19 Mar 2018 Track and Field Class Code
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If you are on the Track Team you must go into google classroom and fill out all of the paperwork. Your Physical needs to be handed into the office to Mrs. Pearce. Here is the classroom code: ty6i9x

18 Jan 2018 Welcome To Physical Education
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Paperless Disclosure in Google Docs.

Please read the disclosure and then click on the paperless disclosure link to show you’ve read it.

Physical Education disclosure 2016 Paper copy to print.



18 Jan 2018 Welcome to Health!
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health-disclosure-statement-2016  This is the disclosure you may print if you lost your hard copy.

humansexuality State Forms  This is the State form you may print if you lost your hard copy.

17 Jan 2018 Google classroom codes Health classes
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1st Hour goggle classroom code:


4th hour Health goggle classroom code:   vtr10a

17 Jan 2018 Google classroom PE code. …
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The Google classroom physical education number to join PE is:


Please don’t forget to have your parent fill out the Google form.

17 Jan 2018 Disclosure for Study Hall
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Study Hall 2017 disclosure

Paperless Disclosure


09 Oct 2017 Volleyball Team 2017
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Final Volleyball Team Wahlquist Jr


9th Grade

Whitley Surrage

Averie Romander

8th Grade

Avya Ceballero

Callee Hill

Kayley Parrish

Hannah Jenkins

Hailee Heslop

Kendyl Skeen

7th Grade

Maggie Mendelson

Amare Harlan

Burkelle Field

Averyie Olsen

Charly Calder

Keysha Mckean

Kya Parke

Practice 5:40 am, Tuesday, October 10, 2017


10 Oct 2016 2016 Volleyball Team
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04 Nov 2015 Tobacco Brochure/Pamphlet Quiz
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Must haves on your 3 fold brochure.
1. Title Page/Name/Class Hour
2. Kinds of Tobacco Products–cigarettes, etc.
3. Side Effects
4. Getting Help
5. Just Say No Page
6. Free Facts Page
Remember on each page put some kind of COLOR….

03 Nov 2015 Letter to a smoker
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You are to write a letter to a smoker.  You do not have to give it to this person.  However many students have given their letter.  Your letter must contain the health risks about tobacco, the costs to them and you.  How it makes you feel when they smoke.  You must also tell them how to quit and what they can expect when they quit.  A page long.

28 Mar 2014 Track time trial 2014 from Fremont..
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time trial 2014 @ fhs

Here are the results from the time trail from Tuesday..

24 Mar 2014 Track & Field Information News 2014
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Spring Break Workout on this newsletter…

Please read for more information about Track this season.

wjh lady eagle 2 2014

12 Mar 2014 Paperwork for Track Team
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weber school district form

12 Mar 2014 Track Begins March 17, 2014
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Jr. High 2013-2014 Track Schedule-3

15 Jan 2014 Disclosure Form
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Please fill out this form if you have read the disclosure and need to let me know important information about your child. Thanks for your time.