SAGE Testing

I hope Spring Break has left you all refreshed and ready for the last couple of months of school.  I am excited to see all of you bright and early Monday morning.

On Monday, we will begin our end of the year SAGE testing.  The students will start the writing portion of the test Monday morning.   Please make sure they have a good breakfast and come to school on time.   Also, remind them to just relax and do their very best.  They’ve got this!!

Banana Split Multiplication

Banana Split Multiplication:

Hopefully by now you have all seen your child’s invitation for Banana Split Multiplication.   They will be working from now until the middle of May to pass off their multiplication facts and earn the pieces of their banana split.   The invitation provided you with the order that the students will be passing off their facts.   They are expected to pass off their facts in order and will not move to the next fact until the prior one is passed off.  They have 30 seconds to pass off their facts. 

I have told the students to put their invitation in a safe spot and to be aware of the next fact they will be working on passing off.   The paper we do the facts on NEVER changes; therefore, I told them to use it to practice.  They can grab a couple of extra papers or even write the numbers in a notebook in order and practice getting them in 30 seconds.   Practicing each night really helps them pass them off in time.  

Good luck and Happy Banana Splitting! 



New Passwords

This is a cute poem by Kenn Nesbitt.  This is how our students are feeling this week with the new password change!

I made a new password
That no one could guess.
It’s long and confusing
And truly a mess.

It has random letters
and numbers galore,
with dozens of symbols
and spaces and more.

My password is perfect,
completely secure,
and no one will break it;
of that I am sure.

It’s flawless and foolproof.
I don’t have a doubt.
But, whoops! I forgot it
and now I’m locked out.

–Kenn Nesbitt–

Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Red Ribbon Week

Make sure and look for your Red Ribbon Week flyer which was put in your child’s mailbox on Friday.  There are several fun activities and a bingo game for your child to complete during the week.  We encourage your child to participate in all of the fun activities.  Below is a day by day list of the color the students should wear:

Monday – Blue/Anti-bullying and Random Acts of Kindness

Tuesday – White/Internet Safety

Wednesday – Red/Drug Free

Thursday – Green/Pedestrian and Traffic Safety

Friday – Assembly

We are looking forward to a week full of fun!


Happy Valentines’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day

We will be exchanging Valentines on Wednesday, February 14th and a class list with student’s names will come home on Monday.  However, if they prefer not to label each card individually they can just put their name on it.  Also, they only need to do Valentines for their homeroom class, but both lists are included if they want to give one to a friend in the other class.

Also, after a brief discussion most of the students wanted to make their Valentine boxes at home.  Please send their Valentine box and Valentine cards to school on Wednesday.

Thank you


Parent Teacher Conferences

It looks like we only have a few slots left for our Parent Teacher Conferences next week.  If you have not had a chance to register, you can log into your parent account at myweber.wsd.net and click on the Parent-Teacher Conference link on the right side of the screen to schedule your appointment.   If you have more that one child – you will need to do this for each child.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you!




Purple Class Party

Dear Parents of the Purple Class:

Due to your student’s outstanding behavior, they have earned a class party on Wednesday, January 17th.  They voted on a free choice party.  On Wednesday, they may be an electronic device, game, stuffed animal, art supplies, etc. to class.  Make sure that any electronic devices are charged and turned off.  The batteries seem to die very quickly in our building.  All devices will be secure in the classroom when they are not in use. They may also wear their pajamas and bring a small treat.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for all of your help and support,

Mrs. Dow

Bubble Gum Multiplication

We are excited to be starting our Bubble Gum Math Multiplication!  Your students will be working each day to pass off one of their multiplication facts and earn bubblegum!  Please make sure they are practicing their facts at home.  Most students have already passed off their 0’s, 1’s, and 2’s.  We will be doing 3’s on Tuesday.   

This is the practice before we start our Banana Split Multiplication in a couple of months.  Thanks for all of your help and support!

Happy Bubbleguming!!

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