweather (Penn) Van Syckle-Lockwood, who helps her out by washing the meatloaf out of Luce’s hair and offering one of her many black sweaters.

Daniel has no interest in Luce, and he makes that very clear. Unfortunately, Luce just doesn’t give up. Daniel has many sides to him, and this confuses Luce. One moment, he’ll be friendly and he’ll talk to Luce, but the next, he’ll be cold and withdrawn. Luce is stubborn enough not to give up on him, and you’ll be happy she doesn’t!

As you can see, this book is mostly about Luce trying to gain Daniel’s trust and love, and finding out things about her along the way. I really, really enjoyed this book, and I think that if you like romance and fantasy all mixed together, you’ll love Fallen!


Review by Carrie Goddard

Matched is a book by Ally Condie, about a girl named Cassia who lives in a society where everything is chosen for you. Your food is chosen along with how much you eat, when you can stop having kids, when you die, and most important who you marry. They have what is called a matching ceremony where you would be put in a computer, and the person that is your match would be chosen as your partner. It’s Cassia’s turn to be matched and the screen is blank, which means her match is from the same burrow (town) as her. When she looks at the micro-card (computer card) to learn about her match, the face of someone else is on the card.

I liked this book because it showed that we have a lot of choices that we can make on our own without someone telling us what to do. It was well written. The way it was written was clear and easy to understand.  The characters were adventurous. 

In this story, there are only one-hundred poems, paintings, lessons, and dresses, and everything else was destroyed so there wouldn’t be too many options. Each person has 3 tablets, a green, blue and a red. Your parents would carry them for you until a certain age, then you would get to carry them yourself as you got older. You would get your red one last, when you were 16 years old. The green would calm you; the blue ensured that when an emergency you would get nutrition for a couple hours. No one knows what the red one does, and you weren’t supposed to take it unless an official told you to.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. There are three books in this trilogy: Matched, Crossed, and Reached. READ THE BOOK!!!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Wake Unto Me

Review by Karlee Whiteman 

For my book review I used WAKE UNTO ME by Lisa Cach. This book has a bunch of different genres mixed in so well, that it makes it seem like it’s a whole new kind of genre. It has romance, history, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, and paranormal. It’s really scary to read at night, locked in your room with all the lights off, with only your bedside lamp on. The romance is really touching, and can bring someone to tears.

Everyone thinks that when you put history in a book, it’s the worst book ever; but this one, no way, not a chance. It doesn’t have too much history so that it’s like sitting in your social studies class. It has Italian history. Talk about awesome. The fantasy has really come out in this book Cach has written. It has many made up characters with “witch” type backgrounds.  It also has mystery. The history and mystery mix together to create this fantastic story. All the genres could make this book absolutely fantastic! Six out of five stars is my rating for Wake Unto Me!

 Caitlyn Monahan doesn’t fit in, and she knows it, with the horrifying nightmares she has, the death of her mother, and the past that she had. The night before she leaves to a boarding school in France, she has a dream, in which her mom is telling her her fortune. The fortune comes hand in hand with the events played in France. She dreams of a young, Italian man named Raphael. She knows they are soul mates, but it’s kind of hard to be in love with someone from the 1500s!!

Caitlyn has to help Raphael solve a mystery about his stepmother, Bianca de Medici, an idol of Caitlyn’s. Caitlyn learns about herself, the history of her boarding school, Raphael, and Bianca. She also learns she can speak great Italian in her sleep, about a horror story that has been started through the school. But how can Caitlyn’s future be intertwined with someone else’s past, present, and future?? READ it to find it out!


Tiger’s Curse

Review by Kelsey Daniels

 Tigers Curse is a wonderful adventure! This book takes part in modern times. Tigers Curse is about a girl named Kelsey that takes a job working in a circus. While there she has to take care of a tiger named Ren. Later on she finds out that Ren is no ordinary tiger, and he is somewhat of a Prince.

One day while having a normal day at the circus, a strange man shows up and buys Ren the tiger. He offers Kelsey some money for her to go with Ren in India to make sure he likes his new home/habitat. Kelsey’s driver leaves her on the side of the road with Ren out of his cage. Kelsey then has to chase Ren into the woods and try to get him back. Luckily for Kelsey, Ren isn’t a vicious tiger! With this little thing happening, a lot of crazy things happen to Ren and Kelsey, many adventures!

 I don’t want too give to much away, so I’ll just say a bunch of excitement happens in this story! Every page has something exciting in it! I think I really got into this book because my name is Kelsey, so I just imagined it being me! My favorite part in this book is when Kelsey first pets Ren in the cage at the circus! I would never in my mind ever touch a tiger!

 This author has also written two other books to this series! Tigers Curse is the first book, then it goes to Tigers Quest, and last but not least Tigers Voyage. Tigers Curse was my, favorite out of all three books. This book has so many twists and turns, it’s hard not to fall in love with! Boys and girls will both enjoy this book very much!


Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Reveiw by Brayden Henderson

This book is about a girl named Maximum Ride and her family, also known as The Flock, and there are six of them, including Maximum. Their names are Fang, Nudge, Iggy, The Gasman, and Angel. They were put in a place called the school when they were very young, and as soon as the school got them, they put this fluid in them and it mixed their DNA, and now they are 98% human and 2% bird, so they have wings and everything. They also have special abilities. But a few years later they were taken and hidden away by a guy named Jeb Batchelder, and they were trained. Then one year later Jeb died, apparently, and Maximum Ride has had to take care of The Flock for four years.

The School has also been working very hard to create something called Erasers. An Eraser is like a werewolf but stronger, and before they transform, they look like swimsuit models and they are very blood thirsty, but they could be like seven years old and in wolf form. They look like a twenty-year old. There is a very special Eraser named Ari, and he is Jeb’s son, and when he took The Flock to hide them, he left his son. Well, they are very strong and it takes almost all The Flock to take one full grown Eraser. Well, they went for a walk to go pick some strawberries, and they are confronted by Erasers and Ari is with them, so The Flock immediately jumps into action and start the fight and when the fight ends, Maximum counts to make sure everybody is there, and she says “WHERE IS ANGEL?!!!!!!” She hears a short cry from not too far away, and Maximum says “We have to go get her”, and they start out for a quest.

 You will have to read the book to find out what happens next, and you will meet some interesting characters. It will definitely leave you craving the next book and that’s the book I’m reading right now. So look for the next book in the series, SCHOOLS OUT FOREVER,  and then if you finish, you probably will even want the third, which is Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, and if you want the name of the whole series then here: Maximum Ride: The Final Warning.  But there is still more on the way so watch out for them.

A Kiss in Time

Review by Sabra Murray

I read A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn.  I thought this spin off of Sleeping Beauty was even better than the original.  I liked it lots more than the original because it took place in this day and in the past. I never thought about what it would be like to have someone from that far in the past come here and see all the technology.  It clearly explains her confusion, which is well placed, I think.

This is a book about a girl in the sixteenth century. She is warned all her life not to touch a spindle. Sound like a story you know? Not yet? Well, when she was a little baby, there were four fairies.  Three had cast spells or gifts, like good looks, charm, and so on, when Molivia arrived. She was an outcast, a witch that wasn’t invited to the party. She put a curse on the baby: before the child turned sixteen, she would prick her finger on a spindle and die.

The fourth fairy changed the curse. She made it so the girl would not die but sleep until her true love kissed her. One day before her sixteenth birthday, she was a naughty girl and pricked her finger. She is hidden until the twenty-first century when Jack kisses her, 300 years later. The kingdom is in trouble now because they are in the twentieth century, and they don’t know it.

Meanwhile, a boy named Jack hates life. He thinks his parents don’t care about him. He’s on a tour in Europe and decides to skip the tour and go to the beach. He finds the princess. Then he has to help her, and she has to help her. The ending is just as good as the beginning, so if you want to find out what happens, read this book.

Tiger’s Curse

Review by Savana Craven

Colleen Houck wrote an amazing action filled romance book called Tiger’s Curse. This book is set in present time but tells about problems and curses that happened hundreds of years ago…in India. I loved this book and I loved the rest of the series even more. I finished this book in a matter of days and enjoyed every minute spent reading it.

Kelsey Hayes is an 18-year-old girl who is innocently looking for a job over the summer. She ends up working at a circus with lots of exotic animals but her favorite is the white tiger named Ren. When a man named Mr. Kadam comes to the circus and buys Ren to take back to India with him, he offers Kelsey a full time job there to look after Ren. Kelsey has never been to India, but feels that it will all work out, as long as she gets to spend more time with this white tiger.

Needless to say, India was not what Kelsey expected it to be at all. This is where the story really begins. Kelsey realizes that this white tiger actually has much in common with her…like actually being human. Not for long though, Ren can only be human for twenty-four minutes in a twenty-four hour time period. Not unless Kelsey helps break the curse that has been put on him hundreds of years ago by Lokesh, an evil sorcerer.

Now that is just the beginning of this incredible book. If you want to be thoroughly entertained throughout a whole book, I recommend reading you to read Tiger’s Curse. Don’t forget that this is a series as well, so the excitement continues with Tiger’s Quest and Tiger’s Voyage.

Across Five Aprils

Review by Devin Merkley

Across Five Aprils is an extremely good book.  The award winning author Irene Hunt writes an intriguing and beautifully written book which captures the turbulent, hard years that made the Civil War.  Each intense moment shows just how hard it was for everyone.  It really was good.

This historical-fiction book is brought to pass through the eyes of the Creighton family, Ellen, Matthew, Jethro, Jenny, Bill, and Tom.  This book is set on a farm in the north, where things aren’t going as well as they could.  After the start of the Civil War, the family is torn apart when Bill and Tom go to fight in the war, on different sides.  Bill goes to the south, following his beliefs.  Tom goes to the north, because that’s where he lives.  Though things may be bad, at least there is a little happiness in this book, that being the relationship of Jenny and a man named Shadrach Yale.

This book really pushes the theme of following your beliefs, sticking together, and working as hard as you can to be there when times are tough.  “He’d put his hand in a fire fer you, Jeth,”  says Ellen Creighton about Bill, this just proves this heartfelt theme.  Read this book to find out how things go down.

I really like this book.  I find it very good.  It seems so real as it gets into the center of a family going through an absolutely miserable time filled with bloodshed, hate, tears, love, loyalty, and compassion.  You really must read this book to feel just how great and real this book is.

Deep Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards

Review by Aly Anderson

If there was ever a book that I thought was super good, it was definitely when I read Deep Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards by Janette Rallison.  It sounds really weird but it was actually really good.  It is set in Pullman, Washington, a small town.  It started with Cassidy’s best friend Anjie moving away to Virginia, and how she misses her and talks to her.  Then a new family moves in to her old house, and the story is about Cassidy’s relationships with these people.  I felt that this was a really well written book because I could really relate to it and forget that I was reading.

Cassidy is an only child with parents who really love her, but are just a “little” bit over protective.  She is a smart and very good student.  It is really funny reading her reaction to the little things Elise, the girl her age who moves in, does.  I would recommend this book to mostly girls, but hey, if a guy likes the whole romancey kind of a thing, then go for it.  You want to know a secret?  I actually didn’t even really like romance until I started reading Janette Rallison.  She is so amazing!

Elise is Cassidy’s age, and actually a very smart girl who as you will learn right off the bat in the book, makes a few wrong decisions.  Reading this book, it is fun to see that even people with almost nothing in common can find similarities in each other.  Out of five, I would literally give this book 6 stars!  It is well written, really funny, and just a great plot!  Although I would say it is a little bit predictable, what kind of a romance book isn’t?  It is well worth the read, because of the way Rallison tells the story, making you want to read more, even if you kind of know what will happen.

Janette Rallison really just takes you to Washington, making you a high school student, melting you into the book.  Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards was a fantastic book, with comedy, romance, and the story of a girl learning how to make new friends even if it is hard.  When I read this book, it inspired me to keep trying to befriend new people, and always act in a way that I want people to remember me, because sometimes impressions are everything.  And if you read this book after reading my amazing review just know that it is the first in a series of three!  The next two are, All’s Fair in Love and War and High School, and Revenge of the Cheerleaders.

A Little Princess

Review by Jasmyn Nye

 A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is about Sara Crewe, a little girl that came all of the way from India. Her father, Capitan Crewe, had to go to war in India, so he took Sara to a school in England called Miss Minchin’s Boarding School for Young Ladies. Sara didn’t like it there. She would much prefer the jungles of India. Most of the girls there really liked Sara, especially because she was such a good story teller. But one girl, Lavinia, was a “snotty two faced bully,” as Sara called her, didn’t “believe” in Sara’s stories, and was obviously jealous of Sara’s money.

Capitan Crewe sent Sara a doll that she called Emily. He said, “Dolls can be the best friends. They can always listen. They move around in your room when you are not there.” To which Sara replied,” Can they really?” “Yes, of course. They are so fast that they run back to their spot in the blink of an eye, so that you don’t see them. “

 Sara’s father leaves, and he sends her letters every week. Sara’s birthday get’s celebrated one day, when Capitan Crewe’s lawyer comes to the school. He tells Miss Minchin that Sara’s father died, and she won’t be receiving any money. Miss Minchin kept Sara at the school out of charity and she had to work as a slave. Sara is convinced from her father’s words, “You will always be my little princess”, that she is still a princess. Miss Minchin keeps telling her that she isn’t, and that she should, “better yet, look in the mirror!” Sara has to learn to live with her life and cope with her struggle as a slave.  To find out if she becomes a real princess inside, you will have to read the book.

This book is one of my favorite books. I absolutely love it. The author has an amazing way of writing her stories. It has an amazing plot line, and has an excellent ending. Frances Hodgson Burnett also wrote A Secret Garden, which is also an amazing book. She has amazing word choice, and they float together like clouds. I would recommend this book to everybody. It is even for little kids if their parents read it to them. My favorite part of the book is when Sara and the other slave, Becky, dump soot from the fireplace down the chimney when Miss Minchin was right below it! I love this book!



The Help

Review by Sara Filiaga                                                                                                                        

The Help is one of the best written books I have ever read. This was a great book. I really liked how the author, Kathryn Stockett, wrote the book with three different perspectives: Minny, Aibileen, and Skeeter. Minny and Aibileen are black maids that work for white men and women. Skeeter is a white woman that has just returned from college and wants more than anything to be a writer.

This book takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the year of 1962. So this is the time period when the colored people were treated unfairly, and they were not as wealthy as the white people. Colored people and white people couldn’t even go to the same library. The black women had to work as maids for the white people in order to earn money. The black men had other jobs.

My favorite character in the book is probably Minny Jackson. I love her personality. The problem is, the white women she works for don’t like her attitude, which is why she can’t keep a job for very long. Aibileen is more of the quiet type. She is very kind and smart. Skeeter is one of those white women who is against the unfairness towards black men and women. Skeeter is a very talented writer.

Later in the book, Skeeter and Aibileen get together and start to write a book. Soon, other maids start to join them. This book changes their lives, and the lives of many others.  I loved this book. It was well written, and it not only told a story, it taught me a lesson. I would recommend this book to some people, but it is not for everyone. I could see why some people would not like this book, but some people will also love it!!!

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

Review by Megan Winder

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is an awesome and heart- warming book by the talented Wendy Mass. I thought this book was amazing, too amazing to put the book down because every time I turned the page, a new and exciting thing happened that surprised me. I liked the part where Jeremy gets the box and can’t find the keys. Can he find it, or does he have to break it open? If you like genres like Realistic Fiction, then this is your kind of book.

Jeremy Fink and his friend Lizzy get a box from the mailman. “I reach in and lift the wrapped object out of the box and look at the handiwork that I know is my dad’s. And there’s a letter but no key, and I have to wait for my 13th birthday to open it, which is perfect because its summer, so me and Lizzy can find them and find what the Meaning of Life really means. My dad has been dead for about 5 years I wonder how it got to me if he’s been dead.” So Jeremy and Lizzy set off to the city to where they think the keys are. They go to an office in a building where the letter said it might be. When they get on the floor to ask Harold who has written the letter, its abandoned and it’s empty, so they can’t find them.

While they’re in there searching, a security guard catches them and orders them to do community service for a pawnshop owned by Mr. Oswald, who is in need of help because he’s moving to Florida. Days later, they go and meet him. He’s a tall, skinny kind of guy, nice to be exact. So they’re  first task is to take a very old but very special book to an old lady who tells Lizzy and Jeremy what Meaning of Life means to her. But if you want to find out if Lizzy and Jeremy find the Meaning of Life from his dad and the rest from the other tasks, well, pick it up and start reading.

I think this book is really heartwarming, and I like it because I believe someone in this world has gone through the same experience: losing their dad or getting a treasure or not having the tools to figure out the Meaning of Life because you don’t have the keys I think you should read this book and don’t put down until you are finished! You won’t regret it!



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Review by Brooke Harris

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was an amazing book! The ever famous author J.K. Rowling really brought it home with this epic conclusion! I thought that this conclusion to the Harry Potter series was really good and a very exciting read. I loved how J.K. Rowling explained the story and made you anxious to turn the next page. Like how towards the end you wonder is Harry going to die, who’s going to win, and what’s going to happen next. This fantasy/adventure genre was amazing!

This book was about how Harry Potter and his two loyal friends Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger have found themselves on another mission in destroying the ever evil Lord Voldemort. They have to find and destroy each one of Voldemort’s horcruxes, which are pieces of his soul. Along with this, their trustworthy former headmaster has died, and he hints at another mission he wants them to go on (The Deathly Hallows, an old wizard tale about these three objects that would make you invincible over death).

Their adventure starts at Ron’s eldest brother’s wedding when they are attacked by Voldemort’s followers and they flee, on the run for their lives. All throughout this adventure, there is drama, action, magic, and emotion, like the time when Ron abandons them, being influenced by the evil horcrux necklace that he had been wearing. I also liked when they try and break into Gringott’s bank. I thought that that was very exciting! Another awesome part was the battle at Hogwarts. Amazing!

 Towards the end, the trio then returns to Hogwarts, and they discover some secrets about Dumbledore that you will just have to read for yourself to discover. They then go and find Neville and the rest of the group in the room of requirement. Harry afterwards sets off looking for one of the final horcruxes located inside the castle. While Harry is looking, the battle for Hogwarts is raging. It’s Death Eaters (Voldemort’s followers) against Hogwarts, evil giants against Hogwart’s metal statues and a whole bunch of other creatures. Will Harry survive and defeat Voldemort, or will Voldemort hit Harry with a particular nasty killing curse? Will Hogwarts win or Voldemort’s army? Are the Deathly Hallows real? These are the questions to be answered, if you read this amazing, super action- like, adventurous, magical, dramatic thrill-ride of a book! So read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!!!




The Wednesday Wars

Review by Eliza Johnson

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt is realistic fiction.  The book is set in Long Island in 1967, and reflects the troubles of the time period, such the Vietnam War.  Although I usually read paranormal and fantasy, this book drew me and kept me reading till the last page.  The book starts with “Of all the kids in the seventh grade at Camillo Junior High, there was one kid that Mrs. Baker hated with heat whiter than the sun. Me.” Holling Hoodhood is sure that his seventh grade teacher Mrs. Baker, not only hates him, but probably wants to kill him.  It all started the first day of school when Mrs. Baker realized that she would have only one student to teach on Wednesday afternoons.  Half of Holling’s classmates were Jewish and went to Temple of Wednesday and the other half were Catholic and went to Catechism for religious instruction. The problem was Holling was neither Jewish nor Catholic, but Protestant.  To make things worse, Holling’s father expected his family to be perfect and for Holling to follow in his footsteps as an architect.  Holling feels that he is trapped and cannot turn to his family to save him from this teacher.

At first, on his Wednesday afternoons sessions with Mrs. Baker, Holling is given tasks such as cleaning the chalkboards and cupboards.  Holling is even assigned to clean out the classroom pet (RATS) cage.  Mrs. Baker is very afraid of the rats, but will not get rid of them because her husband, who is now a soldier in Vietnam, gave them to her.  Holling accidently lets the rats loose and it turns into a circus trying to get the rats back into the cage.  Finally they give up on the rats, which make a nest in the ceiling tiles.  Reading to find out what eventually happens with these rats as well as Mrs. Baker’s husband keeps you laughing.

Mrs. Baker soon runs out of cleaning for Holling to do, and tells him that they are going to start studying Shakespeare.  At this point Holling is sure that Mrs. Baker wants him dead.  Eventually, he starts to like some of the words that Shakespeare has written.  Holling likes how Shakespeare uses funny words, especially likes the words Shakespeare uses to curse.   One of the funnier parts of the book is when Holling’s dad finds him standing in front of the mirror, with his shirt off, practicing Shakespeare’s curses.

Holling soon finds that he actually likes Shakespeare and that perhaps Mrs. Baker is not as bad as he thought.   This book keeps you turning pages and laughing as you read.  Most books I read make me cry, so this was a nice change.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone who needs a good laugh.

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

Review by Justin Cole 

This is my book review on Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean. Its author is Justin Somper. He has made five of these books. They are pretty much about vampires and pirates and life on the seas. They are really interesting books and more action/adventure type, because they travel around a lot and there are fighting moments. And I guess there is a little drama in there too because in some scenes there is kissing and fighting over who will be with who and that type of stuff but there is more action and adventure.

 For the main characters, there are Grace and Conner; they’re twins. Then there’s their dad, and there is Captain Molcuo Wrath and Lutein Cheng Li. tThey both are on the ship called The Diablo, and as you probably thought, it is not in the 1600`s. This is the year 2156.  But they have no guns; they only have swords. On the ships they have TV’s and electronic stuff like navigators for the ships, and they have diving suits and stuff  gourmet chefs, and they have steak and hamburgers and caviar.

 Now for the storyline: Grace and Conner live in a lighthouse with their dad, and in the middle of a dark and story night he tells them this weird jingle about vampirates. He said, “Yeah, you better be a good child, good as gold or I’ll ship you off with them; there`s room in the hold for three (there`s room for three).” It`s weird, isn`t it?  One day a storm blows them both off the boat, and Conner goes to the Diablo, and Grace goes to the vampirarate ship, so that’s the basic story.

 I thought it was a really good book and I would encourage you to read it, if you like lots of adventure and if you like lots of action and a little drama and a little sadness. It’s a very very good book, so if I was you, I would go to the library right now and get. The book and you will have quite a lot of reading to do, and that is my opinion.


Review by Ashton D. Code

 Galloway by Louis L’Amour is set in the old western time of life. It starts off right in the action with Flagan Sackett running from a band of Indians.

Here are some of the characters that you should keep a tab on… Flagan Sackett, the main character; Galloway, Flagans older brother; Meg Rossiter, the caring and loving girl in the adventure; Curly Dunn and his family, the bad guys in the adventure holding Flagan and his outfit from proceeding in this town called Shalako; Vern Huddy, the deadshot; Burgland, the bar keeper that misses nothing; and Nick Shadow, the quiet one.

 This book is about Flagan Sackett and his outfit that go to a little town called Shalako. And of course the term town is a western one in this book. I’m not going to explain the term right now. Anyways Flagan Sakett is captured by Indians and they hear a loud sound, almost like a gunshot, and Flagan finds that this is his chance to escape the Indians. He runs for fifty miles when he sees wolves about to attack an old elk. And Flagan hasn’t eaten anything and sees that if he waits for them to kill the elk, he can get his food. So he waits in a big pile of chipped and broken obsidian rock. They strike the elk, and when the elk is down and dead, Flagan runs from behind the big rock and pile of obsidian and throws a stone at the wolves. He hits one right square in the nose and the wolves turned and ran some fifty, yards and he goes to the elk and starts chipping away at a chunk of the black rocks and makes a knife, and guts and cooks the elk over a small fire he made. So with his elk hide that he made into a bag he puts his knife and left over meat and heads out on the trail to put more distance on the Apaches following him.

When everything settles down and Flagan and Galloway are reunited in Burglands bar they have the idea of starting a ranch right there in Shalako. And when they get partway done, Galloway and Nick Shadow leave to go get the cattle that Logan Sakett is driving with some ranch hands. Flagan gets word of Vern Huddy. Flagan gets worried that Vern is out to kill him. When everyone gets back with Galloway they have an indian ride into camp and Flagan and his outfit work with the Indians. While eating supper Vern Huddy shoots an Indian waiting for his supper, causing a big problem.

This book is a great book. It starts off a little into the action and if you’re into that action and western stuff, you will gratly appreciate this book. The school library does have it and if you want to read it, go ahead and check it out. If you don’t like western stuff, you will when you read this book. And remember, it is an easy read and its worth seven AR points.

The Lost Stories

Review by Brenon Coleman

Starts out with two archeologists digging in a site where Castle Arulen once stood about a century before.  They make an amazing discovery that gives them some information that they have been looking for.  This book tells about all the things that happen in between all the amazing adventures. There are nine separate stories in this one book; they give away information about Will, Horace, Princess Cassandra, and Alyss.  There are stories about Tug and even Ebony.

The ‘’Death of a Hero’’ is the first little story in this book. ‘’Will. I need to tell you something I should have told you along time ago,’’ said Halt. ‘’It’s about your mother and father.’’ That is the first line in the book that tells you what is happening. The second story is called the ‘’Inkwell and the Dagger’’ This story is about the betrayal of a Baron in another fief.

 The third story is called ‘’The Roamers;’’ this is the story where Ebony goes missing! It tells about a vicious intention that Will has to face.  The fourth is called ‘’Purple Prose.’’ This story tells about the easiest way to stop moon darkers and foil their nasty plan. When the flames flared a bright Purple, Will realized that his speech was in the bag he’d just thrown into the fire, “Oh well, guess I will just have to speak from the heart,’’ Will said to himself.

 Story eight is called ‘’the Wolf’’. The wolf was just about to become pack leader when he had stepped in this cursed trap.  It had taken him three days to chew his leg off; right now he was sitting under a rock ledge by a pond, waiting to ambush anything that came close. Then he broke the cardinal rule of the pack: he attacked and killed one of a farmer’s sheep.  The farmer got Will to come and kill the wolf, so Will started tracking.  I personally recommend this book to everyone; The genre is totally adventure and action! (Story 5, 6, 7, and 9 were too important to tell about.)


The Red Pyramid

Review by Adam Wallis           

This book is brought to you by Rick Riordan. In this book The Red Pyramid, two people, Sadie and carter have a wondrous adventure full of action and suspense. It starts with Carter riding with his dad to go see Sadie. Carter’s dad is an archeologist. Carter’s mother died a long time ago and Sadie and Carter got separated. Sadie went with her grandparents and carter got to stay with their dad. Sadie lives in Paris, Carter goes adventuring with his dad. They only get to see Sadie twice a year, Christmas Eve and a day in summer. When they are going to Sadie’s house, his dad looks worried like somebody is watching them.  When they make it to the house, they say their hellos, and dad says,” I’m taking you kids out for something.”

 They go to a British museum and their dad’s Uncle Amos is outside talking to him. They creep up and hear them talking about not doing something rash. His dad says he has to and then he sees them watching. He immediately cuts the conversion short and walks to the museum. He stares at the cleporta needle, a big obelisk-looking thing in Paris, and then moves on. They head to the museum and stop at the Rosetta stone. His dad tells them to wait outside and not to come in but naturally they follow.

 They see his dad smashing the Rosetta Stone with a staff. It explodes and a big fiery thing comes out His dad yells, “No,” and blasts it. It deflects it and it traps his dad in a golden coffin then looks at carter and Sadie and says “you’re next.”     

 That was just the start; it gets much better later. I loved this book and I recommend it to everybody. This was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I think it is for everybody of all ages. I recommend everyone to grab this book. It’s the perfect combination of action and adventure and it has amazing twists that make you think twice about what’s going on. It’s also a series, so you better go pick up the other, too!





Leon and the Spitting Image

Review by Jacob Lee

In the book Leon and the Spitting Image by Allen Kurzweil, it starts out with the main character of the book whose name is Leon. Leon lives in a hotel that his mom works for. It’s the day before school starts for the year. He sneaks up to his mom’s room and takes an envelope that has his name on it that she has been trying to hide from him. Inside the envelope are letters from his previous teachers, most of them saying that he is “slow” and has issues.

Determined to do better for the coming year, he sets off for school in the morning. His new teacher is like a witch, and to make matters worse, the school bully named Lumpkin is in his class. Lumpkin has been held back twice, so he’s bigger than everyone else. His new teacher is obsessed with sewing, so lots of the school year is spent sewing animals for art projects. When she gives them one month to come up with a masterpiece, Leon comes up with a great idea, to make a doll of his teacher.

He goes home and collects all the supplies he will need for the project and gets to work. He works for six days straight to finish his masterpiece. When he finally finishes it, he takes it to school so that he can show his teacher. When he gets to school, Lumpkin steals the doll and ruins it. He takes it back to class, and as he’s cleaning it off, something amazing happens. Did Lumpkin ruin it? Or did he make it even more amazing? Read the book and find out what happens.

I really liked the book. There were lots of funny parts throughout the entire book. It doesn’t exactly have action or fighting in it, but it has enough suspense so that it’s hard to put down. I loved the ending, and I don’t think it could have been any better. Overall it was a great book.

Halt’s Peril

Review by Andrew Davis

Rangers Apprentice; Halt’s Peril by John Flanagan, is a great book. It is very exciting. There are no boring parts in it. It’s a great read for those who like action and adventure. It had me staying up till midnight every night I read. It’s the type of book where at the end of a chapter, you say, “Just one more.”

            This book is set sometime in the past when swords and bows were the main weapons. Will, a ranger for the king, Halt, also a ranger and Will’s teacher, and Horace, a knight, are sent ahead to get information on where Tennyson has gone. After getting the information, they take a boat to where they have gone.

            Will and Halt, both very experienced trackers, pick up the trail immediately. Tennyson leaves two genovesian assassins behind to kill them. Halt and Will, noticing that the tracks are much more obvious, realize they laid a trap for them. Because they were careful, they killed one of the assassins, but the other one got away. Halt only got a minor scratch. They went on in pursuit of the assassin that got away, when Halt began to get very ill. Now Will must find a healer to save him.

            If you’re interested in this book, then you better go check it out, because you’re not getting any more from me. This book is well worth the trip to the library. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read. It’s a fairly easy read, but you can still check it out if you’re a more advanced reader.

The Sea of Monsters

Review by Gregory Boisvert


For my book review, I read The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. It is part if the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which is a fantasy. The book is a great book if you like action and adventure…and maybe some romance.

Percy Jackson, the main character, is in 7th grade. His school year has been surprisingly quiet. Not a single monster has gone to Percy’s New York school. On the last day of school, the school bully makes some new friends. Here’s an excerpt describing the bully’s friends.

“…Sloan (the bully) handed the photo to his ugly buddies, who snickered and started ripping it up to make spit wads. They were new kids who must’ve been visiting, because they were all wearing those stupid HI! MY NAME IS: tags from the admissions office. They must’ve had a weird sense of humor, too, because they’d all filled in strange names like: MARROW SUCKER, SKULL EATER, and JOE BOB. No human beings had names like that…”

Later in the story, Annabeth, Percy’s friend, shows up bringing grave news. Camp Half-Blood’s magical boarders are failing because someone has poisoned Thalia’s tree. When they reach camp, they receive more bad news that Chiron, the activities director, as been fired, and to take his place is Tantalus, a man (or ghost?) from the Fields of Punishment.

Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson, decide to leave Camp Half-Blood is search of their friend, Grover, and the Golden Fleece, a magical item that can cure Thalia’s tree. During their Quest, they will journey to the Sea of Monsters, off the coast of Florida, and meet a determined camper traveling on a ship run by the dead. Their quest unfolds as they meet their traitorous enemy, Luke, who battles Percy. The fight ends and in a way no one anticipated…but you’ll have read the book to see what happens!



Review by Greyson Cederlof

 This book is an adventure/ action. When a man who has been missing for four years walks out of the jungle a native mission leader helps him.   The mission leader describes him as ‘The poor soul had clearly been in the jungle a long time. His skin was stretched over bone, each rib was visible.  His black hair was tinged, and his body bore cuts and oozing sores. Flies flocked about him, buzzing and feeding on his wounds.’  He later dies.

 The CIA discovers that the man was sent on a science expedition, a special forces soldier who when he was at war lost an arm, but when he came out of the jungle had two arms.  When they shipped the body to the US they found many cancers in the body. Wherever the body passed a horrible disease stayed in the town. Nathan Rand and a few other people were chosen to explore the Amazon for a cure.

While in the Amazon they find horrible creatures. They don’t know but they are also being hunted down by an evil French guy.  Nathan is a cool character who always carries around a shot gun. In the first chapter an anaconda is going to eat a little Indian girl and he has to save her from it. His father went on the first expedition four years earlier and also went missing.

This is the best book ever!!! It has a ton of action and suspense. It never gets boring. The book has some things that are hard to understand but in the end it all makes sense.  My favorite part is when there are these giant frogs about a foot long. They are really poisonous, and once the paralyze you the eat you. Nathan and his group encounter these creatures and have to fight them off. If you want to learn what happens read the book.

The Son of Neptune

Review by Dallas Anderson

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan has an action/adventure genre. It starts out with Percy Jackson, running away from these two Gorgons. He ends up meeting this old lady, Juno, and brings her to the river in Camp Jupiter. There he meets his two new friends, Hazel and Frank. During a game of capture the flag, Frank and the rest of the camp meet his father – Mars. Mars sends them on a quest to find Thanatos, the God who keeps all the dead people and monsters from coming back alive. Frank, Hazel, and Percy must go to Alaska, save Thanatos, and arrive back at camp before it gets destroyed.

 Rick Riordan has done it again! Mixing mythology with real life…it has just blown me away. Like his other books, Rick has given the Gods a whole new resect. I would say that this was one of my favorite books that he has written, including the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles series. He is, if I have to pick one, my favorite author. He just has ways of writing these books like he was part of it. He writes the stories so it feels like you can actually taste, feel, smell, and picture what is happening during the guests.

 I would have to recommend this to everyone. This book has a lot of Greek and Roman aspects put together. Having Percy, son of Poseidon, in a camp for Roman demigods builds up to the long awaited arrival of the last book in the series: The Mark of Athena. Anyone who likes adventure, action, and mythology all thrown into one action packed story about saving Gods and fighting monsters…then this book is definitely for you.

 I felt that this book was one of Rick Riordan’s best, considering all the books I read that he wrote were absolutely brilliant. One for the ages! If you get a chance to pick up any of the Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, or Heroes of Olympus books…I would definitely pick it up. Once you start reading it, you are at the edge of your seat until the very end, until you are wanting to pick up the next book in the series and having suspense until the end of that!   

All You Desire

Review by Katelyn VanDerzee

All You Desire by Kirsten Miller is the second book in a series. The first book is called The Eternal Ones, these books are quiet similar, but All You Desire is definitely one of my favorites. I was excited to read this book since I loved the first one so much. The genre of this book I would mainly say would be action/adventure and romance. There is quite a bit of both, but it mixes together very well.

 Haven Moore and Iain Morrow were having a wonderful time in Rome getting away from everything, places like New York and the Ouroboros Society, which is a society where all the people go who have remembered previous parts of their lives. (Everyone that visits or is a member of the society has gone through reincarnation.)

 Ever since Haven has been with Iain and they have been living in Rome, she has hardly contacted her best friend, Beau. Then she gets a phone call from him saying that he has been talking to this guy on the internet, and he mentions that he has known Beau in his previous life and they are soul mates. The guy lives in New York, and Haven doesn’t approve all that much, but she doesn’t think much of it. She is more then happy that Beau might have found someone.

 Haven was sure that he would make it to New York safely, but when she got a phone call from Beau’s father, she got completely worried. She wouldn’t think about anything else after his father told her that Beau never contacted him to say that he made it there safely. Iain was more worried about Haven and how she was reacting, when finally he suggested that she should look at her e-mail and see if she had anything from Beau.

 Haven was so worried about everything that she didn’t think about that, and when she checked it, she had the biggest shock of her life. The message said ‘Pan Pan’ and when Haven and Beau were younger, they had their own language, and that message meant that he was in trouble. Haven insisted that they fly out to New York immediately to try and save Beau. Do you think that they will be able to save Beau?

 All You Desire caught my attention from the very start. I thought that it was a very entertaining, fun, and mind grabbing book. I always wanted to know what happened next because there was always something new going on or a new problem happening. This book is a decent size book, and I think anyone who likes adventure along with a little romance would quite enjoy it. I would mainly recommend this book to girls, but guys are also welcome to read this book.


Dirty Little Secrets

Review by Stephanie Laubacher

How would you feel if you had to keep a terrible secret from everyone you knew? What if the secret was so big that no one outside of your direct family knew about it? That is exactly the sort of thing that Lucy has to deal with in Dirty Little Secrets, a realistic fiction novel by C.J. Omololu. Lucy’s mother has a problem; she keeps everything. Absolutely everything, even the trash and garbage everyone else gets rid of. If Lucy even tries to clean up, her mother takes it as a personal offense.

This is why Lucy has only one best friend, and her best friend doesn’t even know how often she’s being lied to. Lucy can never tell anyone about her mother’s hoarding. How many people want to be friends with someone who lives in an indoor landfill? It isn’t only her possibility of a normal life that she’s risking, it’s also the social lives of her two older siblings. Lucy spends most of her time at her best friend’s house, biding her time for the next two and a half years, when she can leave the mountains of accumulated clutter behind. She can’t wait.

Then the unthinkable happens. Lucy returns home to a situation she just can’t handle on her own, but she has no other choice. No one can ever come into her house, not even a repair man, which is why their heater and water has been off for years. Lucy attempts to clean up the house on her own, (which is nearly impossible for one person to do, considering that it’s full of years of her mother’s “treasures”) before the news crews, police, and possibly HAZMAT show up. The story goes on describing events from the past and the present, showing the best and the worst of Lucy’s mother. While struggling through canyons of garbage, Lucy begins to feel closer than ever to her mother, and comes to both love and hate her more and more. Lucy has to find a way to clean up the house enough to fix her emergency, or find a way to hide it from everyone, and escape the horrors of her “Dirty Little Secret” for good.

I really felt sympathetic for Lucy in this book. There were a few things that I probably would have handled differently if I were her, but in the end, her decisions made it all the more interesting. During the book, I realized just how lucky I am that my mother is a borderline neat freak. J It is amazing all of the things that she has had to go through in her life, and especially in the two days that this story takes place. Lucy may not be a role model, but she probably has the strongest character of any protagonist I’ve ever read about. The amount of detail that the author puts into the story is unbelievable! It is really incredible, and I recommend it to anyone, but probably seventh grade or older. This is one of the most spectacular realistic fiction novels I’ve read in a long time, and it just goes to show that not everything is what it appears to be.


I Heart You, You Haunt Me

Review by Alejandra Meza

The book I Heart You, You Haunt Me is one of my favorite books.  The author of the book is Lisa Schroeder, and I really like her books.  The genre of this book is paranormal romance.  This book is kind of different from other chapter books.  It only has a couple words in each page, but ever word is chosen wisely, so the book is great!

 The book is about a fifteen year old girl named Ava.  Her boyfriend Jackson died, and she blames herself for his death.   Nobody understands what she’s going through, not even her best friends Cali, Zoe, and Jessa.  She really misses him, and all she ever does is think about him and cry.  Her parents tell her that it’s not her fault, and that she needs to get out of the house and go have fun with her friends. But getting out of the house is the last thing Ava wants to do, especially now.  Jackson has become some type of ghost.  Ava can’t see him or touch him, but she knows he’s there.  She feels a little bit of wind, and she knows it’s him.  She also hears him whisper and she sees him in the mirror sometimes. Everyone would think she’s crazy, so she never tells anyone.  Jackson only shows up in Ava’s house, so Ava always wants to be home.  As time goes on, Ava slowly began trying to get over Jackson’s death.  Then one day, Jackson communicated with Ava through whispers.  He told her that she needed to be happy and that he loved her, but she needed to get over it and go have some fun in the world.

 The setting of this book is in different places.  Sometimes it’s in Ava’s house, the beach, or the mall.  Some of the characters from the book are Ava, Ava’s friends-Cali, Zoe, Jessa, Ava’s mom, and Ava’s dad.  My favorite quote from the book is a quote that Jackson told Ava – “Joy, Not Sorrow.  Laughter, Not Tears.  Life, Not Death.”  I think that was the perfect thing to tell Ava.

 I really loved this book!  It didn’t take me long to finish it.  By the time I was done reading it, I wished there would be a sequel to this book, but there’s not.  The book made me kind of sad in a way because of the way that Ava felt.  I think everyone should read this book because it is interesting, you don’t want to stop reading once you start!  The book is kind of short, but it’s really good!  I loved it, and I think a lot of people who read it will also love it!


Review by Anastasia Wahtola

When I first saw Captivate, I thought it looked weird, and I thought it was going to be a bad book, but it wasn’t. I started reading, and I was somewhat confused because it’s the second book in a trilogy. Once I read, I couldn’t stop. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. At the beginning of each chapter is a Pixie Tip, which was interesting to read because they gave you an idea of what the chapter was going to be about. One of my favorites and one I thought was funny is:

Pixie Tip

Despite folklore, pixies do not prefer to be naked. Fortunately they wear clothes. This prevents a lot of indecent exposure charges and frostbite.

Carrie Jones’ Captivate novel really captures your attention. This supernatural story takes place in a small town in Maine. In this town not only strange things occur, but odd creatures live there. This story consists of pixies, werewolves, some romance, and some other paranormal creatures and unbelievable places. As you enter this exciting tale, bizarre attacks are happening in young Zara, Nick, Devyn, and Issie’s town. To protect the innocent people, they must patrol the mysterious woods.

Zara is a half pixie staying with her grandmother, Betty. Issie is just a normal person and believes in the supernatural events occurring. Devyn, Issie’s

 soon to be boyfriend, is crippled in a wheelchair, from a patrol from long ago. Devyn and Nick are both werewolves, protecting the town.

Zara and her friends have a problem: pixies. It was solved, or so they thought, when they locked away all the captured pixies in an iron barricaded building. They thought locking away the pixie king of this town would stop the enraged, wild pixie followers. But it only brings more pixie kings, wanting to take over the territory. Zara soon discovers an almost dead Astley. She saves him from a Valkyrie, who is supposedly a myth.

Claiming he’s different, Astley convinces Zara she’s destined to be his pixie queen. Stubborn Zara sticks to her werewolf boyfriend’s side. You discover that not only is Zara half pixie, but her father is the weak pixie king they have imprisoned. Nick, her boyfriend, almost dies and gets taken by a Valkyrie, because he is a strong warrior. Zara admits she must turn pixie to save Nick.

Captivate was a short fun fantasy novel I read for a different genre. It was a great novel. I think others should read it because it’s easy and short. I really think that they would enjoy it because it has some mystical creatures, yet it’s a fantasy novel. If you do not like paranormal or supernatural and you just like nonfiction books, then this book is not for you. Also, I would recommend this book to just girls, because the cover might embarrass a guy.


The Amulet of Samarkand

Review by Quayde Garfield

  The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book One: The Amulet of Samarkand, by Jonathan Stroud, is a very good book. It is a fantasy adventure book about a young boy, Nathaniel, and his future. It takes place in a modern-day London.  In this book, London’s government is fully formed of magicians. These magicians are able to summon forth beings, demons, from the other place.

Nathaniel is taken into an apprenticeship under Mr. Underwood.  He starts to learn of the ways a magician summons demons.  Nathaniel is a very bright young boy and starts to crave to learn as much as he can.  Mr. Underwood, Nathaniel’s master, however is restricting him from learning.  Nathaniel the start to study on his own and learns much more than his age usually knows.

First, there are levels in power of demons.  Lowest of all are imps, these are what Nathaniel starts summoning. He summons an imp and imprisons him into a bronze disc which he uses to spy on other things.  He then works his way until he summons forth Bartimaeus.  He is a mid-ranking demon with cunning intellect.  Together Nathaniel and Bartimaeus mostly put aside their differences and work together to stop a conspiracy in the making.

All together, this is a very exciting book.  It is very well detailed and has tons of action.  The author switches the view points between Bartmaeus and Nathaniel.  Bartimaeus gives plenty of history on demons and his past conquests.  This book has a very different view on magic and how it works.


The Amulet of Samarkand

The Beyonders

Review by Sam Love

When life gets a little boring, it is always nice to sit down with a good book and enter a world of anything you could imagine. Brandon Mull, the author, is amazing with his ability to make you feel like you really are in a different world. In this story, Beyonders: A World without Heroes, he truly does one of his best works. This book would be classified as a fantasy, with a tiny bit of romance.

The main character, Jason Walker, has a fine life. Until a routine day at the zoo ends with Jason transporting from the hippo tank to a strange, imperiled world. Lyrian is a world full of dangers and unlike anything Jason has ever seen. He ends up reading a book that tells him he must find a word that will destroy the malicious wizard emperor, Maldor.

Everyone in this world lives in fear of this wizard. He rules everything and the only way to destroy him is to find all the syllables of a word. No one is told to travel and no one dares to try and stop Maldor. Since Jason has read the book, the wizard tells him to say nothing about it to anyone and sends him on his way.

He meets a girl named Rachel who has also traveled mysteriously from our world into Lyrian. They are offered choices, but both chose to try and save this world. They embark on a perilous journey including, giant crabs, monster dogs, running on lakes, and much more. Together Jason, Rachel, and you, reader, will be tangled into a very thrilling novel of a world without heroes. 

This book was really good! I absolutely loved it!   If you like adventures or have read any other books by Brandon Mull you should definitely read this book. I beg you, please read this book!!! 

The Beyonders

Chasing Yesterday

Review by Ana Barrera

 Chasing Yesterday is by Robin Wasserman. This book is divided into three parts and I’m going to talk about the first. This book is a fiction genre. In this book the main character is J.D., a girl that lost her mind and now she is looking for answers. No matter what, she wants to get them.


Book # 1 Awakening: This book is about a girl that after an explosion, lost her mind, and she is doing everything that she can to get it back, while dealing with a haunting hallucinations, and she thinks they might be real, and she has to find out. While she is in the hospital, she sees that about an explosion and, she doesn’t recognize the girl in the explosion. She finds out that the girl in the news is her, and when she is ready to get out of the hospital, she gets sent to a house where kids don’t have parents. In there, there some girls that they didn’t like her and try to get her in trouble, to get her mad, they start trouble with Daniel and when J.D saw, she hurt one of the girls, and that’s when she finds out that she has some special powers. When she is in there she makes a friend named Daniel and he teaches her a lot of things and tells her the story of his life. When they were in there, Daniel tries to help J.D. to get answers from her past, but before they could get some, a women came and took J.D. with her.

 When she went back to her house she sees that everything is unusual and that she dresses up weird. Her mom tells her that she is going to take her to the doctor so he can help her to get her memory back. She sees that face of the doctor, she remembers things about her past, but she is not sure about it. She thinks that something is wrong, even if she remember the things, she wants to find out what is the real truth. She talks with Daniel, and they prepared a plan. When they make the plan, they decide to run so they can save their lives and that’s what they do, but when things start getting bad and things happen they decide that is better if they keep running away to be safe.

 I really like this book because it seems real, but at the same time impossible to have happened. When you keep going on reading the book, it gets better, and you can’t stop until you finish it. This book is really short, so that’s why I picked it because it’s one of those kind of books that you choose to finish your A.R. points, or like me, I like to read books that are small. This book is divided into three parts. I liked this because all the books are pretty good and it doesn’t give all away in the first book. I liked it because it’s short and fast to read, and that J.D. is brave. I liked it because no matter what, she wants to find out all;  the truth doesn’t matter if  it’s  good or bad news.

Chasing Yesterday

The Name of the Book is Secret

Review by Ben Forsberg

As much as I would love to tell you the name of this book, I can’t, because, the name of this book is secret. No really, the name of this book Is The Name of This Book Is Secret. This fantastical book was written by Pseudonymous Bosch. I loved this book and I, dear reader, am here to tell you why. This was a hilarious book full of fun absurdity, danger, secrecy, and dangerous cheese cake. Just kidding, forget about the cheese cake.

This great book happens to fall under, I would say, adventure and mystery. It’s about Max Earnest and Cass, two kids thrown together by fate, you could say. Sadly, I cannot tell you their real names. Ones used in the book are, of course, aliases. This book holds a nefarious secret– soooo nefarious that it warns you to forget everything as soon as you read it. It plainly states on the first page, “do not read any further some; secrets are meant to be forgotten”. Pseudonymous Bosch has a hilarious way of writing it. I really enjoyed it.

Benjamin Blake, a synesthete, mysteriously goes missing one day. So the two of them go to track him down, using clues they get from a house of a dead magician. They find out that many synesthetes have gone missing. They need to track them before it’s too late. They go to an isolated spa and find an evil plot, but will they be able to find them and stop the plan before it’s too late?    

A synesthete is someone who has synesthesia. Synesthesia is an uncommon condition where you associate one sense with another. So let’s say you sniff watermelon; your mind might associate that with blue, so you might say it was a blue fruit. Or you might associate a certain sound with a taste or a sound with a color.

I really like this book for the page turning plot, awesome character descriptions, and the witty plotting. I would recommend this to teens and kids. This book was funny and clean. It was a great quick read. If you choose to check it out, I hope you enjoy it.


The Name of the Book is Secret