Intramural boys basketball

8-9th Grade

8-9th schedule 2018

Intramural BB form

7th Grade

Starting date: Nov 6th after school in the GYM. It will be before school at 6:15 am except on the 6th and 13th of Nov.

When: Nov 6th (after school), 8th, 13th, 15th, 27th, 29th, 4th, and a mini tourney on the 6th of Dec (every Tues and Thurs before school).

Time: A Game schedule will be posted on the 7th of Nov. 7th graders will play two games every time they come.

Cost: $5.oo (pay in the office and bring me the receipt).

Form: You must also print and complete the Intramural form-

Intramural BB form

Class overview

Click on the 2 links below and read them-

PE Disclosure                            

Citizenship PE                                                            

Trying to go Paperless-

Please read the PE Disclosures and Citizenship links and then send me an e-mail stating that you have looked over them. My e-mail is

In the e-mail make sure you put your student(s) name and period in the subject box.

Note The school is NOT furnishing locks for PE lockers. Please bring a combination lock on Wed Aug 22nd

Hard copy or parental E-mail due by the 24th of Aug.

First day to Dress out into your PE uniform will be Aug 23rd 

Homework/ Make-up

Click on the link below, print it, complete it, and hand it in!!!!!

Remember that if you are gone for a conditioning day you need to run a mile to make it up or come during flex/before or after school




Take a Quiz/ complete assignments

On the right side of the page you will find a link “Take a Quiz“. Click on this link and then log in using your school ID and Password.

Then you will need to select you class. Under the “Weber Online” there is a drop box. Click on it and then select your “PE” class.

After logging in and finding your “PE” class,  you then need to review the “syllabus” on the right of the screen. Click on the “Syllabus” and read it (it works like a Power point).

On the last page at the bottom there is a To Do- Course overview. Click on it and complete the given task.

In the “Course Content” link below the Syllabus is where you will find all of your assingments/test for the term. The First one is the F.I.T.T assingment.

Physical Fitness Standards 2017-18


7th Grade Fitness Standards

8th Grade Fitness Standards

9th Grade Fitness Standards

Highly Proficient                        25-30 Pts

Proficient                                       16-24 Pts

Approaching  Proficiency        10-15 Pts

Below Proficient                          0-9 Pts


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