Aug 30 2011

Embedding Media

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You will first need to login to WeberTube. Navigate to the site: Login at the upper right hand corner using your normal daily login and password. Your username should now appear at the top right. In the blue navigation bar, you will see My Profile. Click it to make edits and click the Save button at the bottom when finished. Back on the main page, the Media link in the blue navigation bar shows all the files you have uploaded. You can set Bookmarks, track you History, and Check your Friends and Groups from the blue bar also.

At the end of the blue bar, users can search for media uploaded by others. Type in a search string and select what type of media you’d like in the dropdown menu titled All. You can find videos, pictures, sounds, and documents. When you find the resource you want to embed, click it. Scroll down on the page to find the Embedded Link box. Highlight all the text in that box by clicking in the box. On your keyboard, press Control C (cntrl key and c key together) to copy the embed link.

Now, navigate to your blog. You will need to have the Dashboard panel to add the link. Create a new page or post. On the Add New Page or Add New Post page, look for the two tabs at the upper right of the page of post entry area. One tab is called Visual, the other is called HTML. You will need to click the HTML tab. Using your keyboard press Control V (cntrl v key and v key together) to paste the embedded link you copied from WeberTube.

Type a title for the page or post in the title bar at the top. Be sure to select a category if you are publishing a post. If you are creating a page, select if your page has a parent. Click the blue Publish button to complete the process. Check the new page or post on your blog to assure that it works as you wanted.

The preceding process works the same for almost any media that can be embedded.

Happy blogging!

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