10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Audition Monologue

Now you might think to yourself:  What can I do, one person, against an army of unstoppable zombies?  We’ve see them.  We know how many there are.  A lot.  I mean, so many zombies that they can literally walk over each other to climb up skyscrapers.  I don’t need to tell you that that’s a lot of zombies.  And yes, we’re likely to die horribly and then rise from the dead and join them in a tidal wave of nightmarish destruction that will sweep over the planet.  That’s a likely scenario.  Hopefully we won’t feel too much pain.  Probably will.  Probably be excruciating.  You know when you go to the dentist?  This is going to be a lot worse than that.  This is going to be like a  million dentists poking you at the same time.  I know what you’re thinking:  how will all those dentists even reach me?  But let’s say they’re tiny dentists.  But their needles still hurt as much as regular-sized needles.  That’s probably in the same range of the amount of pain we’re likely to feel when the zombies tear us limb from limb.  What was I talking a about again?

Icefall Design Project


In English 8 we are reading Icefall , by Matthew J. Kirby, out loud in class. The students have been asked to analyze the text for subtext and make the invisible, visible.  To do this they will complete a design project in google slides.  All of the instructions are found on google classroom.  The assignment is due when we finish reading the book.  They would be wise to start working on this project now, rather than waiting until the last minute, as I do not have enough books for students to take home.

Icefall Design Project Instructions

English Books 2017-2018

Here are the books that we will be reading this year.  Unfortunately I only have a class set for all but Anne Frank.  However, we should be getting more copies of The Outsiders soon.  Also, we will be reading the play, A Raisin in the Sun, out loud during class.  As a new teacher I do not have an exact date for each book, so I’ve put up an estimation of when we will be reading each novel.

Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby (August – end of Sept.)
The Outsiders  by S.E. Hinton  (November)
The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez  (December)
A Raisin in the Sun  by Lorraine Hansberry  (January)
Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl  (March)

Individual Reading Assessment Menu – English 8

I am asking students to read something of their own choice outside of our in-class reading. To “report” on this reading they may choose ANYTHING from the following assessment menu. Presentations will be the week of September 25th. Students, please check with me if you have any doubt as to whether what you are planning to read will be acceptable.

Individual Reading Assessment Menu


Greetings and welcome to a great new school year!

We will be using Google classroom for the most current announcements, calendars, and assignments.  Students will sign in to these classrooms during the first week of school.  I will be posting some announcements and current assignments on this blog, for those who prefer blogs.  I’m still learning how to best organize communication.  Please feel free to contact me at amharris@wsd.net with any questions or concerns.

thank you!
~mandie harris