2nd QUARTER: October 29- January 11

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Monday, Oct. 29

30 points:  Do the following assignment in your notebook: VIOLENCE and the MEDIA–Day 1–30 pts

Tuesday, Oct. 30

Officer Ungard Day!  No makeup.

Wednesday, Oct. 31

Finish the VIOLENCE and the MEDIA Assignment in your notebook from Monday.  Also, read the instructions for pages 52-55 in your LifeSkills workbook and get started on this lesson.  This takes a week to complete, so this isn’t due until next Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Thursday, Nov. 1

20 points:Complete the following assignment in your notebook, on the next, available side:  Health and Wellness PowerPoint Also, be able to explain the difference between Health and Wellness on a bell quiz tomorrow.

Friday, Nov. 2

15 points: Complete the following assignment in your notebook:  TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH

Monday, Nov. 5

15 points:  Complete the following assignment in your notebook:  Chapter One–Day Three and Health and Wellness pp 13-17

Tuesday, Nov. 6

No makeup today.  Game day for periods 2 and 3, and Officer Ungard Day for periods 4,5,6,and 7.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Turn in your LifeSkills Book for grading for pages 52-55.

15 Points:  Read the following attachment.  Read both pages completely first. Do the assignment on a piece of paper to hand in during class.   In the section Practice the Skill, answer the  6 bullet point questions under question #1 on a piece of paper and turn in for points. Using Prescription and OTC Medicines Correctly

Look at the following PowerPoint, and write down any of the Vocab words and definitions into your notebook that you don’t have on your list.  You need to have 13 total.  VOCAB 6-13–Ch 1– Day 3

Tomorrow will be a review of the Vocab, and then there is a test on Friday.


Write a Journal entry about the importance of brushing your teeth and taking care of your teeth when you have braces.  Google some ideas to help.  You should put this on the back of page 8 in your notebook.

Complete the following two quizzes for practice for the test tomorrow.  Study the 13 vocabulary words and definitions and Health and Wellness Notes in your notebook:  1 vocab matching—Chapter One and Chapter One Vocab—Fill in blanks

Friday, Nov. 9

Complete the following 2 attachments for the test today.  Write the answers on your own paper:


Daily Cleanliness Routines

When you finish, do a practice review quiz of the Life One Liners on the back of your test paper.

Practice—Life One Liners Fill-in-th-blanks Quiz


Mon., Tues., Wed., Nov. 12-14

75 points:  Read the following chapter, and complete the questions.Noncommunicable Reading pp508-531 (23) (24)   and       Questions for Chapter 19


Friday, Nov. 16

Study the first page of your orange packet on NonCommunicable diseases.  Look at the quiz questions and answers from this post.  Come in and take the quiz when you are ready.  Quiz one with answers


Monday, Nov. 19

Watch the following PowerPoint, and follow the directions on the first slide.  HEART DISEASE and HEART ATTACK–PowerPoint

Study the following, and write your answers on notebook paper.  Structure your paper with three columns, like the example:  Noncommunicable Mapping Handout

TUESDAY, Nov. 20

Complete your Lifeskills book—pages 57-59 for 20 points.

Also, watch the amazing video about body language by AMY CUDDY.  Look this up on YouTube.  It is a TedTalk. This is one of the top watched Ted Talks in history.  She was in a terrible car accident at age 19 and has had to overcome many obstacles.  After her accident, she had a brain injury and was tested at two levels below her usual intelligence.  She is very inspiring.  Watching this video will have a huge impact on you.  You will definitely learn something that you can use in your future!


Study the following, and write your answers on notebook paper.  Recreate the assignment on your paper.  Structure your paper with 3 columns, like the example. Also, use the first page of your orange packet to understand the answers.  Noncommunicable Mapping Handout.

Memorize the 6 Lifestyle Choices from page 1 of your packet and know them from memory for a quiz at the beginning of class tomorrow. This is #8 on page 1.

Midterm is tomorrow!


Today we studied the 6 LIFESTYLE CHOICES that everyone should do throughout their lives to stay as healthy as possible to keep from getting noncommunicable diseases.  These are listed on #8 on page 1 of your orange packet.  Everyone wrote them down from memory as a quiz for 18 points.  You will need to come in before or after school to do the quiz as soon as possible.

JOURNAL ENTRY:  Read the following article and write 6 sentences in your Journal section of your notebook.  (We are on page 8 or 9).  Write about what this great lady did to live to age 114!  Amazing!  Write SECRETS OF A LONG LIFE  as your topic title for this entry.  Secrests of a Long Life


We will have the Noncommunicable Diseases test on Friday.  Please mark the following things in your orange packet as you study this PowerPoint:  Cancer Terms & Test Prep


Trim and glue all 5 pages of your orange Noncommunicable Diseases Packet into your Notebook.

Complete the following matching assignment as a review for the test tomorrow.  20 points.  Matching–Ch 19


Turn in your Test Review Matching Assignment from yesterday for 24 points.

TEST DAY!   This test has two parts.  Part one, you are to write the answers on a piece of paper.  Part two, you are to read the article and write a response in your journal section of your notebook.  You may use your orange Non-Communicable Diseases packet for help.

Part One: (on paper) Vocabulary Assignment–Noncommunicable Diseases

Part Two: (In Journal):Communicable Diseases Article

MONDAY-WED., Dec. ,3,4,5

Follow the directions in the following slides:  COPING WITH ANGER

Come in before or after school to take the quiz.  Show me your notes in your notebook for points, and hand in your Life Skills Workbook for points.


20 POINTS:  Write the following notes on page 6 of your spiral notebook.  Write slowly and neatly!: Communication Spoilers—-Notes to go with video


Print out the two NUTRIENTS handouts.  Trim and glue them into your notebook on the next, available pages.  Glue them side by side.  We will need them next week for the Nutrition unit.Nutrients

Complete the COMMUNICATION section (pp. 65-68) of your green workbook AND turn it in for points.  Be sure to study the written pages and highlight parts that will help you.  Also, complete the situation pages with thoughtful answers.

You may read and write a 1 page summary of the following article about Bethany Hamilton, the girl who was a surfer and was attacked by a shark.  This is extra credit and is worth 10 points.  Bethany Hamilton Article–2017


20 Points: Print the following two pages and trim and glue them into your notebook.   Read the paragraphs on the folllowing pages carefully.  Sketch in the the middle, and then list foods that are rich in that nutrient that you like eating, by drawing five lines to the right.  Also, do a search on your phone or Chrome book for a list of food ideas.  Nutrients


15 Points:  Complete the following practice questions using your Nutrients pictures and paragraphs from the last two days. 23 REVIEW QUESTIONS


15 Points:  Write the following notes neatly and carefully into your notebook:  Portions

10 Points:  Most people should eat 2,000 calories a day, and eat about 11 cups of food total. (Remember those for a quiz and test.) On a page in your notebook, write MyPlate as a top-page heading.  Use different colored pencils to make this look really nice.  Read the information on this attachment, and draw the MyPlate example.  Label each section and write the number of cups of food that you should eat each day for each of the 5 sections.  MyPlate Handout


20 points:  Write the following notes in your notebook on your next available page, and show these to me for your points:  maintaining a healthy weight



Oct. 8-24

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Show me your notebook for Goal Check: Week 4, for 20 points.  Do an entry in your notebook  on page 8 and write ACT as your topic.  Write how you would use ACT (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell) in helping a friend with a problem.

Reminder:  Life One-Liner test will be on this Wednesday.  Remember that it is Fill-in-the-blank.


Presentation from Mr. Deamer.  No makeup for this day.


You need to do the One Liner test from today, so come in before or after school, or ask to come to Titan Time ASAP.  Also, there are three other assignments that you need to do for today.  See the following attachment:  Mindfulness


We corrected the One Liner test and finished up the Mindfulness Chart from yesterday.  (Study the attachment from yesterday for the chart)  Also, do a journal entry for today, and write “BRAIN EXERCISES” for the topic.  We watched a video about 5 things that you can do to make your brain more active and thinking clearer.  Write the following list in for that entry:  l.  Do something with your less dominant hand, like writing the alphabet, or a few sentences.  2.  Watch the Clouds and imagine the formations as 4 or 5 different ideas.  3.  Close your eyes, and practice breathing 10 slow breaths, and only concentrating on your breathing, and nothing else.  This helps our concentration.  4.  Memorize quotes, poems, or really, anything.  This is great for your brain.  5.  Learn a new vocabulary word each day.


Turn in your MINDFULNESS Chart, if needed.  Complete 2 lessons in your LIFESKILLS Workbook.  Read the lesson pages and highlight the areas that you find most interesting, or that will help you the most.  Then complete the page with the list.  Do these completely, and with good, thoughtful answers.  The two lessons are 1.  Alcohol:  Myths and Realities (pp. 37-41) and 2.  Marijuana: Myths and Realities (pp.  43-44).  You will lose points if the reading isn’t highlighted.

You also need to print off the following two handouts, and trim and glue them into your notebook on the next available sides.  KNOWLEDGE I WISH   and SOME EFFECTS OF DRUGS ON THE HUMAN BODY   (You don’t need to finish these.  These are for next week…Thanks for checking the blog!)

MONDAY, Oct. 15

Show your notebook to me for Week 5 Goal check.  We are not going to do one more week of the goal because of fall break, so this is your final check.  We watched a movie on Addiction, so there is no makeup.  Be sure to have your Mindfulness Chart turned in, and your two lessons from your workbook from last week.

TUESDAY, Oct. 16

Complete the two handouts in your notebook using the following handouts.  Be sure to read the paragraphs as you do the sketching.  img079 and Knowledge I wish I didn’t know VOCABULARY

WED., OCT. 17

Show your two sketching assignments( How Drugs Affect the Body and Knowledge I wish I didn’t know) to me for 30 points. This will be the last assignment on your grade for first quarter.  If you want to do some EXTRA CREDIT, it is posted on this blog on the PAGES list.  It can be turned in anytime next week, before Thursday at 12:15.  For today’s assignment, print out the following assignment and fill it out using your two sketching assignments.  Some questions you can do a Google search, if you would like to.  These notes are really important for the test next Wednesday.  NOTES FOR TEST ON DRUGS AND ALCOHOL PREVENTION

Oct 22-23 (Mon. and Tues.)

  1.  Do the following Assignment in your LifeSkills book: Advertising–Alcohol and Tobacco
  2. Finish your yellow Notes paper from last week.  This was a review for the test.
  3. Do the following review questions, then check your answers at the end of the PowerPoint: Substance Test Review
  4. REMEMBER—Substance Abuse Prevention Test is tomorrow!
  5. All assignments and extra credit is due on or before Thursday at 12:15.

October 1-5

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Monday, Oct. 1

Today was  a big points day.  Show me p.4  in your notebook for Week 3 Goal Check for 20 points.  Also, we took the Fitness Test (all multiple choice), so come in before or after school to take that.  Thanks!

Tuesday, Oct. 2

30 points:  This is a big assignment that goes in your notebook on the next available page.  Show this to me when you finish.  Follow these directions on the following handout:  Internet Assignment–30 points

WED and THURS., Oct. 3-4 Watched Natural High Video and Discussion.  No makeup for these days.

FRIDAY, Oct. 5  Suicide Prevention Presentation by NUHOPE instructor, Nicole Lunt.  No makeup for this day.  Reminder that Monday will be Goal Check for Week 4, and that Tuesday will be the Fill-in-the-blank One Liner Test, and it will count on your grade.  It is the same test that we did for practice a few weeks ago.  Review your One Liner list on pages 2 and 3 of your notebook to prepare for the test.  Thanks for checking the blog!



SEPT 24-28

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Monday, SEPT. 24

20 points:  Show me your goal for week two.  If you didn’t do it, get a makeup assignment from me to do.

JOURNAL:  Write 6 sentences about the COLLIN KARTCHNER assembly today.  If you missed that, write about the dangers of social media and how it can adversely affect our lives.

Tues. and Wed., Sept 25-26

35 points:  Watch the following PowerPoint and write the 12 vocab. words and definitions into your notebook.  These are written in red.  We also practiced a lot of stretching and anaerobic exercises to learn these concepts, so sorry that you missed that! Thanks for checking the blog!Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility

Thursday, SEPT. 27

Study the following PowerPoint and write the FITT and PRICE Principles on your Fitness Goal Page (light orange) in your notebook.  Write these below your 7 day chart.  There will be a test tomorrow…one where you take out a piece of paper and write these from memory on:  FITT, PRICE, and POWER acronyms.  The POWER one is on the back of page 4 in your notebook. You need to really study these because you need to write them down from memory for the test.Fitness Goal

Answer the following review questions and hand in the answers for participation points:  Ch 9 Test Review Questions

Friday, Sept. 28

Today we did a quiz on the FITT, PRICE, and POWER acronyms.  You need to make that up because it is 45 points.

Reminder to do your goal for Goal Check #3 on Monday.

The Fitness Unit test is on next Monday, so please review all of your vocabulary.  We had part of class time today to study.

JOURNAL Entry #4:  Read and write about this article in your Journal section of your notebook:  How Far Can We Push Our Bodies

Sept 17-21

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Sept. 17

20 points:  Show me your notebook for GOAL Check for week one.  That is on page 4 of your notebook. Write if you accomplished your goal or not.  If you didn’t, come and get a makeup assignment, do it, and hand it in, and that protects your points.

In your Lifeskills workbook, read and highlight the info. that helps you on page 23 and do the work on page 24.

SEPT. 18

20 points:  Follow the directions in the following PowerPoint:  3–Smoking Myths & Realities–Day 2

SEPT. 19

20 points:  Follow the directions in the following PowerPoint:  Lesson 4–CROSSWORD help

SEPT. 20

We watched a video about the immediate effects of smoking on the heart and central nervous system.  You won’t be able to watch that.  Print the following three handouts and trim and glue them into your notebook on pages 13, 14, and 15. PERSONAL FITNESS RECORD and  1-Strength Training and Cardiovascular Workout Chart and  1-Stretching Handout   and PERSONAL FITNESS RECORD

SEPT. 21

Study the following PowerPoint and write the 8 vocab words in RED and their definitions into your notebook on your next available side.  Fitness—PPoint 1

Friday, Sept. 14

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Remember to have your goal done for Monday!

Also, we did a pre-test for the Drugs and Alcohol Unit.  This doesn’t go on your grade, but you need to come in and get that from me and do the best that you can on it.

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

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Sept. 13, 2018

20 points:  Turn your notebooks to page 12.  This should be a new page, ready for some notes.  (You should have your Health Square Chart glued in on the previous page…page 11.)  For today’s assignment, open the following article on your Chromebook, and read it carefully.  This is a current article from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  This organization has the most up-to-date information about health topics.

On the top line of page 12 in your notebook, write “Electronic Cigarettes”.  Read the article carefully, and then write a list of 10 facts about E-cigarettes.



If you were absent yesterday, turn in your Health Square Chart and your Lifeskills Workbook for grading pages 16-20. Write the One Liners that you have selected onto your list on page 2-3 of your notebook. Those will be # 17-20 on your list.   Also, complete the following practice quiz: Practice—Life One Liners Fill-in-th-blanks Quiz  and turn this in.