April 30-May 4

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Monday and Tuesday: 1.   Journal Entry: Don’t Quit Article (pick up article on whiteboard)  2.  Communicable Diseases Worksheet ( pick up the worksheet and reading from Mrs. H)

Wednesday, and Thursday:  l.  Journal Entry:  Cancer Deaths Decline (pick up article on whiteboard   2.  Trim and glue Noncommunicable Diseases Packet into your notebook   3.  Questions–you are excused from this

Friday:  Motivational Word Assignment:  Follow these directions, and make sure that you do a final draft that is carefully done with careful handwriting, and add some graphics, border, etc. Values Word Assignment–ATTITUDES Example down left


THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR’S WORK WILL NOT BE POSTED ON MY BLOG. The title of the Extra Credit says, “Extra Credit, Term 2”, but that is the correct assignment for this term.

April 22-26

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April 22–No Makeup

April 23–No Makeup

April 23-24 Write the following notes into your notebook on your next available page.  Pam Stenzel 40 minute Video   Also, I will be collecting your notebooks and checking the 7 Journal Entries in your Journal section of your notebook.  Please have those completed and ready to be graded.  You can come in and check the list of topics on the bulletin board closest to the window in the front of my room, if you are behind.  The list is blue.

April 16-20

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Monday, April 16

We continued working on the NONCOMMUNICABLE DISEASES packet.  We finished pages 1, 2, and 3 today.  Please finish this much up at home, and show me to get a score.  Here is the reading: Noncommunicable Reading pp508-531 (23) (24)  Also, here is the packet, if you don’t have one, and need to print it off:  Questions for Chapter 19

Tuesday, April 17

Mrs. Roane, one of our school counselors, came in today and did a presentation on Refusal Skills.  There isn’t any makeup work from today.

Wednesday, April 18

Work Day to finish up the Noncommunicable Diseases Packet.  Look up on Monday’s post to open up the reading or print off the packet. This whole packet is due tomorrow, for a total of 70 points.

Thursday, April 19

SUICIDE PREVENTION guest speaker.  No makeup from today.

Friday, April 20

Read and complete the work on pages 64-68 in your GREEN Lifeskills Workbook.  This lesson is on COMMUNICATION.  Turn in for 20 points.

April 9-13

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Monday, APRIL 9

We corrected the Nutrition Test today.  You need to complete pages 58-59 in your green Workbook for your makeup assignment from today.  Hope that you had a great Spring Break!

Tuesday, APRIL 10

We practiced the Relaxation Techniques today in class.  There is no makeup from today, but you missed some relaxing fun!

Wednesday, APRIL 11 and

Thursday, APRIL 12 Read the lesson in your green Workbook called, “Coping with Anger”.  Study the techniques on page 61 very carefully.  You missed a quiz today, where I gave you the name of the technique, and then you have to describe HOW to do the technique, and explain how this applies to keeping your anger under control.

Friday, APRIL 13:

We started the Noncommunicable Diseases Unit.  We worked on the packet and finished page one.  Print the packet here: Questions for Chapter 19  and here is the reading:  Noncommunicable Reading pp508-531 (23) (24)

Monday, March 26 – Thursday, March 29

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Monday, March 26

Thanks for checking the blog!  You are wonderful!  You missed a fun activity where we studied reading labels for foods.  It was worth 20 points, so please study the 2 attachments and do the assignment: (Just read through this handout:   Label Reading Assignment )  and (Do this one with 5 labels from home LABEL READING ASSIGNMENT).

Tuesday, March 27

NUTRITION TEST IS TOMORROW!  Do the following Crossword puzzle for a review.  Know everything on it, and study your 6 nutrients pictures and paragraphs, especially the functions of water.  Crossword Clues–Nutrition and Crossword Puzzle–Nutrition

March 19 – 23

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Monday, March 19

Be sure that you have the Pink Review Questions finished and turned in for your 4th Term grade.  I added these today on the computer.23 REVIEW QUESTIONS

Print off the following page of notes and trim and glue it into your notebook after your 6 Essential Nutrients pictures.  Study this page of notes for a quiz tomorrow.  Also study your 6 Essential Nutrients pictures and paragraphs.  MyPlate Handout

Tuesday, March 20

Come in for the quiz that you missed today.  (15 points)

Do a Journal Entry (this is #6…on page 7 or 8 in your notebook) .  Give it the title of CHOICES………..March 20.  Write a list of 17 things you can do to be kind and caring in one day.  These don’t have to be that complicated, such as opening the door for some people, giving a compliment, thanking the lunch ladies, etc.

Wednesday, March 21

Reality Town.  No makeup from today.

REMINDER:  Do your Workbook lesson for Monday:  Violence in the Media (pp. 49-55) This is the lesson where you have to watch 2 TV show episodes  or  2 movie and fill out your workbook.

Thursday, March 22

Do a Journal Entry ( Thins is #7…on page 7 or 8 in your notebook).  Give it the title of REALITY TOWN…..March 22.  Write about your experience from yesterday, how you spent your money, how much you had to begin with and ended up with in the end, and what surprised you…

15 points: Study the following PowerPoint, and do the assignment as you go:  maintaining a healthy weight

REMINDER:  Do your Workbook lesson for Monday:  Violence in the Media (pp. 49-55) This is the lesson where you have to watch 2 TV show episodes  or  2 movie and fill out your workbook.

Friday, March 23

15 Points:  Study the following PowerPoint, and do the assignment as you go:  Meal Planning

REMINDER:  Do your Workbook lesson for Monday:  Violence in the Media (pp. 49-55) This is the lesson where you have to watch 2 TV show episodes  or  2 movie and fill out your workbook.


March 12-16

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Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13


Complete the following two handouts.  If you were in class last Friday, you already have them in your notebook.  Look up on Google for a list of foods that are rich in each of the 6 nutrients, and write them on the right side of the paper.  Choose foods that you like.  Nutrients

Wednesday, March 14

  1.  Complete the following questions, using your 6 Essential Nutrients pictures and paragraphs from Monday and Tuesday.  23 REVIEW QUESTIONS
  2. Study the following PowerPoint and add these answers to the same paper for the review questions:  Portions

Thursday, March 15

WORKBOOK:  Read and do Lesson 8.  This is not due until next Friday, March 23.  The lesson is called Violence in the Media.

Friday, March 16

Do Journal (P 7 or 8 in your notebook) See the instructions in this PowerPoint:  6 ESS NUTRIENTS—FUNCTIONS–JOURNAL  We also corrected the questions from Wednesday, so have these ready to go, if you didn’t turn them in on last Wednesday.  23 REVIEW QUESTIONS

March 5 – March 9

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Monday, March 5

Please come in and take the test before or after school anytime this week.  It was 20 points.  Also, please read the following article, and write a response to what France is proposing and how you feel about it, as your 4th entry in your Journal section (pages 7-10) of your notebook.France Expecting Plastic to all be Biodegradable by 2020.  Also, be sure that your Health Square/One Liner Chart is turned in for points.

Tuesday, March 6

Today we talked about writing a FINAL ESSAY for this class in May.  I like to talk about it now so that you have some really great ideas by the end of the school year.  For the final essay, you are to choose a topic, unit, even just one day’s presentation and write about it.  Focus on what you learned, how it will help your life, etc.  This essay will go on the back of your title page in your notebook.  There aren’t any points or makeup assignment from today.

Wednesday, March 7

20 points:  Workbook Lesson 7—Pages 47-51 in your Workbook. Follow the directions in the PowerPoint and turn in your Workbook for your points:  Advertising–Alcohol and Tobacco

Thursday, March 8

There isn’t any makeup from today.  Mr. Deamer came and did a nice presentation on Self Esteem.

Friday, March 9

Print off the following Nutrition Worksheets.  Trim off a little on the edges and glue into your notebook on page 18ish…Nutrients.  We will need these for next week.  Also, all next week, you can bring fresh fruit to eat in class, for fun.  Also, do the following quiz for practice:  Practice—Life One Liners Fill-in-th-blanks Quiz.  I have also posted an extra credit assignment that is worth 20 points on the PAGES on the blog.  That is due anytime next week before we have to do grades on Friday.  HEALTH Extra Credit Assignment—3rd Term


Feb. 26-March 2

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Monday, Feb. 26

Today was worth 20 points, so you need to write vocabulary words and definitions 6-13 from the following list.   Chapter One Vocab

Tuesday, Feb. 27

Today we practiced learning the 13 vocabulary words and definitions by taking 3 practice tests.  You do the same.  Take the “From Memory” one first, because that shows you how well you should know the concepts.  Chapter One Vocab quiz–from memory vocab word You probably didn’t do very well.  Now take the other two, keeping in mind how well you need to know the vocabulary words, to be able to do well on the “From Memory” one.  (That is the one that we will take on Wednesday, for points.  Here is the second one:  Chapter One Vocab—Fill in blanks Check your answers with your list in your notebook.  Now do the third one:  1 vocab matching—Chapter One Correct this one with your list from your notebook.  Be ready to take the “From Memory” One tomorrow, Wed., Feb 28.

Wednesday, Feb. 28

Come in to take the quiz that you missed, and also read, in your Workbook, page 43 and fill out page 44.  Hand in your workbook for 20 points.

Thursday, March 1

In your notebook, do the following assignment from the PowerPoint. 13-16 One Liners and Ortho video.  Also, the test on Health and Wellness will be next Monday.  Study your notes and 13 Vocab. for that.

Friday, March 2

Hi, Everyone!  Sorry…it is now 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday.  I forgot to post this at school, so I apologize, so I came in to school, and here it is now.  The assignment from Friday is to help you learn the Life One Liners, which you will need to memorize.  We will have several practice tests before we get to that point, though.  So…click on  the assignment description:   CHART with Square and One-Liners and also study at the examples, and you should be just fine. This is your opinion on where you put each one, so the examples are other students’ opinions that you don’t have to follow.    I will also attach a list of the One Liners, just in case you didn’t bring your notebook home over the weekend.  Thanks for checking the blog!  Mrs. H  Life One-LinersOne Liner Chart 2One Liner Chart 1

Week of Feb. 20-23

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Tuesday, Feb. 20:

Do the following notes in your notebook, and show them to me for 20 points.  Also, turn in your crossword puzzle from last Thursday, if you still have not turned it in.  Health and Wellness PowerPoint

Wednesday, Feb. 21

Read through the following PowerPoint and add the information to your notes from yesterday.  Be sure to look on YouTube and watch the 6 minute video about GRIT, which is mentioned in the Powerpoint: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH

Thursday, Feb. 22

Look on YouTube for the video about the book titled, GRIT.  It is 6 minutes long and explains the main concepts of the book.  It has very cool sketches (that are mostly black and white) as you listen to the narrator.  Make a list of 10 things that you learned from this video, and hand it in for today’s points. (In class, we used a variety of colored squares and wrote each thought in its own square.  You may do it like that, or write a neatly written list.

Friday, Feb. 23

Complete LESSON 5 in your green Workbook.  Read all of the pages and complete page 40.  Turn this in for 20 points.