09 Dec 2013 Softball Video From 2013-14 Champions
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtKlPEOTiUQ Softball North @ Wahlquist
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0txLIiRfMY Softball Orion @ OR
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np2tkjGsXRE Softball @ Snowcrest
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OevIrd4cMrw Softball Playoff @ WA Orion
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Up1Yqk0Po Softball @ Roy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfDsFNNwCIQ Softball @ Wahlquist–Sandridge
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KFZlfJll1Q Softball @ Weber State–Championship…2013
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgwOGjLZsxM SB @ WA South
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_r9jO6aVqE SB @ Bell

01 Nov 2013 1Powerpoint for Chapter 13,14,15
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POSTER PROJECT–writing lab tobacco alcohol

This will be due next Friday… November 18th.

Some websites….  www.webmdhealth.com  www.drugfreeworld.org

search in google for your subject and you’ll get a bunch of sites also.  Pictures are good to serach on

google also.

01 Nov 2013 Power point Project for CH 13,14,15
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Use this as a guide to help you with what is expected from your project.

Here is an example of one project that got the full 100 Points.

Smoking Tobacco Effects on your body

UPLOAD your powerpoint TO MOODLE:  http://online.wsd.net

26 Oct 2013 Check out the Lady Eagle Softball Champs 2013…
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtKlPEOTiUQ&ytsession=K-7rwi02F1jKqBJVw-Oq7fKY7PxScijQ5gy-guGaM9sZ1bMd4ZwSzBxzvU1ZmFsD-0jqOwSIuwZgNDPcGBvDJtjPkXlnrhU7o0DSZsMNeWVrBb2Y-JuRNmLEQw2ODnAHHEU5KSFJgihEjK6_CfCyjy_j74h0_CLPpLZaED_l-rLYdhQ61RUGnaFxkZzB6fDuM2n1kiZ5F4o7vYiBXtMpcV-wrYZBDtHps-XnTtAG0BakLGEUYV9VU5BwjtN9clIa0cOwjsGE1DcZ87OzwMbPPcwDA9MLJ0Eq6AgGyO0_FrGVm3lQug_EA4Ic1rlgbKwqHGeLFebu_lkCHI2e2hOBrbM1Tc5yMhcUylsKFLjKtryMr2JGaPXAyEUjh0qn_N4ie8nE2m2n4GitLRMwBrLaNpkRFG_CSlCR6CWZvzubHhbAo3bJ733MWOkSuhGUQNrp_Chs89OHS-bxqyuoHgeZgCmy9zFwXrqnUN9GhZWOHA7Un-bMNEIMo86SLJHySo4ogw7nfk9NvArgeY-5IAl8yLGQkSHKSATAriRFZU6B7GdVAC1Pk65bstEPMpecr7DXn7zHPXx7_zYpMuuJRpzTH-RU2nqDOqb3   North Game

26 Oct 2013 This Thursday at 9:00 the LiVe Assembly
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The 8th grade health classes this quarter will be attending a LiVe Assembly in the cafeteria at 9:00.  You will miss part of 2nd hour and 3rd hour.  This is an informative skit on how eating healthy and exercising will help you live a more prosperous life.

20 Oct 2013 Fitness Project
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Fitness-Level-Tests-Fitness-Project    Fitness Level Tests Fitness Project


Remember–this is DUE:  November , 2013.  Make sure you are working on it..


11 Oct 2013 Nutrition Project
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Nutrition Project.pdf

This is worth 50 points. Choose 3 activities from the left side and 1 activity to work on the whole week from the right side. You must sign this paper and your parents must sign and initial the 4 activities you accomplished. This is due on Monday, Nov. 2.

07 Oct 2013 Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 Study Guide
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Chapter 8 and 9 Study Guide

01 Oct 2013 Family Time Project–50 points
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Extra Credit if you choose to do more than the 50 points possible.

30 Sep 2013 Chapter 4 Study Guide
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Chapter-4-Study-Guide  (word)   Chapter 4 Study Guide  (pdf) Worth 57 points..

30 Sep 2013 DTWT Computer Lab Writing Assignment
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Here is the information on Do The Write Thing. This writing assignment is due on  Friday, October 11th.   We will have one more day to work on this 500 page essay on Monday, October 7th.

If you would like your essay submitted to the contest, please print this cover sheet and fill if out.  Bring it to me before October 31st.

This essay is due on Friday, October 11, 2013

Cover Sheet 2011 DTWT

Examples from Utah that were submitted:




25 May 2013 Wahlquist Track & Bell’s Track Video–WJH are in allot of this video Check it out!
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Wahlquist Video From the Assembly…….


10 May 2013 Meet Results from today…
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Congratulations to both guys and girls for the Great Wins! Here are the results…..Boys Team Points 2013 Weber
Girls Team Total 2013 Weber
Girls Team Total 2013 Weber

04 May 2013 Results from yesterday’s Meet @ FHS
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Boys Meet 5=3-13 @ FHS

Girls Meet 5-3-13 @ FHS

Wahlquist Jr. High Meet 2013  Wahlquist Jr. High Meet 2013

Results in PDF format:  Copy of Wahlquist-Jr.-High-Meet-2013

03 May 2013 Track Results from today…
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I don’t have all of the results yet….the rest will be coming soon. Congratulations Girls–On your fine victory! Very proud of everyone’s effort!
Individual results should be up by tomorrow. Boys Meet 5=3-13 @ FHS

Girls Meet 5-3-13 @ FHS