Spelling words, week of March 26-30

drawn, talking, squall, bald, chalk, shawl, caught, awe, stalk, straw, half, thought, laws, caller, false, small, fought, halt, strawberry, walker

Bonus:  professional

Spelling words, week of March 19-23

pouch, cowboy, noises, flower, south, gown, mound, frown, pound, voices, voyage, annoy, hound, grown, cough, howling, wound, thousand, tower, grouch

Spelling words, week of March 12-16

crew, stool, spool, cookie, should, tunes, zoom, brooks, stoop, stew, move, huge, you’ll, suits, wool, mood, food, group, used, grew

Bonus: ambidextrous, cantankerous

Spelling words, week of Feb. 12-16

clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, berries, mosses, armies

Bonus:  quarantine

Spelling words, week of Dec. 4-8

thrill, script, strand, strain, sprang, shriek, splashing, straps, straighten, screech, shrimp, screw, split, throb, throat, shred, shrink, through, sprout, sprawl

Bonus:  reflection

Spelling words, week of Nov. 27-Dec. 1

northern, width, whirl, thirty, whisk, shove, fifth, bother, thanks, rush, washer, photo, whole, shed, headphone, nowhere, these, brush, graph, phrase

Bonus:  immediately

Spelling words, week of Nov. 6-10

chopped, kitchen, cheap, patch, latch, hitch, arch, ketchup, marching, choose, chef, chant, chatter, snatch, sketched, stretching, pitcher, branch, chance, touch


Bonus:  civilization

Spelling words, week of Oct. 23-27

pirate, spider, witch, zombie, pumpkin, scarecrow, vampire, mummy, scare, ninja, candy corn, Halloween, eerie, ghost, haunted house, werewolf, monster, night, October, queen

Bonus:    incognito, triskaidekaphobia

Blog HW 10-4-17


Convert the measurements:

  1.  2 kg 314 g = ____ g
  2. 29 kg 56 g = ____ g
  3. 668,943 g = ___ kg ___ g
  4. 13 km 415 m = ____m
  5. 81 m = ____ cm
  6. 13 L = ___ mL
  7. 36,078 mL = ____ L  ___ mL

Use  a tape diagram to solve # 8 and # 9  (don’t forget to write an answer sentence!)

8. At football practice, the water jug was filled with 18 liters 530 milliliters of water.  At the end of practice, there were 795 milliliters left.  How much water did the team drink?

9.  Together, a pineapple and a watermelon weigh 6 kilograms 230 grams.  If the pineapple weighs 1 kilogram 255 grams, how much does the watermelon weigh?


Pick 5 of your spelling words and write them 3 times each.

Spelling words, week of Oct. 2

cube, food, fruit, crust, bloom, smooth, suit, built, dude, skunk, broom, mood, bump, juice, trust, build, moon, prune, spoon, tooth

Bonus:   national