Davy (that’s a girl’s name in the book) is the perfect girl in her school. She is a talented musician from a powerful, wealthy family.  In this dystopian society, everyone is tested for the homicide gene.  Davy is sure she doesn’t have anything to worry about, after all, she’s going to the college of her dreams and dating the perfect boy.  When Davy and her family find out that she tested positive for the homicide gene, no amount of money or power can change her future. Instead of going to her prestigious high school, Davy is locked in a cage with other kids who have the homicide gene every day for school.  Davy has to figure out how to deal with her new identity and the betrayal of her friends and family. She starts to realize that the only people she can trust are the people exactly like her.

This is a great dystopian book.  I loved the action, the relationships, the betrayal, the romance.  If you like Hunger Games, Divergent, or Champion, this is a book you will want to read.

If I Stay

So, I read The Fault in Our Stars and loved it.  I didn’t think that there would be a book quite like it that I would like–I was wrong.  If I Stay is amazing.  I don’t think I like it better than The Fault in Our Stars, I just like that both books deal with realistic events and how normal people react to those events.  Mia is a gifted cellist. Her life is great.  She has a great boyfriend. One snowy day, she and her family are in a car accident that kills everyone in her family except for Mia.  Even though Mia’s body is in the hospital, she can see and remember everything that has happened and is happening to her.  As she loses everything, she has to make the decision to stay and live or go and die. 

Such a great book!!! If you like The Fault in Our Stars or Sarah Dessen books, you should read If I Stay.  I do have to say I think I like the second book, Where She Went, even more than the first book.


Guitar Notes

Tripp is in trouble.  He made his mom mad and she took away his guitar.  Tripp cannot imagine living without his guitar and writing music.  He tricks his mom and signs up for a music practice room at school; he has the practice room on the odd days–which is great because Tripp is pretty odd.  Lyla is perfect.  Everything she does is top-notch including her cello playing. Lyla signs up for a practice room on even days.  Tripp and Lyla use the same practice room on different days.  Soon Lyla starts leaving snippy notes for Tripp.  Tripp leaves oddly hilarious notes for Lyla.  Soon a friendship forms and Lyla and Tripp start to think about what is really important to them.

This is a great, fun, light book.  It isn’t a love story–it isn’t a romance. It’s just a book about 2 teenagers who are trying to figure out how to live up to expectations and still be the people they want to be.  If you like Wonder, Paperboy, or Okay for Now, give Guitar Notes a try!


The Winner’s Curse

Yep, this is a book with a beautiful dress on the cover. . . . but boys will like this book too!!!  If you are a boy, you should absolutely not be embarrassed about carrying a book around that has a picture of a beautiful dress on the cover.  The Winner’s Curse is  a book about Kestrel and Arin–a boy and a girl.  The book has fighting, betrayal, wars, total destruction of a city, and m0re fighting.  Kestrel is from an upper, upper class family in this war-torn society.  Kestrel’s family and people have destroyed and enslaved the people who lived on the land before them.  One day at an auction Kestrel buys Arin, a boy who will be used to make weapons for Kestrel’s family.  Yep, you guessed it, Kestrel and Arin fall in love.  But that’s not the real story.  Kestrel is betrayed and deceived and has to battle and make hard decisions. 

This is a fabulous book with lots of twists and turns–action and adventure–deceptions and betrayals.  If you like fighting, action, and adventure, this book is for you.


Geography of You and Me

I love the author Jennifer E. Smith. Her stories are realistic, fun, and involve amazing characters. The Geography of You and Me is a story about Lucy and Owen. They meet in a power outage in their New York City apartment building. They have never met before and all of a sudden they are stuck in an elevator in together. They spend some great time together–less than a day and then they go different ways. They lead very different lives with different challenges, but they still keep in touch and think of each other. They both travel the world with family, but think of each other and share postcards. Will distance keep them apart?

This was a great feel-good book. The characters were easy to love and it was easy to root for their relationship. If you like romance books, this is a book you need to read!

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Cassie is 17 and she has a natural talent for figuring people out.  As a waitress, she can tell almost automatically which people will tip well, which people were in an argument earlier, which people are happy.  Before Cassie’s mom was murdered, she taught Cassie about reading people and their emotions.  When the FBI contacts Cassie and asks her to be involved in a profiling program to catch criminals, she is more than willing.  Cassie believes that someday she will help catch the person who murdered her mother.  When Cassie enters the FBI program, she quickly realizes that a serial killer is after her and she will have to save her own life by figuring out the people around her.


This book was chilling.  Cassie’s story is told throughout the book, but between Cassie’s chapters, you get to see the thoughts of the serial killer.  I was totally and completely surprised by the ending and I loved how the author wrapped up the book.  If you like creepy books, this is a book you will want to take a look at.  If you like Lois Duncan or Darren Shan, come in and take a look at The Naturals. 


This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Sometimes you just need a good love story to read.  This is What Happy Looks Like is a love story that will make you smile and say “Awe. . . . “  Ellie is a normal teenage girl who is hiding is big secret, but she lives her life normally in a small Maine town.  One day, Ellie accidentally gets an email from someone asking her to walk his pet pig.  This person has obviously typed in the email address incorrectly, but even after they clear up the misunderstanding, Ellie and this mystery person keep communicating.  If this happened to you in real life, you would probably be communicating with a 50-year-old creepy dude who stalks people online, but this is a book and Ellie is communicating with Graham Larkin, the biggest movie star in Hollywood.  She doesn’t realize this.  She keeps emailing him and getting to know him through witty emails, but through her emails, he finds clues about her and where she lives.  Graham is sweet and arranges for his next movie to be filmed in Ellie’s hometown in Maine.  He finds Ellie, but the secret from her past threatens to keep them from being together. 


This is a fun, wonderful, sweet book.  Again, I cannot emphasize enough that you should not communicate with strangers online.  If you like books by Nicholas Sparks, Sarah Dessen, or Janette Rallison, come in and take a look at This is What Happy Looks Like.


Find Me by Romily Bernard

One of my favorite recent trends in young adult literature is characters who can hack computers. It’s fascinating and makes for great plot lines. Wicket is a teenager girl who has witnessed horrible things in her life. Recently, her mother committed suicide to get away from her meth-selling father. Wicket and her sister Lily are in foster care and have landed in a house in the suburbs where they both feel out of place. When a girl at Wicket’s school commits suicide, Wicket is shaken. Wicket falls apart when she realizes that the dead girl’s journal has been left on her doorstep with note that says “Find Me”. Wicket uses her hacking skills to bait the person who drove the girl to suicide. Wicket gets personally involved and she knows that her sister Lily is in danger.

This is a fast-paced book that will keep you reading.  I loved the characters and how they reacted to the events in the book. This book has some mature content and language, so you will want to be aware of that before you start reading.  If you like creepy books and books with a lot of suspense, come on in and check this out!


The Broken Hearted by Amelia Kahaney


This dystopian book has a dark feel and many, many plot twists. Set in the dystopian city of Bedlam, Anthem Fleet is a girl who has always had the best. As a privileged daughter in an upper class family, she goes to the best schools and studies ballet constantly. One day Anthem falls in love with Gavin, a boy from the other side of town. Gavin is poor and has no social status, but Anthem and Gavin fall in love almost at first sight. In a turn of events, Gavin is kidnapped and held for ransom. Anthem goes crazy with worry and tries to find a way to secure the money. In her rush to find the money, Anthem ends up on the wrong side of town at night fleeing for her life. In her run, she falls in a river, drowns, and is snatched by a mad scientist who replaces her failed heart with a hummingbird heart. Anthem wakes up with super powers, watches Gavin get shot at point blank range and mourns his loss. That’s when the story really begins. Anthem has super powers beyond belief and she starts to avenge Gavin.

The plot twists are crazy and I could not believe who the culprit was.  This is one of my favorite books even though I grew to hate some of the characters.  I liked the dark setting and the end of the book really made me want to read a sequel.  If you like action-packed books that are quirky and dark, come in and check out The Broken Hearted.

Black Out by Robison Wells

Black Out is one of the best books I have read in a long, long time.  The book is well organized and you know what you are reading about, but the setting of the book is chaotic. See, the world and specifically the U.S.A. is being terrorized. Cities are burning, historical sites are being blown up, shopping malls are being bombed, and there is no end in sight. Teenagers is a small Utah town realize that they have strange powers. Not super powers. Powers to see things from far away or disappear for a small amount of time. These teenagers are taken into a “protection camp” by the government to be safe. Then the action begins. Lying. Bombing. Escaping. Trickery. The book moves fast. It wasn’t until the very end of the book that I understood the significance of some of the artifacts in the book. This is a well-crafted, action-packed book.  This book has action, romance, crazy teenagers who are not afraid to kill others.  If you like Michael Vey, The Last Thing I Remember, or the Alex Rider series, you will love Black Out.


Benny is a kid who goes through a lot of problems normal teenagers go through. His parents don’t get along with each other, he gets nervous around girls, he doesn’t like homework.  Benny is different from a lot of kids though because he lives in a town that is small.  Really small.  The town has 20 people living in it.  Well, 19 people when his mom leaves the family because the dad won’t throw things away and starts hording trash.  Benny’s life becomes focused on how to get his mom to come back and live with the family.  People in the town try to help him and involve him in their funny lives.  Benny has to learn which challenges in life he can fix and which challenges he needs to learn to live with.

This is a funny, heartwarming, fun book that all comes together in the end.  I found myself cheering for the members of this little town.  If you like fun reads with vivid characters, try out Homesick.  You will love it.

The Fault in Our Stars


Hazel has terminal cancer and she’s trying to figure out how to live in the world knowing that she will die soon.  She’s too sick to go to school, she’s in and out of the hospital, but her parents still want her to be a normal kid and have friends.  Hazel goes to a support group for kids with cancer and it’s here that she meets Augustus, a boy who has beat cancer. Augustus is amazing and funny and witty and he immediately notices Hazel.  Hazel and Augustus become friends and go on a quest to find an author of a book that they both love.  Throughout the book, they deal with the fact that they know that Hazel is going to eventually die because of her cancer.

This is a beautiful book.  I love that the author John Green writes a book about two teenagers who happen to have cancer and he doesn’t write a book about people who have cancer and happen to be teenagers.  This book is full of witty, funny, sad, tragic events.  I loved reading the story of these two characters and they way they so bravely deal with the events of life.  If you like books that make you feel and make you better, you should read The Fault in our Stars. 


I’ll Be There

Emily Bell believes that she is an average girl and probably an average singer.  When she sings a solo in her church choir, she knows that she has sounded average and maybe even awful.  When she goes outside of the church to throw up, she meets a boy, Sam Border.  Sam is sweet, mysterious, and unlike anyone Emily has ever met before.  Emily doesn’t get any of Sam’s contact information, but she knows that she has met him for a reason and he will change her life.  She becomes obsessed with finding him and getting to know him.  Emily has a hard time tracking Sam down because Sam and his little brother Riddle live with their monstrously abusive father.  The three move from town to town because Sam’s father is a thief and he treats his sons horribly.  When Emily does connect with Sam, he does change her life and the life of her family, but not before a wild, scary, life-threatening journey with Sam’s father.

 This is simply an amazing book.  I loved everything about it and I found myself laughing out loud and gasping at different parts of the book.  The thing I love most about this book is that it’s not a girl book and it’s not a boy book.  It’s a book that anyone and everyone should enjoy.  If you like great literature and suspense, you will love this book.

Paperboy and Lions of Little Rock

I read A LOT.  I always read young adult books.  In the last few years I have read hundreds of books about vampires, zombies, angels, and many other supernatural beings.  These books are great, great entertainment.  Recently I read 2 books that are based on The Civil Rights Movement.  There are no zombies, aliens, or angels in these books, but these books are the best books I have read in years.  If you want to change your thinking and learn about events that will teach you about our world, take a look at a great piece of historical fiction.  I suggest Paperboy and Lions of Little Rock.


Paperboy takes place in 1959 in Memphis.  The main character (you don’t learn his name until almost the very end of the book) is a teenage boy and he has a stutter.  People treat him like he can’t think just because he doesn’t speak well.  He goes through life thinking about the few words he can say without stuttering.  He uses those words when people ask him questions, but mostly he just doesn’t talk to anyone.  His parents are pretty wealthy and he goes to a speech therapist, but he still has a really noticeable stutter.  His best friend is leaving for the entire summer to go on vacation. The main character says that he will do his paper route for him in the month of July.  He has to deliver the papers and every week go and collect money from the people on the paper route.  That means that he has to talk to complete strangers!!!  His best role model is his African American maid and she treats him like a son.  She gives him advice, but when her life is put in danger just because she is Black, he has to decide if he will stay silent or stand up and help her.

This is the best book I have read in years.  Reading about this boy who has the courage to do something that scares him to death, makes for such a great story and so much to think about.


Lions of Little Rock

This book also takes place during the Civil Rights Movement (when African Americans couldn’t attend the same schools or even use the same drinking fountains as white people).  Marlee is the main character and she is in junior high.  She is a math whiz, but she chooses to hardly ever talk to anyone. Her classmates treat her like she is dumb just because she hardly talks.  It’s really hard for Marlee to make friends, but she finally makes friends with Lizzie, the new girl in school.  Lizzie gets Marlee to talk in class during a presentation.  Then Lizzie has to leave school and Marlee’s life because Lizzie is African American and has been pretending to be white to get into a good school.  Marlee finds her voice and takes many chances to help her friend. 

This is another story of a courageous young person who learns and grows when she finds out that people are being treated unfairly.  I learned so much reading this book.  Marlee’s family and Lizzie’s family go through a lot when they decide that all children should be able to attend school no matter what color they are.  If you want to learn about history and you want to read a book that will make you think, take a look at The Lions of Little Rock.

Monument 14

Wow!!!!  I thought that I had read so many dystopian books–maybe I thought I had seen all of the plots. Monument 14 is dystopian/survival/ adventures/realistic/scary.   The story is told from Dean’s point of view.  Dean is a nice kid, but not the most popular kid in school.  One day while riding the bus to school, a HUGE storm hits.  Hail stones the size of baseballs, huge winds, crashing cars, drivers who are killed while driving, make a crazy, deathly scene.  Dean’s bus driver dies instantly and another bus driver takes her kids (who go to an elementary school) and the kids on Dean’s bus (who go to junior high and high school)_and gets them safely into a huge store (think Walmart) before the store opens.  So there you have it, a bunch of kids trapped in a superstore with no adult supervision–the bus driver goes for help.  The kids of all ages try to survive and get along and figure out who is in charge.  They do this for weeks and weeks. When a chance comes to leave the store and head out into a world full of craziness, they have tough decisions to make about taking chances and staying safe.

This book really made me think.  What kind of person would I be like if I was in this situation?  Would I try to help or just slack off and eat ice cream for months?  If you like action, adventure, and strong characters, take a look at this book.

The 5th Wave

I heard nothing but great things about The 5th Wave.  Critics were talking about this book before it even came out.  I knew that I HAD to read it.  The critics weren’t wrong to talk about this book; it is a memorable book with lots and lots of characters you will want to cheer for. 

Cassie is a teenage girl and she is pretty sure that she is the only person left alive on earth.  Years ago, aliens invaded earth.  The aliens are obviously trying to kill off the human race.  They are doing this in waves. The first wave is a huge electro magnetic pulse that kills hundreds of thousands of people. The second wave is a huge earthquake/tsunami  that kills people in the coastal areas. The third wave is a disease spread by birds that kills thousands and thousands of people. The fourth wave takes place when people who were born on earth as humans, suddenly turn into aliens and start killing humans.  That leaves Cassie at the start of the book.  Her mother and father have been killed and her young brother has been taken away from her.  She promised her brother that she would find him and she will find him or die trying.

This book took my breath away and made me scream out loud many times. There were so many plot twists that I did not see coming.  If you like science fiction/dystopian books, you need to take a look at this book.  I have a feeling it will fly off of the shelves.


Icons is the latest book by Margaret Stohl (one of the ladies who wrote The Beautiful Creatures series).  Icons is set in a science fiction society; the society is taken over by aliens.  One day hundreds of thousands of people simply die.  The survivors are left to try to finish the tasks the aliens have given them.  Luckily, the main characters Dol (a teenage girl) and Ro (a teenage boy) have survived the horrible day that hundreds of thousands were killed.  Ro and Dol are taken in by a priest who lives far, far away from any city.  Ro and Dol live a simple life, until the men in charge break into their community, kill all of the others, and take Ro and Dol away.  Ro and Dol learn that they are very special and have to make many hard decisions about helping the aliens.

This was a good book. It took a while for me to get into the book and figure out what was happening. If you like action, adventure, and mystery, you should take a look at this book.


Tucker loves his life.  He lives on a peaceful island, goes to high school, and has a great best friend.  Tucker’s entire life changes when a star football player dies on the football field suddenly and unexpectedly.  The entire town is puzzled about this event, but Tucker is more puzzled by the strange aircraft and unexplainable lights floating around the island.  When military troops come to the island and hold everyone prisoner, Tucker knows that things have gone horribly wrong.  Tucker must figure out who he can trust and who is bound to betray him.

This is a book that you can’t put down.  The entire book is a page-turner with a really likeable main character.  Warning:  If you read this book, be aware that it ends really suddenly and you will want to read the next book immediately.  The next book should come out in July 2014.

MILA 2.0

Mila believes that she is an average teenage girl going through average teenage girl stuff.  Her life has recently taken a tragic turn when her father is killed in a fire.  Mila and her mother move to a small town to grieve and raise horses.  Mila wonders why she has such trouble remembering the past, but she tries to move on with her life.  When Mila is in an accident and finds wires and tubes beneath her skin, she knows that things are absolutely not what they seem to be.  Mila must remember her past and figure out how to deal with her future.

This is a great action book. I really like the main character and there were also some very “hateable” characters in the book too.  If you like adventure and science fiction, you will love this book.  Fans of Maximum Ride will love this book.

Time Riders

Nothing is more exciting than discovering a new series.  I saw the Time Riders series at the beginning of the summer, but didn’t get around to reading it until the end of the summer. It was a really exciting way to end some summer reading.  Time Riders is a book based on the idea that time travel exists.  A group of teenagers from different periods of time gathers together to stop people from traveling back in time to change history and the future.  In the first book, the Time Riders must stop a time traveler who tries to interfere with World War II.  This time traveler tries to drastically alter history and in turn the future.  The Time Riders must figure out how events in history should have been and fix these events.

I just know that this is going to be an awesome series.  I loved learning about detailed events in history and thinking about what could happen if these events were changed.  If you like history, adventure, or suspense, the Time Riders series is a series you must read!!


House of Secrets

House of Secrets is one of the best fantasy books I have read in a long time.  In fact, the front cover of the book has a quote by J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books) saying “A breakneck roller coaster of adventure.”  This book was a breakneck adventure indeed.  This book features the Walker family–a family down on their luck.  The father was a very reputable doctor, until he got his license taken away.  The family has been saving and cutting back and trying to help Mr. Walker find a way to be a doctor again.  Suddenly the family finds a perfect home to live in.  It is gigantic and completely furnished with amazing paintings, furniture, and books.  On the day that the family moves in, there is a huge natural disaster and the parents go missing, leaving the three children to survive on their own.  The children don’t face normal survival though–these children have to survive as the house is transported through portals of different books.  The three children Brendan, Eleanor, and Cordelia face the best and the worst characters from different novels and the children must survive if they want to find their parents again.

This book has it all:  humor, wit, adventure, mystery, and a floating house.  It is truly a fun book to read. If you like the Harry Potter series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or Fablehaven, you will love this book.



The Moon and More

 I love books written by Sarah Dessen.  I think that she is a great author and I love the way her characters develop on the pages.  The Moon and More is Sarah Dessen’s latest book.  This book takes place in a small beach town and focuses on Emaline, a girl who has just finished high school and is getting ready to go to college.  Emaline’s starts the summer with the best-looking boyfriend in town, a happy family, and excitement about going to college in the fall.  Throughout the summer, Emaline meets people who complicate her thinking.  Her biological father tries to come back into her life with her younger half-brother; that creates tension in her family.  Emaline meets Theo who is from New York and challenges her way of thinking about life.  Emaline has to pin-point the things that are really important to her and think about the things she values.

I really enjoyed this book.  There are no zombies, or aliens, or girl-robots in this book; it’s just a book about a real girl who faces many real problems girls face.  If you like books about real-life drama, you will like this book.  If you like Sarah Dessen, Ally Carter, or Meg Cabot, this is a book you will want to read.


Seraphina is a girl who has survived a horrible accident.  While hundreds of passengers die when Flight 121 crashes over the Pacific Ocean, Seraphina mysteriously survives.  She wakes up in a hospital and can’t remember anything–her name, her family, or even getting on the airplane.  As she leaves the hospital, she tries to piece her life back together.  Seraphina soon gets a glimpse of her past when a mysterious boy follows her again and again to remind her of who she really is.

This is a great science-fiction mystery book.  My head was spinning trying to piece everything together and figure out who was a hero and who was a villain.  This book is by the same author as 52 Reasons to Hate My Father; I really like her style of writing and her ability to move the plot along.  If you like suspenseful books and mysteries, you will love Unremembered.



If you like books about superpowers, romance, and adventure, I have a great book for you.  Nobody by Jennifer Barnes is a fun new book about people with a special power.  Nobodies are people who are ignored by normal people.  Claire is a Nobody.  Her teachers don’t remember who she is, strangers on the street never notice her, and her parents always forget she is part of the family.  Claire tries to live with the idea that she is unpopular and doesn’t have friends.  One day, when an assassin comes after Claire, she realizes that her special ability to blend in and never be notice is actually a superpower.  A special organization exists that uses Nobodies to kill dangerous people.  Claire learns about this organization when a Nobody from the organization named Nix tries to kill her.  Claire is a target, but soon she falls in love with Nix.  

This is a quick read and a book with new, different plot lines.  I liked the constant action and adventure in this book.  The racing around and the destroying of buildings made this a fun, quick read for guys or girls.  Take a look at this book if you like the Maximum Ride series or the Gallagher Girl series.

After the Fear

If you want a great dystopian book, you should read After the Fear.  Sola is a teenager trying to live a normal life in a society built on fear.  Sola doesn’t obey all of the rules and soon finds herself in a stadium fighting for her life.  When Sola proves to be a great fighter, she is taken to a special camp and trained to be a killer.  When Sola falls in love with her trainer, she has to make decisions about love, killing, loyalty and family.

This is finally a book that measures up to the Hunger Games.  The action in this book is breath-taking and the characters are loveable and hateable.  If you like Hunger Games, Divergent, or Shatter Me, you will love After the Fear. 

Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall is an amazing new supernatural romance. Vane Weston has a supernatural power that he doesn’t know about. Vane can control the wind. He has no idea about this power.  He also has no idea that he has been watched over by a guardian—Audra.  Audra is sworn to guard Vane and protect him until he finds out about this special power.  When Vane learns about his power, his power triggers enemies of Vane’s family to attack Vane and all of his loved ones.  Can Vane learn to use his power in time to save everyone he loves?

This is a great romance, adventure.  If you like books like Fallen and Hush, Hush, you will Let the Sky Fall.

Charile Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit

Have you ever tried to outsmart your parents?  Charlie Joe thinks that he can change his report card and hide his bad grades from his parents.  When his plan to change his report card doesn’t work, Charlie Joe’s parents decide to send him to a summer reading camp.  Charlie Joe DOES NOT want to read during the summer, so he makes a bargain with his parents.  He will get all As and Bs for the rest of the year.  Charlie Joe knows that to get grades like this, he must get extra credit.  His teachers have lots of ideas about extra credit, but will Charlie Joe have the time?

This is a great, funny, witty book.  I couldn’t help laughing at Charlie Joe and the bargains he makes. If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries, you will love this book.  Come into the library and take a look!!



Claire is an average high school student with some great friends.  She is looking to have a really fun year and have some fun at the private school she attends.  Her world is torn apart when she starts having psychic visions about the people around her.  She is scared of these visions and confused at the meaning of their meaning.  Alec MacKenzie enters Claire’s life and she becomes more confused.  Alec is mysterious and brooding and completely protective of Claire.  Is Alec the answer to Claire’s questions? 

If you like Twilight, you will love Forbidden.  They are almost exactly the same plot.  I liked the characters in Forbidden.  Alec is a character who struggles with tough decisions and is a real hero.  Claire is  a strong character who you will want to cheer for.


Mrs. Wood told me that Ten was a great book—boy was she right!!!  Ten is the modern retelling of And Then There Were None.  Ten teenagers are invited to a party on a remote island outside of Seattle.  These teenagers are from different schools; some know each other and some are strangers.  The party is going to last for three days.  Right after the kids get to the house, a huge storm hits the island stopping anyone from leaving.  Soon the kids start to realize that something is fishy.  The girl who is throwing the party never arrives, the island is completely abandoned, and some of the ten party guests start dying.  Soon the survivors realize that the deaths are not accidental and that if they don’t take action soon, they could be the next victims.

Wow!! This is an intense, suspenseful book that keeps you guessing.  I could not put this book down and wanted to know who was behind the murders.  This book is pretty descriptive with violent scenes and there is some mature language.  If you are looking for an intense book, take a look at Ten.


The Liar Society

Kate is a girl going through a lot of drama.  Her best friend Grace died in an accidental fire.  Kate’s parents don’t know how to reach her and can’t identify with her.  All of Kate’s old friends have given up on her because of her grief.  Kate feels alone and isolated in life.  Then Kate gets an email from Grace, the friend she thought was dead.  Kate’s world is turned upside down and she tries to figure out the mystery behind Grace’s death.  This mystery takes Kate on an adventure through secret tunnels, historical mysteries, and the school’s creepy headmaster. 

The Liar Society is an awesome book. The plot sounds really heavy, but the funny characters make the book really fun to read.  I laughed out loud many times at the crazy situations and Kate’s daring.  Readers who like the Gallagher Girls series and The Heist Society will love this book.  If you like quirky, funny, mysterious books, read The Liar Society!!


Dead City

If you like zombie books, you should read Dead City.  Molly is a girl who has a hard time making friends and feels like an outcast.  Molly’s mom passed away from cancer and Molly’s older sister is not at all interested in helping Molly.  When Molly is attacked by a man in a subway station, she is terrified.  A special team of “Omegas” comes to her rescue and shows her how to protect herself from zombies who appear as humans.  Molly realizes that New York is full of zombies and she finds that zombies have strong connections to her and her family.

Dead City is a great read! I liked reading about zombies without a lot of gore and violence.  This book had a great plot, fun characters, and a well-thought mystery.  If you like zombies and adventure, you will love this book!



At some point, we have all done something dumb. Donovan Curtis does many, many dumb things.  But when he destroys his junior high school gymnasium, he knows he has gone too far.  Donovan doesn’t try to do bad things, he just doesn’t think before he acts.  So he knows that he has to find a place to hide so he won’t get in major trouble from the superintendent.  Donovan mistakenly gets invited to be it the gifted school in the district.  He knows that he isn’t above average in intelligence, but he knows that the superintendent would never look for him in the gifted school.  So Donovan goes to the gifted school and every teacher at the school wonders why Donovan is gifted.  Donovan does his best to fit in and become friends with his classmates, but will he pass as a genius?

This book is one of the most hilarious books I have read in a long time.  Donovan is such a crazy kid and he gets in hilarious situations.  Donovan introduces one of his classmates to Youtube.  The results are funny and will have you laughing out loud. If you like funny, witty books with fun situations, check out Ungifted.


Wish You Were Dead

Someone has started a blog about students at Soundview High School. This blogger names people in the school that are popular and then the blogger wishes that these kids were dead. As the blogger names names, these students start to disappear from school.  Madison is considered the nice girl in school.  She hangs out with the popular kids, but she is nice to everyone.  When her friends start to disappear, she is horrified and she is scared for her own life.  Madison is forced to decide which is more important, her safety or the lives of her friends.

This is a great mystery book.  It is spooky and suspenseful.  If you like dark, intense mysteries, you will like this book.



If you like zombies and horror writer Darren Shan, you will love Zom-B. Zom-B is the story of B, a student in England. B’s dad beats the family and flies into a rage at almost anything. B goes to school and loves getting in trouble with friends. When a zombie outbreak happens in Ireland, B thinks that is it just a YouTube hoax. One day as B is in school, zombies attack the school in a frightening way. Will B survive? Will B betray loved ones?

This book is dark. Darren Shan is a great horror writer and this book has horror, suspense, and downright terrifying drawings. I liked the plot of the book and the creepy characters.  If you like dark books, this is a great book for you.



Playground is a new novel by rapper 50 Cent.  Playground is a book about bullying and the impact bullying has on families and schools.  The story is told from the point of view of Butterball–a local school bully.  Butterball has some really tough things in his life:  his parents are recently divorced, Butterball had to move from his school, Butterball is overweight and teased a lot, and Butterball doesn’t think that anyone understands him.  Butterball is a bully and does horrible things, but from the novel, you can see why he does these thing and how he is mixed up about the actions that will gain him respect.

This is a great book about bullying.  I liked getting the perspective of the bully and seeing how scared he was.  If you are interested in edgy, action-packed books, take a look at this one.


About once every 6 months, I find a book that I LOVE and I want to tell everyone about.  Origin is that book.  This book has it all–adventure, suspense, hated characters, shady scientists–everything!!!  Origin is about a girl named Pia.  She is the PERFECT girl.  Seriously.  Nothing on earth is sharp enough to pierce Pia’s skin.  Pia can run for 30 miles and not get tired.  It is impossible for Pia to drown or suffocate. Pia has been genetically engineered to be immortal.  Pia lives in a small community deep in the Amazon jungle.  She is the only young person among a community of scientists who created her.  She has never been allowed outside of the gates of her community.  Pia has to learn and grow and if she passes a series of tests, she will be able to become one of the scientists too.  If Pia becomes a scientist, she can start helping create other beings that immortal like her.  Pia is super focused on being a scientist until the night of her birthday.  On the night of her birthday, she finds a hole in the fence that keeps her inside her home.  Pia gets out and discovers new truths that will change her life. 

This book is simply amazing.  I could not put the book down and I was so mad at so many of the characters.  Scenes in the book literally took my breath away.  If you like dystopian books, you will love this book.  If you like Maze Runner, The Forsaken, the Michael Vey books, check this book out.

The Wide-Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess is the story of Sleeping Beauty–well sort of. In this story Sleeping Beauty has a sister named Annie who cannot be affected by magic.  When Sleeping Beauty falls asleep, Annie is not affected at all.  She doesn’t fall asleep and she knows that she must find a way to help her family and her village.  Annie goes on a quest to find a prince who can kiss her sister and wake up the village.  In the process of finding a prince, she finds many other people.  She comes across many other fairy tale characters that make this book fun.

This is such a fun book.  If you like light, happy stories, this is a great book for you.  If you like A Kiss in Time, Beastly, or Cloaked, you will love this book.


Crush is a short, fun, hilarious book.  Kevin is a boy who has a crush on a girl named Tina.  Kevin wants to find a way to ask Tina on a date, but he is nervous around girls.  Kevin puts his science skills to use and observes people around him who are in love.  The observations that Kevin makes and the things that he does to find a way to get Tina to notice him are fantastically funny.


If you like quick, fun reads, this is a book you must check out!

52 Reasons to Hate My Father

Lexi is a rich girl. Her father is a multi-billionaire and as soon as Lexi turns 18, she will inherit $25 million.  The problem is that Lexi is a brat and an embarrassment to her father.  Her father is furious when Lexi hits and demolishes a convenience store with her sports car.  He decides that Lexi will not get the $25 million unless she learns to work.  Lexi’s father designs a plan for her to have a different job every week for a year.  That means that she will get to have 52 different jobs during the year.  Lexi hates this and tries to sabotage every job she has.  She ultimately realizes that she wants her money and starts trying to put effort into her work.  Along the way, she learns about her family, herself, and her dreams.

This is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  Lexi is a brat, but I really like her.  Reading about her learning to use a vacuum or clean a bathroom was so entertaining.  If you like humor and light reading, this is a great book for you.

The Call

I just read the first book in an amazing new series–The Magnificent 12. The first book is The Call. Mack is just an ordinary 12-year-old boy who is trying to steer clear of bullies and make his way through the school day. One day Mack gets in a fight with the biggest bully in school. He knows that he is dead, until time is literally frozen. Everything around Mack and the bully, Stefan, stops. Mack knows that something is really wrong when he is attacked by an ancient man in the boy’s bathroom.  But Mack definitely knows that something bizarre is happening when he goes home and comes face to face with a person who looks exactly like him in his bedroom.  Mack spends the book making sense of this situation and keeping the reader laughing all along the way.

This is an amazing book and the series will be fantastic!!  If you like humor, action, and adventure, you will love this book.  People who like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Alex Rider will love this series.


Daisy has died several times. Good thing she is part of a government-operated experiment which brings people back to life. Every time Daisy dies, she gets a shot, comes back to life, and then has to move to a different town. Daisy has moved around a lot and she has never had any great friends. In one town, Diasy meets a friend named Audrey and wants to make this her permanent home. The problem is that the government-operated experiment may not be what it seems. Daisy must find out what is really going on with the experimental drug before it’s too late.

What a cool book!!! This book had me guessing the whole time. I love the characters and the relationships between the characters, but my favorite part was the mystery behind the government program. If you like suspense and romance, you will love this book.

A Girl Named Digit

There are not many action-romance books that are also about math, but A Girl Named Digit is one of those books. Farrah is a high school girl who also happens to be a math genius. She doesn’t just get good grades, she aces every math test around and is wanted by every university in the country. Farrah discovers a math code which is linked to a terrorist attack. She must go into hiding with an FBI agent before the terrorist can find her. Many events take place-some romantic, some adventurous, some villainous.  Farrah must try to survive to stop another terrorist attack.

This is a fun, quick read.  If you like Jeanette Rallison books, you will love A Girl Named Digit. 


Tiger’s Destiny

WOW!!!  I hardly ever read an entire series, but I couldn’t put the Tiger’s Curse series down.  This series has it all:  romance, fighting, adventure, history.  Tiger’s Destiny is the fourth and final book of the series.  If you haven’t read the series, pick up a copy of Tiger’s Curse and get started.  If you have read the series, you probably already know about the final book and you are probably dreading the idea of the series ending. 

The Forsaken

The Forsaken is my new favorite book.  Seriously.  I NEVER have favorite books, but this is IT!!! This dystopian book takes place in a bizarre society where teenagers are given a blood test.  This test determines whether they will commit crimes in the future or not. If they test positive for a life of crime, they are thrown onto an island with other like-minded criminal teenagers.  This island is known as “The Wheel”.  Alenna is an orphan since her parents were taken away by the government years ago.  When it is time for her to be tested—you guessed it—it is determined that she will be a criminal in the future.  Alenna goes to The Wheel and faces an incredibly harsh life.  Soon after arriving, she is faced by machines who mysteriously take the teenagers away.  She is also faced with a new, bizarre set of rules in a savage-like environment.  Aleena has to figure out how to get off The Wheel and find out what’s really going on.

There is NO WAY you can predict the things that will happen in this book.  There are so many plot twists—it’s crazy.  If you like the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, or Divergent, you will love this book.  Come in and check it out—or put it on hold.



Wow!!! I loved Defiance, the first book by author CJ Redwine.  Defiance is full of courage, action, and fighting.  Rachel has lost everything in her life.  Her father is missing from the kingdom and has been declared dead by the horribly awful Commander of the village.  Rachel is put into the care of Logan, a boy she has loved and was rejected by.  Together Logan and Rachel disobey the Commander of the village, to look for Rachel’s father and uncover what is really happening with the Commander.  This book is full of fiery beasts, sword-fighting, and plot twists.

This is one of the best adventure books I’ve read in a long time.  The story is told through the eyes of Rachel and Logan, so it is a perfect book for guys or girls.  If you like Hunger Games, Graceling, or Pathfinder, you will love Defiance.


Some ideas are just creepy.  Starters is a fantastic dystopian book with an incredibly creepy plot.  Starters is set in a society where teenagers and very old people live.  All people from the ages of about 25-50 have died.  The elderly people “rent” the bodies of the teenagers.  Teenagers store their minds on a microchip and let the elderly people take over their bodies; this allows the elderly people to do fun things that they would never be able to do in their own bodies—skydive, run, party.  Callie is a teenager who needs money to help feed her younger brother.  She doesn’t want to rent out her body, but she is desperate.  She stores her mind and allows an elderly lady to take over her body.  Soon Callie finds out that her mind hasn’t entirely left her body and she can still see glimpses of what this elderly lady is doing while in her body.  Callie realizes that the lady who has rented her body is going to murder someone and frame Callie.


This is a fantastic book that will keep you guessing the entire time.  If you like dystopian books like Matched or Divergent, you should give this book a try.

The Selection

The Selection is one of the best dystopian books I read this summer.  The book is based around America Singer, a teenage girl who lives in a society with kings and queens.  The prince of the country is getting ready to be married and the tradition of the country is that he chooses his bride from 25 girls he has never met before.  The girls live at the castle, try to win his love, and he eliminates them one by one.  Sound familiar?  Just like the Bachelor or Bachelorette.  America joins the competition so she can get much-needed money and food for her family. She doesn’t want to win because she is already in love with a boy from her town.  America must decide what her future holds—a love she has always known, or a Prince.

This was such a fun book to read.  I loved the description of this society and the cattiness of the girls in the competition.  If you like dystopian books, romance books or reality tv, you will love this book.




Lockdown the first book in the Escape from Furnace series.  The main character, Alex, has been framed for murder.  Since Alex is a teenager, is sentenced to a life in the prison “Furnace.”  This prison is underground and houses only teenage murderers.  Alex knows that Furnace is a horrible place, but he realizes that it is even worse once he gets there.  Inmates argue, fight, and kill each other.  Unearthly guard dogs chase prisoners.  But the worst part is that in the middle of the night, bizarre  creatures come and take some of the inmates.  Alex knows that he can’t survive here his whole life, so he starts and escape plan.  Read this book to find out if Alex escapes.

This is a great horror book.  If you like adventure or anything written by Darren Shan, you will love this series by Alexander Gordon Smith.

Immortal City

One of the trends in Young Adult Literature right now is books about angels.  Immortal City is a book about angels, but also about an altered society.  In Immortal City, angels are superstars or celebrities.  Angels can save people and so very wealthy mortal people can buy the protection of guardian angels.  So angels are wealthy, popular, and mobbed by fans.  The angels are modern-day celebrities. Angels are followed by journalists and seen on television all the time.  Maddy is an ordinary mortal girl who is just struggling to survive.  She and her uncle are barely able to make a living at the family restaurant and Maddy just wants to get through high school and somehow go to college.  When Maddy accidentally meets Jackson, the most popular angel in the news, her life changes dramatically.  She has to decide if she wants to get to know Jackson, or remain unknown to the world.  The secret that has been kept from Maddy for years only complicates her life.

This is a great book. I loved the witty writing and the fun plot twists.  If you like books about angels or romance books, you will love Immortal City.

The Scourge

This is another great dystopian book.  The world has been changed and infected by a great disease.  Fenn is the main character of this book and she is blind.  The group of people she lives with fears the sickness that plagues the earth.  People who have been infected with this disease act like zombies and  try to harm the people of Fenn’s group.  Fenn is blind and is protected from the disease.  When the zombie-like people come to attack Fenn’s people, they hide in a cave.  Fenn is the only person who can go gather clean water.  Fenn realizes that this is no way to live.  Even though she is blind, she explores and voyages to find another source of water.  On her journey, she finds information that will change her way of life and changes the community she lives in.

This is a great dystopian book with mysteries and plot twists.  If you like adventure and dystopian settings, you will love this book.

The Burn

Wow!!!  The Burn is a great dystopian novel.  Terra has lived all of her life deep in the ocean.  Nuclear weapons were used years and years ago and thousands of people built cities on the bottom of the ocean to avoid the wars and the nuclear fallout.  Terra has grown up in a society on the bottom of the ocean where individuals are taken care of, but have few choices to make.  Terra is tired of this life and wants to find out what is above the ocean or on “The Burn” as the people call the areas of land.  Terra makes a great sacrifice to sneak away from her colony and board a submarine to get to the earth.  Once on the earth, she is hunted, she is hungry, and she is scared.  She realizes that her life back in the ocean colony may not be so bad. 

This book is a quick read and full of suprises.  The Burn reminds me a lot of Delirium and Pandemonium.  If you like dystopian books, you will love The Burn.


If you like the Percy Jackson series or mythology, Wildefire is a book you should try.  Ashline Wilde is a girl who does not fit into her school or town.  She is constantly being teased for her differences and she is not afraid to fight back.  When a girl in her town is killed and Ashline is found to be a part of the crime, Ashline transfers to another school–a school very far away. Ash attends a school in the middle of the California Redwoods.  At this school, she learns more about herself.  She starts to understand why she has always felt different; she starts to realize why others around her seem different too.

I really enjoyed this fast-paced book.  This book focuses on Polynesian mythology and that was really fun to learn about.  The characters in the book were witty and funny.  If you like mythology and fantasy, take a look at this book.

Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365 is a series of books about a boy named Cal Ormond.  Cal is caught in a conspiracy.  His father recently died and Cal’s life has started to go downhill.  Cal tries to help his mother and stay in school, but one night everything changes.  On New Year’s Eve, Cal meets a man on the street who gives him a warning–Beware, people are going to kill you and you will be lucky if you live another year.  From that moment, Cal’s life goes crazy.  He is accused of murder, has to runaway from home, and realizes that there is something questionable about his father’s death.  There are 12 books in the series and each book follows a month that Cal tries to survive and solve the mystery.

These are action-packed, page-turning books.  If you like adventure and action, these are great books for you.  You won’t be able to stop guessing about Cal’s next move.

Don’t You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey

This book was published 15 years ago, but this book is one that you may love.  If you like A Child Called It or Rules of Survival, you will like Don’t You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey.  The book is about Tish, a student with a lot of problems.  Tish has a really difficult home life.  Her mom and dad are abusive and neglectful.  When Tish’s English teacher, Mrs. Dunphrey, assigns the class to write in their journals, Tish thinks the assignment is a waste of time.  Mrs. Dunphrey promises not to read the entry if students label the entry with “Do Not Read”.  The book is a collection of Tish’s journal entries that she does not want anyone to read.  These entries help her sort out her feelings without getting her parents in trouble.

This is a fantastic book about the troubles some teenagers face.  I loved Tish’s character and rooted for her during the entire book.  If you like books that make you think–try this one.

Rot & Ruin

There are more and more books that are about zombies and I think I like them.  Benny is a boy who lives in a world taken over by zombies.  When a person dies, he or she comes back as a zombie and must be killed again in a very specific way.  Benny lives in a fenced in community to stay safe from the zombies.  Benny’s brother Tom is a zombie hunter and Benny hates his brother Tom.  The time has come for Benny to get a job and he can’t find anything he likes to do.  Reluctantly, Benny agrees to become a zombie hunter like his brother Tom.  As Benny journies out into the world of zombies, he learns that there are some really complicated things happening.  Bad men are trying to take over the world and kill innocent people.  Tom and Benny unite with others to stop these evil men.

I admit, I read this book at first because it looked so weird.  A book about zombies?  But when I finished it, I realized that it wasn’t so different from many other books with plots of good vs. evil.  If you are in the mood to read something different with lots of action and adventure, try Rot & Ruin.


I was so excited to read the book Pandenomium (the sequel to the book Delirium), but not incredibly hopeful.  I rarely ever like the sequel as much as I like the original book.  Well let me tell you, I LOVED Pandemonium and I think it may be better than the first book.  Lena  has escaped the civilization that outlaws love.  All citizens are required to have a surgery to cure the disease of love, but Lena escapes and tries to find a way to survive.  Lena discovers a community of people who struggle to survive.  Their lives are full of hard times, hunger, fear, but also freedom.  Lena survives with them and even manages to help this group of people in the process.  Along the way, Lena meets Julian and becomes very close with him.  She tries to help Julian see the world the way he sees it.  In the end, Lena is left with a huge decision to make.

This book was fast-paced and so great to read.  The author uses flashbacks from the past to tell the story and so the book unfolds in a really amazing way.  I love the way the author tells the story to the very end of the book.  Even the last word in the book is critical and changes everything.  If you like dystopian books, you need to read Delirium and Pandemonium.

The Name of the Star

The Name of the Star is a really cool book about history, a mystery, and a love story.  Rory is a girl from Louisiana who goes to live in England.  She transfers to a boarding school during her senior year.  The day she arrives in England, mysterious killings start to happen.  The killings are patterned after Jack the Ripper.  Everyone in England is nervous about these random killings.  One of the killings happens right outside of Rory’s door.  Rory soon realizes that she has a special connection wth the killer and may be the only person who can stop him.

I liked this book.  I thought I was reading a fictional book, but the book turned out to be supernatural. I really enjoyed reading about the history of Jack the Ripper.  If you like action and mystery, you will love the plot of this book.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

If you are looking for a cute, fun book, you may want to try The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.  Hadley is a high school girl who has the typical problems of a girl her age.  Her parents are divorced, her dad is getting remarried, and she’s trying to figure out how she feels about this situation.  Hadley lives in America and her father lives in England.  Hadley is flying to England for her dad’s wedding.  She really doesn’t want to go and she misses her flight by mistake.  While waiting in the airport, she happens to meet Oliver, a college guy on her same flight.  You can probably guess where this is going from the title of the book.  This book takes place in 24 hours and we follow Oliver and Hadley on their trips through England and love.

I loved this book because it is witty, fun, and light.  I first thought that this book would be a love story, and it is–but it is so much more than that.  The book follows Hadley on her journey to forgive her father and try to get closer to him.  I think this is a great book for anyone and everyone.



Forgotten is the first novel by author Cat Patrick.  I loved this book and think that you will love it too.  London Lane is your average girl, except for the fact that at 4:33 each morning, her memory is erased.  This has happened for years and every night she leaves herself notes about what happened in the days and weeks before.  Each morning when she wakes up, she has to read pages and pages about the things going on in her life.   No one understands why this happens.  London does have one advantage though, she can clearly see into the future.  She knows what will happen to everyone who is in her life.  Only London, her mother, and her best friend know about her condition.  One day, London meets Luke Henry.  She likes him, he likes her, but she can’t see him in her future and so she has to be reintroduced to him each morning.  London realizes that Luke may hold the key to figuring out why her brain works the way it does and the secrets her family keeps hidden.

This is a great book.  The plot kept me guessing and there was a lot of suspense.  If you like quick, fun books, you will love Forgotten.


Legend is a fantastic new dystopian novel by a great new author.  Day is a boy who lives on the streets.  He is homeless and incredibly smart.  In fact, he is so smart that he is on the top of the Most Wanted list in the Republic.  Many people consider Day a hero since he has taken on the Republic and stopped the soldiers from horrible acts.  Day never passed his schooling and ran away from home at an early age.  June seems to be just the opposite of Day.  She has top scores on her tests, she graduated from college at age 16 and she is a favorite of the government. Day and June are tied together in this book when Day allegedly kills June’s brother.  June must hunt down Day and avenge her brother.  During her mission, June starts doubting Day’s guilt and has to solve the mystery of her brother’s death on her own.

This is a great dystopian book for both girls and guys.  The chapters alternate between characters, so you see both points of view.  This book is filled with action and suspense.  As soon as you finish the book, you will want the next book immediately.

The Pledge

Have you read a book by Kimberly Derting?  The Body Finder?  Desires of the Dead?  If you have read a book by this author, you probably love her.  The Pledge is her brand new dystopian book.  It is so fantastic!  Charlie is a girl who lives in a dangerous world controlled by a queen.  In this world, the language you speak determines your social rank and class.  If you speak a language above your rank or look someone in the eye who does, you could be punished by death.  Charlie has a huge secret.  She understands all languages, even those above her class.  This is incredibly dangerous and she could be severely punished.  Charlie meets a boy named Max who is mysterious and handsome.  He soon finds out her secret and she has to figure out whether he will put her in danger or protect her.

This book was so much fun to read.  It’s set in a dark, dystopian atmosphere, but there is a lot of hope and triumph in the book too.  If you like dystopian or romance, you will love this book.


Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

The new book by Richard Paul Evans is one of the best action-adventure books I have read in a long time.  Michael Vey is a character who faces a lot of problems in high school.  He is bullied, he doesn’t have a lot of friends and he has Tourette’s syndrome.  Michael feels hopeless, especially when he is being picked on by large groups of bullies.  One day, Michael has enough.  He is being beaten by a group of boys and he uses his special powers to get them to stop.  Since birth, Michael has had strong electrical currents running through his body.  He can shock people with large charges of currents and make them pass out.  Michael unleashes his power on the bullies.  He doesn’t realize that Taylor, the cutest cheerleader in school, is watching.  Taylor confronts Michael and soon they realize that their lives are intertwined.  Michael and Taylor have powers that lead them on dangerous adventures.

This is an action-packed book that I couldn’t put down.  I love the characters in this book; some characters heroic and some are horrible.  This book is for ANYONE who loves adventure and an addictive plot.  I can’t wait for the next book to come out.  Come into the library and see what you think!!

The Future of Us

Sometimes you read a book and you just fall in love.  That’s what happened when I read The Future of Us.  This book is so unique; I couldn’t help but love it.  The book is written by two authors and each of the authors write alternating chapters.  Josh and Emma are next door neighbors who go to high school in the late 1990s.  Emma gets a brand new computer and then gets a CD ROM that allows her to have 1,000 hours of free Internet access.  She and Josh try the Internet, but soon realize that something weird is happening.  As soon as they log in, they see a page called “Facebook”.  These two characters live in the 1990s and they have never heard of Facebook before.  Emma and Josh see their status updates for the year 2011 and soon realize that they can see 15 years into the future.  At first they are both excited, but then Emma gets discouraged with her future.  She does things in her present life that create ripples through time and change the future.  Josh and Emma must figure out how to see their futures without changing them too dramatically. 

This is a great time travel book that really makes you think about the impact you have on your future right now.  The turn of events was really fun to read about and I couldn’t help but really like the characters in the book. If you are looking for a fun, memorable read, try The Future of Us.

Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines is the latest book about bullying and taking jokes too far. Adonis is a boy in high school who plays on the football team and has some insecurities.  He just wants to fit in and be part of the team.  A new boy named Alan starts school and all of the football players make fun of Alan.  Alan likes to wear lipstick and dresses sometimes and he experiments with who he is.  Adonis must make a decision about how far he will go to fit in with the football team and mock Alan.

This was a hard book to read at times because there were so many tough choices, but I loved this book.  I think that this is one of the best books in our library about bullying and standing up for what you believe in.  If you are interested in thinking, this is a great book to read.

Tiger’s Voyage

The third book in this series is out and it is full of adventure. Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey are out on another adventure.  This time the adventure takes place on the sea.  The characters must visit many dragons to find different clues and prizes to help on the journey.  The love triangle between the three character carries on and becomes even more complicated in this book.

If you liked the first two books, you will love this book.  The action and adventure in this book make it ideal for fans of the Percy Jackson series and the Fablehaven series.  The romance in this book makes it ideal for fans of Twilight, Fallen, or Hush Hush.  If you are looking for action, adventure and a great book, think about this series.

A Time for War

I love to find books that have cool organizational formats.  I just read A Time for War in the Bloodlines series.  This is a series about different wars throughout history.  The books are really small and take about an hour to read. This specific book is all about Privat Michael Donovan who fights in World War II.  He parachutes behind enemy lines and has to figure out how to survive and fight for what he believes is right. 

This series of books is fascinating to me.  At the beginning of each chapter a “Debriefing” section is included.  This section has facts and statistics about the war.  The pictures and graphics really add to this book and make it really fun to read. If you are looking for a quick, fun read, check out this series of books.

Wake Unto Me

If you like romance mixed with history, you will love this book.  Caitlyn is a girl who lives in Oregon and knows that she doesn’t fit in.  Caitlyn’s mother died when she was very young and her father remarried.  Caitlyn loves her family and they are very kind to her, but she knows that living in Oregon is not the life for her.  Caitlyn applies for a scholarship at an art school in France and she is immediately accepted.  She travels to France to find a place of belonging and focus on her art.  As soon as Caitlyn lands in France, she starts having dreams about a boy named Raphael.  She sees him in her dreams most nights and she knows she has been sent to help him.  Together, the uncover a mystery and the history of Caitlyn’s school. 

This was a fun read that kept me guessing.  I really liked Caitlyn’s character and the mysteries she had to solve.  If you like romance and if you are interested in art, this is a great book for you.  I really enjoyed learning about the time period in France and the art of the time.


Glow is one of the newest dystopian books in our library.  In this book, Earth has come to an end.  The temperatures get hotter and hotter each year and it is impossible for life to continue to exist with these conditions.  Leaders gather together and build two gigantic spaceships.  Hundreds of people are placed on each spaceship.  Each spaceship is bound for New Earth, or a planet that will take at least 50 years to reach.  Waverly and Kieran are two teenagers on one of the ships.  The spaceship is the only world that they have ever known.  They are teenagers who are in love and plan on getting married.  When the other spaceship attacks their spaceship and they are separated, their lives start to fall apart and they struggle for survival.  Can the kids on this ship survive when many of the adults are taken captive on the other ship?

This was a great book with a lot of mature themes.  I really liked this book because of the plot and the very different setting.  The characters were very easy to love and easy to hate.  One of the main problems on both spaceships is that some of the women cannot have children.  There are many themes and conversations about having children.  If you like different, mature books, this could be a book for you.


Something Like Fate

Sometimes you just need to read a great “girl book.”  The author Susane Colasanti is the queen of writing girl books.  Something Like Fate is about  best friends Lani and Erin.  These girls have been best friends for years and years.  They have been through a terrifying accident that has bound them as friends forever.  When Erin starts dating Jason, Lani is happy and wants her best friend to be happy too.  It quickly becomes obvious that Jason is not meant to be with Erin; he is meant to be with Lani.  A long friendship is tested when both girls realize that they like Jason.

This book was a fun, quick read.  It has the classic love triangle plot with a few twists thrown in.  After reading heavier books, I really liked a change of pace.  If you like fun books about relationships, this is a great book for you. 

The Water Wars

The Water Wars is a great book that asks an important question:  What would happen if someone controlled all of the water in the world?  Will and Vera are siblings who live in a world where water is controlled by pirates and the government.  They don’t have clean, pure water to drink.  They only have chemical liquid which passes for water. Each day they go to school and try to survive in their society.  One day they meet Kai, a boy with a special talent.  He knows where a secret river is, but he is kidnapped.  Will and Vera go after him and face many, many adventures trying to find their friend. 

This is a fantastic dystopian book which made me think.  There is a lot of science in this book and I learned a lot about the importance of water by reading this book.  If you like dystopian adventure, you will love this book.

Epitaph Road

What would the world be like if men didn’t exist?  The book Epitaph Road looks at this idea.  This dystopian book takes place in 2097.  A plague has hit the earth and 97% of all men have died.   There is hardly a man to be found.  The main character Kellen is one of the very few males left on earth.  Kellen is 14 years old and struggling through school as he faces a lot of discrimination and judgment.  Kellen has to risk everything when he realizes that his father (who lives in a very remote community) is in danger.  Kellen must choose between doing what’s safe and doing what’s right.

This is a fantastic, quick book.  I loved the organization of this book.  Much of the information in this book is given through Internet news reports.  It was fun to piece this society together through news reports.  There is a huge conspiracy in the book and it is interesting to find out about this conspiracy along with Kellen.  If you like dystopian books, you will love Epitaph Road.


I usually don’t read horror books, but I think that Ashes is the closest thing to a horror book that I have read in a long time.  Alex is a girl who is suffering from very advanced cancer.  She knows that she doesn’t have long to live, so she hikes into a remote area of forest to do some deep thinking.  While in the forest, she encounters an older man and his granddaughter.  There is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that destroys all electronics, including the older man’s pacemaker.  The man dies and Alex is left with this young, stubborn girl.  Alex does her best to make her way back to civilization and report this death.  When Alex does get closer to civilization, she realizes that the entire world has changed.  Really, it has dramatically changed in ways that are shocking and horrific.

This book is amazing, dark, and horrific all at the same time.  The plot of this book is unheard of.  I couldn’t even start to make guesses about the twists and turns in this book.  Much of this book is horror and toward the end there is a dystopian society.  If you like bizarre, thought-provoking books, this is a book for you.


The Eleventh Plague

The Eleventh Plague is another great dystopian, end-of-the-world novel.  Stephen Quinn has only known the world as a burned out, center of disease.  Before he was born, American was nearly destroyed with a strain of a plague.  This plague killed nearly everyone in the entire country.  Stephen’s family survived and now he and his father hunt for items to trade in the city.  Stephen and his father do dangerous work and when they try to help a woman and her child, they get very hurt.  Stephen finally has some luck and meets a community of people who will help him.  Stephen’s luck runs out when he almost tears the community apart.

This is a great, dark dystopian novel.  Stephen is a great character who has to make many hard choices.  If you like The Hunger Games, Enclave, or Divergent, you will love this book.

Blood Wounds

Willia is a girl who has it all.  She has a loving mother, a great step-family and she is doing well in school.  Willia has never met her biological father, but one day she learns that he has killed three girls, his current wife and he’s coming after her next.  Willia and her family are scared and the immediately take cover.  Willia has to figure out who she is.  Is she the normal girl she thought she was?  Does she have the blood of a killer running through her veins? 

This book was intense.  I really like the main character and the way she tried to look on the bright side of the situation.  This book was a quick read and I really wanted to find out what happened to Willia and her family.  If you like emotional, thoughtful books, this would be a good book for you.


Every once in a while, you read a book that takes your breath away.  That’s what happened when I read Starcrossed by new author Josephine Angelini.  This book is about Helen.  Helen has always been painfully shy and she wants no attention at all.  Helen knows that she is different; she runs exceptionally fast, she has amazing hearing and she’s just always felt different.  When a strange new family moves into her small town, Helen starts to realize that she is different. 

This book has the perfect mixture of a great plot and historical references.  The book is based on the tale of the Trojan War.  If you like Greek Mythology and if you like action and adventure, you will love this book.


If you like fast-paced, novels with lots of fighting and strategy, you will love the new book Enclave.  This book is set in a time when the world is in utter chaos.  Cannibalistic monsters, called Freaks, run around eating people.  In order to get away from the danger, many people decide to live underground.  The two main characters, Freak and Deuce, live in a group of people or an enclave.  These people live in underground tunnels and have never seen the sun or felt rain.  The elders in the group tell them that the dangers of living above ground are too great.  When Freak and Deuce get kicked out of the enclave, they are forced to live above ground.  They find some horrors above ground and also some peace. 

This book was unlike any book I have ever read.  I liked the characters in the book and the action made me keep reading.  If you like The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Uglies, you will like this book.


thinandbeautiful.com is a book about one girl’s struggle with an eating disorder.  Maddie is seventeen years old and she has thought of herself as fat for years.  Maddie finds ways to exercise for hours and hours and eat practically nothing.  Even when she weighs 98 pounds, she still feels fat.  Everyone in her life wants to help her see herself as she really is, but she refuses to believe she can stop starving herself.  Maddie finds an online group at thinandbeautiful.com that shares her same concerns and beliefs.  Maddie continues to struggle with her body image.

This book is very realistic and heartbreaking.  This book really shows the journey of one girl and her struggle with her body image.  If you like Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, you will really enjoy this book.


Divergent is the latest dystopian thriller.  The society in Divergent is divided into 5 groups: the honest, the brave, the selfless, the intelligent and the peaceful.  When kids turn 16, they must select which group they will follow.  Beatrice has grown up as part of the selfless society, but when it’s her time to choose, she’s faced with many options.  Beatrice chooses a difficult path and must do tasks that she never thought possible.  Beatrice (or Tris) and her group initiates must face tests of physical, emotional, and mental strength.  While facing these tests that push her to the edge, Tris uncovers a conspiracy spreading through the entire society.  She must find a way to fight this conspiracy or she will lose her friends, family, and everything important to her.

This is a fascinating book.  It’s a classic dystopian book with many, many twists and turns.  If you like The Hunger Games, Matched, or The Maze Runner, you will love Divergent.


Secrets of a First Daughter

Secrets of a First Daughter is the second book in this series.  I haven’t read the first book and I thought that the second book was easy to catch on to and quite delightful.  Morgan’s mom is the President of the United States.  Morgan lives in the spotlight and is constantly being criticized by journalists.  Morgan is just a regular high school kid trying to deal with the drama of friends, homework and parent pressures.  She’s in love with a teenage Secret Service agent who works in the White House, Max.  Morgan and Max have to keep their relationship secret and that only adds to the pressure on Morgan. 

This is a fun, quick read.  Morgan’s character is fun and full of hope.  Her enemies are so fun to hate in this book.  If you like Princess Diaries or The Gallagher Girls series, this would be a great book for you.


Tiger’s Quest

If you read Tiger’s Curse, you’ll absolutely want to read Tiger’s Quest.  The second book in the series puts Kelsey back home in Oregon going to college.  Kelsey tries to forget about Ren and live a normal life.  Well, you may remember in the first book, Kelsey moves into a duplex.  Guess who moves in on the other side of her apartment.  Yep, Ren.  Kelsey and Ren start dating and their lives are great, but a little complicated when Kishan shows up.  Things start getting a lot more complicated when Ren is kidnapped and Kelsey and Kishan try to save him.

This book is packed with adventure and fun.  If you liked the first book, you will drink up the second book.  The ending made me mad, but that’s what a good book should do.  You’ll read this and then want the 3rd book immediately.

Five Flavors of Dumb

Piper goes to school in Seattle.  A band at her high school just won a competition and everyone in school is excited about the future of the band.  One day Piper gets into a conversation with the lead singer of the band and suddenly she is the manager of the band.  She feels that this is crazy because she is deaf.  Piper has never heard of a deaf person managing and leading a band.  She’s desperate though.  Her parents just used all of her college savings to buy a hearing implant for her little sister.  Piper feels like no one understands, so she starts managing the band.  Along the way, she realizes who her friends are and who is just pretending to be her friend.

This was a fun book.  I loved Piper and her outlook.  She always stays positive even when things look really dark.  If you like realistic stories and stories about teenagers who fight the odds, you will love this book.


If you like dystopian books, you will love Delirium.  Dystopian books are often set in societies in the future.  In Delirium, the government has found the cause of unhappiness–love.  The government believes that if they stop people from falling in love and loving other people, they will ultimately stop people from suffering heartbreak.  Lena is a teenager who is about to undergo the operation that cures love.  She watches her family and friends as they have the surgery and she is sure that she wants her life to be uncomplicated like their lives.  Then she meets Alex, a boy who shows her that love may not be a bad thing after all.

This book was so interesting.  I loved reading about this society and the government.  It is a fascinating idea to stop people from feeling the emotion of love.  I really liked the characters.  The book reminded me a lot of the book Matched by Allie Condie, except this book has a very, very sad ending.  If you like dystopian books, this may be one you want to try.

The Last Thing I Remember

WOW!!!  I just finished The Last Thing I Remembr and it was amazing!!  Charlie West is a nice, normal high school kid.  He loves his family, friends and country.  Charlie has a perfect day.  His friends are great to him and a girl he has a crush on gives him her phone number.  Charlie goes to sleep that night, but the next morning he wakes up tied to a metal chair deep in a terrorist facility.  Charlie must figure out why he is here and how he can get out.  As he begins to solve some mysteries, others unfold.  He realizes that a year has passed since his perfect day and he can’t remember any of it. 

This book is full of action, adventure and suspense.  This is a fantastic book for ANYONE.  This is the first book in the Homelanders series.  All four books have been published, so you won’t have to wait to read all of these great books.


Sometimes I like a book for the plot.  Sometimes I like the book for the characters.   I like the book Kick because of HOW it was written.  A few years ago, author Walter Dean Myers received an email from a student telling him how much he loved the books Myers wrote.  Myers wrote back to the student and asked him if he wanted to write a story together.  After hundreds of emails back and forth, the book Kick was published.  The student author writes the parts of Kevin Johnson.  Kevin is a good kid, but he has done a bad thing and gets taken to jail.  Walter Dean Myers writes the part of Sergeant Brown, the officer who wants to help Kevin change his ways. This is a great book about actions, consequences and forgiveness. 

Kevin is a soccer player and there are lots of entries about his soccer games included in the book. If you like action, sports or suspense, you will love this book. If you like books by Tim Green or Mike Lupica, you should really read this book.



When Mrs. Wood recommends that you read a book, you should ALWAYS do it.  She has the best taste in books.  She told me to read Trapped and it is one of the best, most memorable books I have read in a long time.  The plot is pretty simple:  Seven kids are trapped in their high school during a historically epic snowstorm.  Snow storms rage for 5 days and the students must figure out how to survive without heat, electricity and eventually without running water.  All seven students are from different social groups, so the complications are endless.

This is a great book because it is told from the point of view of a boy.  Scotty is just your average boy who is literally trying to survive this snow storm.  His voice and personality are so strong in this book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who like adventure and suspense.

The Big Crunch

Author Pete Hautman usually writes psychological thrillers, so a book about relationships is really change for him.  The Big Crunch is not a typical love story.  This story is about Jen and Wes who see each other and—-shrug.  Their eyes don’t meet across a crowded room; they don’t fall in love at first sight.  They “orbit around each other” until one day they end up together.  This is the story of their year together and apart.

This book has the potential to be very boring–but it’s not.  I loved this book, not because of the plot, but because of the characters.  There is a piece of everyone in these characters.  Both these teenagers feel like they don’t exactly fit in and they find happiness together.  I am fully aware of how lame that sounds, but it’s true and this is a really good book. So if you like to read about relationships, try this one out.
The Big Crunch

Uncommon Criminals

Author Ally Carter writes fantastic spy books.  Her latest book, Uncommon Criminals is the follow-up book to the Heist Society.  If you remember, Kat is the genius teenage thief who uses her talents to get people’s treasures back to them instead of stealing treasures.  This time Kat, Hale, Simon and all of the others are trying to find and return the Cleopatra Emerald to its rightful owner.  The problem is that this emerald is cursed and so is Kat from the beginning.

Ally Carter is such a fun author and her books are really quick reads.  I think I liked this book more than Heist Society because it was so quick-paced and kept me guessing until the end.  If you are looking for a fun, quick read, check this book out!!

Uncommon Criminals

The Goddess Test

A few years ago, many, many books were written with vampires as the main characters.  I have noticed that a lot of authors are getting away from this trend and writing books about characters who become immortal.  Some of these books include plots about Greek Mythology.  This is awesome because we all LOVE Greek Mythology!!!  The Goddess Test is one such book.  The main character Kate has taken care of her dying mother for years.  Kate’s mother has cancer and she doesn’t have long to live.  Kate takes her mother back to her mother’s hometown of Eden, Michigan so that her mom can die peacefully.  Kate starts school there and still takes care of her mother.  While in this bizarre little town, she meets Henry, who claims to be Hades (the god of the Underworld).  Henry offers Kate a deal that could keep her mother alive.

I really liked this book because it had so many Greek Mythology ties and the plot really keeps you reading.  If you like adventure and romance, this is a great book for you.
The Goddess Test

Dirty Little Secrets

Sometimes you read a book that haunts you for a while.  That is what happened when I read Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu.  The main character, Lucy, just wants to be a normal high school girl.  She has one best friend and a crush on the cutest guy in school.  Lucy’s secret is her home.  Her mother is a hoarder; she hasn’t thrown anything away in at least 10 years.  Lucy is constantly afraid that someone will find out that she lives among trash.  At the very beginning of book Lucy’s mother dies because a huge pile of trash falls on her during a breathing attack.  The rest of the book is about Lucy trying to figure out what do to with all of the things her mother has collected. 

I LOVED this book.  There were some parts of the plot that were a little unrealistic, but I thought the book really gave insight into how hoarders live.  If you like books like A Child Called It or The Rules of Survival, you will love this book.

Dirty Little Secrets

April 13

There are books about vampires and there are books about werewolves; Intertwined has vampires, werewolves and a guy with 4 different souls living in his body.  Yes, this is a truly weird book and I think that you will like it.  Aden has always considered himself weird because there are 4 other people living inside his body.  One of the extra people can raise the dead, one can time travel. . . they all have special abilities and they drive Aden crazy.  He has spent lots of time in mental institutions because he “hears voices”.  When Aden meets Mary Ann, everything changes. 

I thought this book may be pretty predictable when I first started reading it.  Nope.  There is a twist around every corner.  The book had a bizarre plot, it’s really appropriate and it’s got great personality. I would recommend it to anyone.


April 13

I am a huge Alex Rider fan, so I was really exicted to get the latest book–Scorpia Rising.  This is actually the last book in the series and it does not disappoint.  Do you remember when Alex had a twin or a clone in the book Point Blank?  This guy is back and he’s angry.  He’s used in this latest book to torture Alex.  Another evil, terrorist character tries to torture Alex to death.

Check out this book.  You will love the action, suspense and boldness of the plot.  This book is one that anyone would love!!!

Scorpia Rising

March 17

Have you ever heard of Lisa Schroeder?  She’s a great author who writes books in poetry form.  Her poetry form makes the books really quick and fun to read.  I just finished the book I Heart You, You Haunt Me.  Ava is a teenage girl who just lost her boyfriend in a horrible accident.  After her boyfriend Jackson’s funeral, Ava still feels like he is with her.  She spends quite a bit of time trying to communicate with her dead boyfriend.

This is a great, short book.  The fact that the book was written in poetry made it a quick read.  If you like love stories, you’ll love this book.

I Heart You, You Haunt Me

March 14

Tiger’s Curse is an epic love and adventure story.  Kelsey lost her parents in an accident and she has lived in a great foster home for a few years. It’s time for Kelsey to go out on her own and go to college.  The summer before college, Kelsey tries to find a job.  She ends up working a temporary job at a circus.  Kelsey really loves this job and she really likes the tiger in the circus, Ren.  At the end of her job obligation, a man shows up and buys Ren the tiger and asks Kelsey to accompany he and the tiger to India.  Kelsey finds herself in a new land with a tiger who has many, many secrets.

This is an awesome book.  If you like love stories and lots of adventure, this is a book for you.  This is the first book in the series; when you finish Tiger’s Curse, I’m sure you’ll want to read Tiger’s Quest which comes out in June.

Tiger's Curse


February 28


Have you read The Body Finder?   If you have, you are probably wondering if there is a sequel to this page-turner.  Well, there is.  Desires of the Dead is the sequel and it is every bit as intense as The Body Finder.  Violet and Jay are now dating, but their relationship is challenged when Jay starts to doubt Violet’s judgement.  A new boy moves to town and Jay starts spending a lot of time with him.  That worries Violet because there are imprints of the dead around the new boy’s home.

This book follows the same format as The Body Finder.  Most of the book is written from Violet’s view, but sometimes we get the view of the villian.  This book is more mature than the first book.  There are some mature scenes between Violet and Jay.  Please take this into consideration before checking out the book.

 Desires of the Dead

February 17


If you like fun, quick books, you should try reading Cloaked by Alex Flinn.  Alex Flinn wrote A Kiss in Time and Beastly.  Cloaked is her new book and I loved it!!   The main character Johnny works repairing shoes in a hotel in South Beach Florida.  He doesn’t have much hope for the future because he and his mom don’t have any money and they are barely surviving.  Johnny gets excited when  a foreign princess comes to stay in the hotel.  Even though she parties all the time, Johnny thinks she may be nice.  The moment Johnny meets the foreign princess, his life changes.  Johnny makes an epic journey to find the girl he loves and save a prince.

This book was funny and fun to read.  If you like Flinn’s other books, you will love this fast-paced, quick read.


February 7

I just finished I Am Number Four.  The plot is awesome. The characters make the book really fun.  Just take my word for it and read this book.  If you like action, adventure and a bit of romance, you will love this book.

I Am Number Four

January 18

If you like dystopian books, you will love Matched.  Cassia lives in a society which is controlled by a committee.  People who live in this society don’t get to cook their own food, choose their own jobs or choose who they fall in love with.  Cassia is just turning 17 and she is about to be “matched”.  She will soon find out who her perfect match is–this match is chosen by a committee.  When Cassia finds who the committee assigns to be her match, she is very excited. Soon she realizes that there is another match for her.  Cassia struggles to decide whether she will obey the rules of this society or break free  and make her own choices. 

I loved this book.  I thought that the setting of this society was amazing.  It’s hard to imagine a life with no choices, but the author really makes this place come to life.  If you like dystopian books that make you think, try this book.  I think you’ll like it.


January 18

Will and Elizabeth (her nickname is Bet) grew up in the same household in the 1800s.  Will is the son of a rich, reputable couple, while Bet is the daughter of a maid.  Both of their parents died when they were very, very young and both Will and Bet were raised by Will’s uncle.  Since will is a boy, he gets to move away and go to school, but Bet has to stay home and take care of the housework.  Will hates school and gets kicked out of every school he attends.  Will and Bet come up with a plan to disguise Bet as Will and let Bet get the education she wants.  Bet finds that there is a lot more to being a boy than she originally thought.

This was a fun book.  I really liked the main characters and hated the characters who tried to hurt Bet.  There is a secret at the end of the book that made the book all fit together.  If you like romantic books, this is a book you should try.

Education of Bet

January 18

Tom is a narcoleptic (he falls asleep almost anytime, anywhere).  He has fought this disease his whole life.  He can’t go to school or have friends because he doesn’t live a normal life.  He must take naps a lot and sometimes he falls asleep and doesn’t wake up for five days.  Tom is really frustrated with his life and especially with the fact that his parents treat him like a baby.  When Tom meets the girl next door, his whole life changes.  He may have the opportunity to have a friend, but more importantly, he finds out that there is a secret behind his disease.

I LOVED this book.  It was fast-paced and fun to read.  I couldn’t put this book down until I solved the problem of the plot.  The book did have some swear words.  If you like fast-paced adventure, you will love this book.

Sleeper Code

January 18

Hothouse is a book about Russell and DJ.  Their fathers have always been firefighters and heroes of the community.  The book starts out just after their fathers have died in a tragic fire.  Russell and DJ mourn the loss of their fathers together and try to figure out how to deal with the new-found attention they get.  The boys find out that their fathers have kept a secret and that secret makes everyone in the town turn against them.

This was a good book to read.  The author’s style was a little hard to get into, but I wanted to find out how these boys coped with this tragic event.  If you like dramatic books, this would be a great book for you.