18 Jan 2018 Welcome To Physical Education
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Paperless Disclosure in Google Docs.

Please read the disclosure and then click on the paperless disclosure link to show you’ve read it.

Physical Education disclosure 2016 Paper copy to print.



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  1. 1
    Carla Deuel 

    I understand there are no drinks in the gym/locker area. Do you allow water bottles outside when they run?

  2. Yes.. That I a great thing to bring.

  3. 3
    Andrew Rodriguez 

    Can you wear your gym shoes to school and to gym without being marked off? Do you really need to wear dark shorts to gym?

  4. No need to change gym shoes. Thanks for the question!!

  5. 5
    Lillian Brown 

    what is the sixth period second semester google classroom code?

  6. c0b24x3

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