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01 Nov 2013 Power point Project for CH 13,14,15
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Use this as a guide to help you with what is expected from your project.

Here is an example of one project that got the full 100 Points.

Smoking Tobacco Effects on your body

UPLOAD your powerpoint TO MOODLE:

26 Oct 2013 This Thursday at 9:00 the LiVe Assembly
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The 8th grade health classes this quarter will be attending a LiVe Assembly in the cafeteria at 9:00.  You will miss part of 2nd hour and 3rd hour.  This is an informative skit on how eating healthy and exercising will help you live a more prosperous life.

20 Oct 2013 Fitness Project
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Fitness-Level-Tests-Fitness-Project    Fitness Level Tests Fitness Project


Remember–this is DUE:  November , 2013.  Make sure you are working on it..


11 Oct 2013 Nutrition Project
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Nutrition Project.pdf

This is worth 50 points. Choose 3 activities from the left side and 1 activity to work on the whole week from the right side. You must sign this paper and your parents must sign and initial the 4 activities you accomplished. This is due on Monday, Nov. 2.

01 Oct 2013 Family Time Project–50 points
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Extra Credit if you choose to do more than the 50 points possible.

30 Sep 2013 Chapter 4 Study Guide
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Chapter-4-Study-Guide  (word)   Chapter 4 Study Guide  (pdf) Worth 57 points..

30 Sep 2013 DTWT Computer Lab Writing Assignment
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Here is the information on Do The Write Thing. This writing assignment is due on  Friday, October 11th.   We will have one more day to work on this 500 page essay on Monday, October 7th.

If you would like your essay submitted to the contest, please print this cover sheet and fill if out.  Bring it to me before October 31st.

This essay is due on Friday, October 11, 2013

Cover Sheet 2011 DTWT

Examples from Utah that were submitted:

22 Jan 2013 About You–I want to know!
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about-me   This is the first official assignment on the first day of health.

17 Jan 2013 Before I Die Template
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Use this template to complete your Project. It is worth 50 points. This is due on Jan 25th.

Instructions:  You will be creating a slideshow illustrating some of your goals–the things you’d like to do before you die.  On January 25th and 29th, you will have the opportunity to show your slideshow to the class.  (30 points for the powerpoint and 20 points for the showing in class.)

Your presentation will have 12 slides (title page, and 10 goals, completed), each goal needs to have an illustration.  You should have both FUN and SERIOUS goals.  All of your goals and pictures must be school-appropriate.  There is a PowerPOint template on the class blog.  You may use this template, or be creative and do it differently.  You may complete this porject at home if you do not have enough time on Wed. when we are in the computer lab.

Turning in your slideshow can be done by emailing it to


or putting it on a USB drive.  I will send an email confirmation once I receive your slideshow.  If you don’t hear back from me within 2 hours, please resend the Powerpoint.

03 Jan 2013 Journal today
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We have talked allot about ‘Choices”. I’m sure you made good and bad choices over the Christmas break that affected your health. Write down at least 5 (five) GOOD choices you made that affected your health–emotional, mental, physical, social, or spiritual.

03 Jan 2013 First Aid/Disaster Project
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Project Safety Preparedness  This is a breakdown of how I will grade the 100 points.

emergency kits, family emergency plan  THis is due on Thursday, Jan. 10.  This is a very easy project to do.  Please don’t let these 100 points get away from you.  You can hand it in any time before Thurs.


08 Dec 2012 HIV and Aids Quiz–Nurse and STDs
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nurse  This was Monday’s Quiz Paper on STDs.

nurse day 2 Hiv aids  This is Tuesdays Paper on Aids/Hiv

Here are the worksheets from the nurse on Monday and Tuesday.

03 Dec 2012 chapter 11 worksheet 1-3
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chapter 11 lesson 1-3

chapter 11 lesson 1-3

Here is the worksheet from last week Communicable Diseases-Chapter 11.

17 Oct 2012 All makeup work is due Monday Morning!
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1. Study Guide Chapter 3
2. Study Guide Chapter 4
3. Ice Breaker Game
4. DTWT–Essay from computer lab
5. Chapter 3 Test
6. Chapter 4 Test (under DTWT in moodle)
7. Journals

Moodle Address is:

Check the myweber-portal to find out what you are missing….
Have a great weekend, but don’t forget the Monday morning deadline.

17 Sep 2012 Chapter 3 Study Guide
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Study Guide Chapter 3

This is due on Monday.  We will correct it in class and then take the Chapter 3 test.    Study hard.