Welcome to my web page. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. To check assignments, use the Assignment Calendar link in the ribbon above or click here: Assignment Calendar

  • Notice: All drama classes have to see or be in a play of some kind each semester. They also have to fill out a Theatre Performance Report which they can get in my classroom or print off the blog here. This is required for all classes. If they are in one of the school plays, they automatically get credit. The Drama 1 One Act plays at the end of the semester will not count for this assignment.


All students are required to see a performance by the end of the semester. It cannot be a play that was seen before the semester started, but has to be seen during the course of the semester. If the assignment is completed in the first quarter of the class, it will go on that grade, but will not hurt the grade if not. However, if the assignment is not completed by the end of the second quarter of the class, then the grade will be a zero and will bring down the grade.

The show must be a live performance that tells a story. It cannot be a recording of a performance, a movie, or a choir concert. There must be a story that ties the show together. I will accept a ballet, as long as it is a story, like The Nutcracker, but a dance recital will not count. THE DRAMA 1 ONE ACT PLAYS WILL NOT COUNT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.

There is a list of links to local theatres on the left hand column here on the blog. Of course, I would encourage you to come to a play at the school, since you should support school events anyway and you have more of a chance of knowing some of the actors. (Plus it will be a lot less expensive.) In the 1st Semester there will be a show around Halloween close to the end of 1st Quarter. In the 2nd Semester, the school play will be in March at the end of 3rd Quarter.

After seeing the show, fill out the performance report within on week of seeing the performance. You must turn in the report within one week of seeing the show to get full credit for the report. There are hard copies in the classroom or you can find the report here on my blog in the ribbon at the top with the disclosure statements and such. The performance report is worth 80 points. For the additional 20 points, put your name on the program or a ticket stub and hand it in for your proof of having been present at the show.

You can always contact me through email at alsmith1@wsd.net



Monty Python’s SPAMALOT

Parent Letter with costume information

Rehearsal Calendar

and here is the cast list and Scene Breakdown:

Spamalot Cast List

SPAMALOT Scene Breakdown


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