College and Career Awareness

CTE Sewing Machine Parts

Here is the Sewing Machine Parts PowerPoint.  Remeber the test is on Friday September 7.  Good luck!!!

125 ppt

CTE Intro Commercial

The commercial is due on April 10th.  I strongly encourage turning this in BEFORE Spring Break.  You may work by yourself, or in a group of up to 5 people.  Remember to do your best so you can win at our class Academy Awards!

Commercial Assignment


Job Shadow

On March 22, students will have the opportunity to complete a job shadow.  The permission slip is due on March 13. 

Parent Permission – Job Shadow

Utah Futures

Today, we complted the IDEAS assessment.

CTE Intro Menu

The Menu is due October 19.  Good luck!!!


—2nd  period
—NAME: Pizza Time
—SLOGAN: When’s your time?
—LOGO: Create a “pizza clock”

 —3rd Period

—NAME: Little Cheezers Pizza
—SLOGAN:  Keepin’ It Cheezy!
—LOGO: Pig with a pizza

Menu Assignment CTE

Commerical Assignment

Students, your commercial is due March 6, 2011.  These must be completed to participate in the class restaurant.  Here is the PowerPoint with the commerical guidelines.  Good luck!

Commercial Assignment

Menu Assignment


Here are the slogan and logo for your menu assignment.  Your menu is due on Wednesday May 2.  You must have your menu, commerical, and job application turned in to be able to participate.  Please use the correct class period.  Thanks! 

Period 1

Period 2

Also, here is the PowerPoint with all of the Menu Items.  Good luck! 


Commercial Assignment

Students, remember your assignment is due Friday November 21.  Make sure it is on time.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Here are the instructions we disccussed in class:  Commercial Guidelines

Good luck!  Let me know if you need any help!!!!  I can’t wait to see your finished products. 

Food Illness and AD

Here is the Powerpoint used in class.  Food-Borne Illness  The instructions for your Food Illness AD are at the end of the Powerpoint.  You have until Tuesday October 7 to turn in your AD with a Lifesaver (to receive full credit) Good Luck!!!

Foods Unit

Here are things we make in CTE.  Try them at home!  Enjoy!