Assignment For Friday November 22

Complete the Foodtracker.  Create your own profile.  Choose one day to input from your “Three Day Diet Tracker.”  Be sure to fill out the chart on the bottom of page 31.


On the back of page 31, write down 5 facts about each food group.  Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, Grains, Dairy, and Oils.  Create a 10 question quiz you can give to your peers about the food groups.  Include answers.  Email the questions to me.


Play the MyPlate blast off game.  Keep playing until you win:  If you have time, you  can play additional games on this page.


If you have time, think of a question related to food safety, exercise, or MyPlate.  Send in your question.  You will receive a lifesaver if you share the question and answer with the class.



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