Jan. 3- Jan. 11

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Finish Final Essay, if needed.  This is worth 125 Points.  See the following for directions: HEALTH WRITING ASSIGNMENT–Final Project

We had the Sexuality Unit, so there is no makeup for those days.  Two PowerPoints are posted on the PAGES list of this blog, if you would like to study them.

EXTRA CREDIT:  A 20 point extra credit assignment is offered.  It is due on or before 3:00 on Thursday, January 11. Health Extra Credit Assignment—-2nd Term

Mon-Fri, Dec. 11-15 and Mon – Thurs., Dec 18-21

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Monday:  Goal Check for Week 5 for 20 points and Drug Prevention Test for the District.  You don’t need to make up the test.   It isn’t going on your grade.

Tues- Friday:  Complete Page One of the Noncommunicable Diseases Packet. Questions for Chapter 19 Follow the following reading and fill in page one.  Noncommunicable Reading pp508-531 (23) (24)

Mon., Dec. 18–Goal Check for Week 6 for 20 points.  Show this to me in your notebook for the points.

Tues. and Wed., Final Essay writing in the lab for both days.  See the following directions:  HEALTH WRITING ASSIGNMENT–Final Project

Monday – Friday, Dec 4-8

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Complete the following assignments from this week:

l.  Internet Assignment–30 points

2. Crossword Puzzle—Test Review –You have to scroll down to see the puzzle and the clues.

Friday was a special presentation about Suicide Prevention, so there is no makeup for that day.

Come in before or after school for a 25 point quiz, also!  Thanks for checking the blog!

Mon-Friday, Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

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No goal check this week because of Thanksgiving break.  We will check for Week 4 next Monday.

TUESDAY:  If you don’t have points for the VIDEO QUOTE Assignment, then read the following article about Bethany Hamilton and write a list of 10 things that you learned from the article.:  Bethany Hamilton Article–2017

WED. and THURSDAY:  Print and complete the following two handouts.  Read the directions carefully!  Show them to me for 30 points.  All of the information on them is on the test next week.  KNOWLEDGE I WISH  and SOME EFFECTS OF DRUGS ON THE HUMAN BODY

WED and THURSDAY:  10 QUIZ QUESTIONS and ANSWERS:  Using the above two handouts, write 10 questions that could be used on a test or quiz.  Include the answers when you hand them in.

FRIDAY:  Do the following assignment for 20 points:  ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES

Mon., and Tues., Nov. 20, 21

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Monday:  Show me your Goal Check off for Week 3 for 20 points.  —Officer Moore gave his presentation, so there is no makeup for that.

Tuesday: Warm Up:  Do a 6 sentence entry into your Journal section of your notebook.  Title it, “Personality” and write today’s date over to the right.  Write about your personality and what you think are your strengths.  Also write about a few qualities that you would like to develop in the future that will strengthen your personality more.

Do the following Reading and Assignment for 25 points:  Staying Drug Free Assignment Instructions and Staying Drug Free Reading–Questions

HAPPY THANKSGIVING BREAK!  Be sure to wear your seatbelts, helmets, etc!  Be safe!  Love you all!  Mrs. Hartvigsen

Mon-Fri…Nov. 13 -17

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We watched THE ULTIMATE GIFT this week and did the following assignments:

l.  Week Two Goal Check:  Show me your notebook for 20 points for completing your goal

2.  Life One-Liner Fill in the Blank Quiz:  Do this for a review and then come in and take it again:Practice—Life One Liners Fill-in-th-blanks Quiz

3.  Movie Questions:  The Ultimate Gift—12 Analysis Questions

4.  Movie Writing Assignment:  (Do just one…the page shows two) Written Response to THE ULTIMATE GIFT movie

Thanks for checking the blog!  Mrs. Hartvigsen

Monday, Nov. 6

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20 Points:  We had Week One Goal Check today.  If you did your goal, show that to me in your notebook.  If you didn’t, come and get a makeup assignment from me.  You have a zero for this assignment now.

20 Points:  Read the following directions and do this assignment in your notebook:  The Skills for Managing Stress

Friday, Nov. 3

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For 15 Points:  Read the following information Defense Mechanisms–Denial, Displacement, and Sublimation Definitions     and complete the assignment  Defense Mechanisms Examples—Makeup Assignment

Thursday, Nov. 2

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Do the following Journal Entry on page 7 or 8 in your notebook:  Distress and Eustress JOURNAL Entry  (We will be having a journal entry check in a week or so).

10 points:  Print the following worksheet and do it from the reading assignment:The Body’s Response to Stress and Reading for The Body’s Response to Stress

We also watched a video where a grandson saves his grandfather’s life when a car falls on him.  You can look it up on YouTube under that description…from The Ellen Degeneres Show.  It is about 10 minutes long.

Tuesday, Oct. 31 and Wed., Nov. 1

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Borrow someone’s notes from STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Write your 6 week goal on page 4 of your notebook and complete it for a goal check on next Monday.

We did some group activities about different types of stress, but there is not any makeup for that time.